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"Alright, Mom, I'm leaving for Sakura's slumber party!" Tenten called to her mother as she grabbed her sleeping bag and a handful of candy from the bowl near the door, "Alright, see you tomorrow, and happy Halloween!" her mother called.

It was Halloween night, and Tenten was headed to her friend Sakura's annual Halloween slumber party. Tenten had known Sakura since they were children, they had grown up together, and now they were in their senior year in high school, and looking forward to attending college. The brunette passed several children who were already starting their rituals.

She soon found herself in front of Sakura's apartment. Sakura had picked the opportune moment to have this sleepover, because her parents were out of town, so they could have a couple of the guys over. She knocked on the door, and was met soon with her pink-headed friend, "Hey, Tenten-chan! Glad you could make it! Come in, come in, Hinata-chan is already here, and the others will be here soon enough."

The pinkette ushered the brunette into the house, "Others?"

"Yeah, those two new girls at school. Yamanaka-san and Temari-san. You know, the Goth ones." Sakura shrugged as the two entered the living room where the violet-haired Hinata Hyuuga was snacking on one of the Halloween cupcakes, "Hello, Tenten-chan." She said after she swallowed, "Hey, Hinata-chan, what's up?"

"Nothing much." She shrugged and went back to her cake, "So, Sakura-chan, why exactly are you inviting the Goths?"

"Because they look like they don't have very many friends, so I figured we could be their friends." the pinkette beamed, "Cupcake?" she held up a plate of chocolate cupcakes with orange icing.

After an hour or so, the doorbell rang. Sakura went to answer it, and found two girls standing there, dressed in black from head to toe, sunglasses covering their eyes. "Oh good, you're here! Here, let me take your jackets." The two shoved past the pinkette and threw their sudded leather jackets at her.

They walked into the living room, the shorter blonde pointed to herself, "Ino," and to her companion, "Temari." Was all she said before setting herself in a chair with Temari on her lap, and dropping the bag she had on the floor. Tenten sighed and figured she'd make the introductions, "Hey, I'm Tenten." She extended her hand to the pair.

Ino looked her up and down, "My, my, aren't you just the cutest thing I'd ever seen." She ushered Temari off her lap and stood uncomfortably close to the brunette. "How old are you, Tenten-chan?" Ino had her hands on her hips and kept the same distance from the brunette as she was backing up, "Uh…I…Uh…18"

"18, huh? Well, Tenten-chan," she took extra care to put emphesis on the "chan" "You and I are going to have some fun tonight, I can tell." Ino licked her lips and looked Tenten up and down hungrily, "Fun indeed." Ino let forth a sinister sounding snicker and returned to her chair, replacing Temari on her lap, and started to kiss her neck, much to everyone's surprise. "Mm, Oh yeah, baby." Temari moaned.

"O…K well, the first movie on our list is… 30 Days of Night!" Sakura held up the DvD, "It's the tale of an Alaskan town that's covered by night for an entire month, and gets attacked by a bunch of vampires! It's awesome, and super scary!" Sakura put the movie in the tray and pressed play.

All throughout the movie, Ino and Temari were making out furiously, both of them moaning loudly enough to be shushed by the other three.

After the movie, the doorbell rang, Sakura squealed "That's the boys!" she jumped out of her seat and ran to the door, "Oh, uh, Hinata-chan, put the Exorcist in."

After a moment, Sakura and three boys came into the room, one with spiked blonde hair, one with dark hair that looked like a duck's ass, and one that looked like Hinata. "Heya, girls." The blonde said, "We're here, so let's get this fuckfest started!" he punched his fist into the air, "Naruto! We're watching movies! Not fucking!" Sakura shouted at them, "Although, I wouldn't mind if it was you, Sasuke-kun. (1)"

"Hey, Tenten." The other one nodded at Tenten, who blushed furiously, "H-Hi, Neji-kun." Neji sat next to Tenten and wrapped an arm around her, "And how are you this fine Halloween?" he started to lean in, "Good…" she was blushing furiously, and leaned in as well, until her lips met something cold.

