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It was a sad day in the Wizarding World. Why? Because the savior, Harry Potter, left the community.

He left one note:

Once the Wizarding World stops arresting and condemning people to hell on Earth without a trial, I will PROBABLY come back. Clear the two men who mean the most to me and I will communicate with the Wizarding World again. -HP

There wasn't another word heard from the boy. The other two thirds of the Golden Trio hadn't been in contact. And it had been four months since the boy left. Harry's magic couldn't be tracked, either, because he hadn't been using magic. Confusing most of the people in charge of the search. Why wouldn't he be using magic?

So, the Ministry looked to find the two innocent men after failing to find him for two months. One was easy to find, but hard to try to clear, though most people said he was guilty. How do you clear a dead guy?

The second was hard to find. Looking through cases with the former Auror, Alastor Moody, talking with friends, former Head of House, and going through a few personal effects or prisoners Potter knew, no one found anything.

Finally, someone decided to randomly check the marriage and bonding documents. And what a find. There was a registered bonding, from Potter's sixth year five years ago, done by Albus Dumbledore, between Harry Potter and Severus Snape.

The Wizarding World was in uproar. How could their savior be bonded to a convicted Death Eater?

Hermione, Ron, the rest of the Weasley's, and the Malfoy's weren't surprised.

"With all of the tension between the two, who can be surprised that things went sexual?" Hermione was quoted saying.

"Considering that Granger and I are dating and we despised each other, why couldn't it be believed between my Uncle and Potter?" Draco Malfoy stated.

No matter which friend was asked, none of them were surprised.

But Ron had the gem piece of information. "When Snape was arrested, Harry was excited because he thought he could get Snape out of Azkaban during the trial and now looking back, it was probably so they wouldn't have to do everything in secret. And so Snape could get the recognition he deserved. When Snape was thrown into Azkaban with no trial five months ago, he was devastated. I had wondered why it hit him so hard...and then three weeks later, that note was found at the Ministry."

The Wizengamont met up and discussed what their plans would be. They decided they would give Black and Snape one lawyer to talk for them and bring Snape to the holding cells.

Scheduled for in only two weeks' time was the case that would change the way the Ministry would be put down in the history of the Wizarding World.