Woot! First update in... awhile! Here's the deal here, i was watching the Wolf Man (The original on, with lon cheney jr.) and dog soldiers, and was inspired to write this.

Note: this fic is rated GGG Enjoy!

Even a man who is pure of heart
And says his prayers by night
May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
And the autumn moon is bright

I'm never myself when I'm like this. It's like I'm in a dream world, having an out of body experience, y'know? I know what I am, I always have. When the popular kids at school call me a bitch, they're not far off.

I live in the small town of Konoha. We have only one school that people of all grades share, and we're surrounded by a vast forest. It's in the forest that I'm hunting.

My name is Tenten, and I'm a werewolf.

I'm running at full speed through the forest, stalking my prey. A couple of the popular crowd are on a camping trip, and the moon is full, and shining. Most people think that a werewolf can only change during a full moon; that it only comes once a month, like a period. Not true. Every autumn moon I change. I hunt.

My paws thump on the dirt as I move, my vision coming in clear as day, and in black and white. My canine ears can hear them, giggling and laughing. They're close. Very close. I stop and look up, the moon is visible through the trees, I raise my head, and I howl, the sound carries throughout the woods.

It's about to begin….


"Hey, Sakura-chan! You're s'more's ready!" Ino Yamanka called to her friend, "Stop jerking off Sasuke-kun and get out here!" she set the treat down on a plate and licked off the small bit of marshmallow on her thumb, "Do you want one, Shika-kun?" she asked as she wrapped her arms around her beau.

"Nope." He said casually and laid back. Sakura and her boyfriend came out of their tent a moment later, and Ino handed the pinkette her s'more

"Hey, anyone got any good ghost stories?" the only blonde male among them, Naruto Uzumaki, spoke up, a devious grin on his face. "U-Um, c-could we not t-tell them?" Hinata, a shy, timid girl said. She really didn't want to be out in the woods alone with them for a whole weekend, she'd heard the stories about the creatures in the forest.

"Aw, come on, Hinata" Naruto sighed, "What good is sitting around a campfire, in the middle of the woods if you're not going to tell a scary story?" Hinata tried to form an answer, but she could never argue with anyone, least of all the guy she'd had a crush on since kindergarten.

"Alright," Naruto clapped his hands together, "I got one, it's the legend about the werewolf that they say lives in these woods." He grabbed a flashlight and pointed it up at his head from his chest, "They say, it's a woman from town. She was an ordinary woman, y'know, family, friends. And one day, she was out picking herbs for a friend of hers, and time got away from her, so she ended up walking back alone, at night. She heard a sound behind her," All of the girl cuddled up against their lovers, except for Sakura, who was listening intently, and Hinata, who was covering her ears, not wanting to hear.

"Just then…" He trailed off, and everyone looked a him expectantly, "BAH!" Sasuke jumped into the circle with a wolf mask on, snarling and growling, causing all of the girls to scream in terror and fall backwards off their chairs.

The boys started to laugh, "You… You should have seen your faces!" Naruto said in between gasps of laughter, "You fucking idiot!" Sakura shouted as she chucked a soda at him, which connected with his head sharply. "Jesus, Sakura-chan," he said while rubbing his face, "It was only a joke."

"Just a joke? Look at Hinata!" the pinkette gestured to the shy girl, who looked as if she were in a coma. "You may have given her a fucking heart attack!" she shouted and knelt down to check on the girl, "Whatever." He scoffed and walked off, "I gotta piss."

The blonde boy walked until he was a good enough distance away, and unzipped his pants to relieve himself. He sighed as his bladder emptied, "What the hell's her problem? Can't take a joke." He looked up at the moon, which was visible through the trees, "Nice night though."

He heard a sound coming from behind him, he turned, his stream not stopping, and stared at a gigantic, muscular, furry torso. Naruto looked up at the head of the thing in front of him. It had a dog's head, its teeth were bared, each one sharper than the other, and drool dripping down from it.

He opened his mouth to scream, but was overcome with blinding pain before he could. The boy looked down and saw the dog's hand buried in his chest, before he fell over, dead.


He pissed on my feet. I get down on all fours over my kill, and start to gnaw on his body, ripping open his chest. I can't remember his name. I know it, I see him every day, but I can't remember it.

His flesh is tough, requiring me to rip and tear it with my teeth and claws. I snack for only a moment before moving on to the others. The boy's blood still dripping from my jaws. I step on a twig when I approach their camp, "About time you got back." One of them says, and looks back as I increase my speed, "What the fuck?!" the same one shouts when he sees me. I pounce on him and tear into him. Everyone around me screams.

I look up at them and charge after a girl with light hair and a ponytail. She dives into her tent, and throws her possessions at me. I grab her ankle, snarling and growling, and pull her out. She's screaming hysterically and kicking at me. I dig my fingers into her chest and pull her the rest of the way out, before biting into her neck, and ripping out the bulk of it. I swallow it and look around. The others are gone, but I can smell them.

I howl again, and take off to the west. Within a minute I catch up with a male, with an odd spiked hairstyle. I know him too. I leap forward, landing on his back. I feel his spine crack beneath me. I bite into him and gnaw and tear at his flesh until I hit the bone.

I run to the south now, the scent of two people hanging in the air. I come upon the other two girls, running side by side. "C-Come on, Hinata-chan!" I can hear the sobs in her voice, and the scent of urine is arid around the both of them. The one with short hair looks back and sees me running just behind them. She lets out a scream and pulls the other along.

I swoop in next to them and swipe out tripping the long-haired one. She falls to the ground with a shriek, "S-Sakura-chan, h-help!" she cries out, but her companion continues on. She flips over on her back and stares up at me as I loom over her. She's sobbing.

I lean down and sniff around her, her head turned. I smell her fear, but there's something else. She smells… pure. But that's not what's staying her death. I sniff down to her wrist and jerk back. She has silver.

I leave her there, sobbing in fear on the ground and go after the other one. I catch her and pin her down. She struggles against me, kicking and screaming. "G-Get off me!" she shouts, "Help!" she screams at the top of her lungs, "No! No! Noooooooo!" I raise one of my hands up and slam it into her chest. Her screaming stops, and my other hand follows suit, before I pull open her torso, and start to eat her insides.

I hear footsteps from behind me. The smell of the girl from before wafts around me. But she doesn't have the silver scent. Whatever it was must've fallen off. She stares horrified at the sight of me with my snout in her friend's chest.

I look up at her, and she freezes in her tracks from fear. I stand up to my full height, towering over her. She looks like she wants to scream. I approach her and place both of my hands on the sides of her head and start to squeeze. She shuts her eyes and screams in pain from the pressure until her skull crushes.

I let her body fall to the ground. I grab her ankle and drag her and her friend back to the campsite, before going and grabbing the other two I killed.

I feast on them until just before sunrise. I pass out and wake up what seems like seconds later. The sun is bright and shining. I can't remember anything that happened last night. I'm fully naked, as I am after every transformation. I look around at the carnage around me, and puke up whatever's in my stomach.

I can piece together what happened. I can barely identify the bodies. But I can tell just from the bloodied mops of hair.

"Oh, God…" I know them. Each of them. They're my friends. Each of them. Tears come to my eyes as I think of what I must've done. How I'll no longer hear their voices saying, "Morning, bitch."

"What up, beeyatch."

I got the nickname because when we were kids, I always volunteered at the dog shelter, and so I always smelled of dog. To most people, it'd be an insult. But it was my nickname, a term of endearment I accepted.

I pull my knees to my chest and start to cry. I hate this curse. It's turned me into a monster. And now… Now I've killed my best friends…

God help my soul.

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