Tenten cracked her eyes open and saw that she had kissed the back of Ino's hand. She looked up at the blonde who was glaring at Neji, "She's mine!" she shouted and lifted Neji off the couch by his face and hurled him into the kitchen. "Oh my god!" Tenten screamed, "What the hell did you do that for?!" Naruto turned her around and was poised to hit her, but she lunged forward and latched onto his neck, and thrashed bout, spraying blood over the furnature, and a little on Hinata.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata and Sakura screamed as Ino let his body fall to the ground, the entire lower half of her face covered in blood. She licked her lips and looked at the others. Sakura was breathing hard, and took a deep breath to scream, but Temari stuck a few fingers in her mouth, "Now, now," she said in a sadistic voice, "no need for screaming." With one swift jerk, Temari twisted the pinkette's neck all the way around, and tore her cheek wide open.

Hinata started to run, but was met with a plastic knife in the back of her head. Sasuke made a lunge at Temari, but was instantly beheaded with a swipe of the blonde's hand.

Ino turned and stalked toward Tenten, who was sobbing openly, "Wh-What the fuck are you!" she shouted and attempted to slap the blonde, who grabbed her hand, "Please, God." She tried to crawl away, but was thwarted by the wall she was pressed against, "God?" Ino looked left, and looked right, "No God." Ino's glassed had fallen off, and Tenten was staring directly into her reddish blue orbs.

The brunette wanted to scream, but nothing came. Ino jerked her to her feet and twisted her arm behind her back, "I told you we were going to have fun tonight." Ino licked her ear as she spoke, causing Tenten to shudder, "Hey, Temari, grab that Neji guy."

Ino held the sobbing girl's arm firm and grabbed her bag. Ino sniffed along Tenten's neck, "Mm, blood type B, my favorite."

"P-Please, let me go! Don't kill me!" the brunette begged, "Kill you? Oh no, my dear, we're not going to kill you, we haven't had our fun." Ino grinned and pulled a length of rope out of the bag and bound Tenten's wrists behind her back, and bent her over the back of the sofa, "Stay there." Ino commanded, Tenten just whimpered, and stayed put.

Temari placed a half conscious Neji on the coffee table and ripped his shirt off, "Neji-kun!" Tenten cried, and was met with Temari's hand across her face, "No one said you could talk."

"Now, now, Temari," Ino cooed and leaned against Tenten, "We don't want to break her." Ino gripped the bottom of Tenten's shirt and the top of her shorts, and tore them off with ease. She then let the brunette's hair down and gripped it firmly and pulled the brunette up, who cried in protest, "Hey, Temari, look at this body." Ino ran her free hand over Tenten's curves, and grabbed one of her breasts firmly, maybe a little too firmly.

Tenten shouted in pain as the blonde kneaded the fleshy mound, "Just look at these tits." Ino twisted Tenten's hair and led her around to sit on the sofa, "Let's see how well you are." Ino grinned, "At what?" Tenten asked, more than a little afraid. Ino merely smiled that satanic smile and removed her skirt.

She wasn't wearing any panties, and positioned herself on the sofa so that her pussy was right in front of Tenten's face, "Pleasure me." Tenten glanced up at the woman, fear plastered across her face. Ino scoffed and shoved Tenten's resisting face into her crotch. Tenten remained frozen, Ino grunted in frustration and thrashed Tenten's head around, "Do you want me to kill you?!" Ino shouted. Tenten thought about what she should do.

She started to whimper again, and Ino jerked her back and slapped her, "Do something or I'll kill you!" she shoved the brunette's head back in. Tenten stifled a sob and took a few small licks on the moist pink slit in front of her. After a few more small, unsatisfying licks, Ino finally pulled away and smacked the brunette again, "And here I thought you were good for something."

The blonde picked Tenten up by the hair and brought her back around to the back of the sofa and bent her over the back. The blonde rummaged through her bag and pulled out a few items Tenten couldn't see. "Temari, here." Ino threw her companion a large Bowie knife. She then ripped off Tenten's pink panties and stuffed them in their owner's mouth.

The blonde then fastened a very large strapon to herself and came up behind the brunette and spread her legs. She leant over and whispered into the girl's ear, "You keep your eyes on them." She then unceremoniously shoved the rubber cock into Tenten's virgin core, "Huh, she was a virgin." The blonde said casually, and continued to pump, despite Tenten's cries of pain.

Ino grabbed Tenten's brown locks again and forced her head up to look at Temari and Neji, who was just regaining conciousness. "Tenten!" he shouted when he saw his crush, he went to stand up, but was brought back down by Temari, "Hold up there, cowboy." She restrained the man and placed the knife over his abdomen.

Tenten watched in horror as the taller blonde slit open Neji's gut, letting his insides fall out onto the floor. The man screamed in pain as Temari bit into him and drank him dry, "Yummy." She grinned. Tenten was now bawling through her gag, all of her friends were dead, she was being raped, the guy she liked was just killed before her eyes, and she was most likely going to die too. "Bring me one of his fingers." Ino moaned as the cock rubbed her in all the right ways.

Tenten screamed as she reached her orgasm, and Ino continued her assault on Tenten's womanhood. "Here's four of them." Temari handed the fingers to the other blonde, who then removed the panties from the brunette's mouth, who started to cry openly, tears falling from her eyes, Ino jerked her head back and stuffed the fingers into Tenten's mouth, who tried to spit them out, but Temari held them in.

After Tenten reached her second orgasm, Ino removed the cock and let her victim fall to the floor, and spit out the fingers. The brunette writhed on the floor for a few moments, bawling her brains out. Ino crouched down and forced the brunette's legs open, and started to ravish her slit.

Temari held Tenten down as she started to thrash, and try to kick the other blonde off of her. "Mm, Temari, she tastes better than you." Ino giggled, "What? No way." Temari crawled forward and took a few licks on the frightened girl's slit, "By God you're right. Go fig."

Ino grinned sadistically, "Say, Temari, I'll bet she wanted to get to know that Neji guy better."

"Why, I think you're right. How about we let her get to know him inside and out." The two grinned evilly and got off of Tenten before roughly picking up the brunette, "What…what are you doing?" she asked through sobs, neither of the women answered, just tossed her into the pile of Hyuuga innards. Tenten tried to scream again and went to scurry away, but Ino pounced on her, and flipped her onto her back and kissed her deeply.

"Temari, bring the others over here, and add them to this pile." Ino grinned, and started to grind herself against Tenten's tight abdomen. Tenten struggled against her, and managed to throw her off. She backed up and out of the sliding glass door onto the balcony, "Where are you going, Tenten? We're not done yet." Temari said, "You haven't even fucked your dead boyfriend yet."

"No, no, stay back you monsters!" she shouted as her back hit the railing, "We're not monsters," Ino said in an eerily calm voice, "We're vampires." Tenten shrieked as the two stepped onto the balcony, and Tenten tried to back up more, but fell over the side.

The brunette screamed as she fell, and Ino and Temari hear a crash and a car alarm blaring. They looked over the banister, Tenten had landed on a car, a large shard of glass poking through her abdomen, women were screaming, and people were gathering around, shouting for ambulances.

"Well would you look at that." Ino said, "She isn't dead. What do you think, Temari?" Ino looked to where her companion was, "Temari?" Ino ducked as Temari carried the sofa out, "I think we need to fix that." She spoke before tossing it over the edge and having it land on the brunette's body, effectively killing her, "Shame, I liked her too." Ino sighed, "Oh well, let's finish eating and go home, I'm bored."

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