Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own the Twilight series or any of the characters.

This is my first Twilight story. It's set in Eclipse, and begins after Rosalie tells Bella the story of her human life. The italicized opening comes from Stephenie Meyer herself, and I just decided to pick up after Rosalie's exit. Please, let me know what you think of it. I'm used to my own creative writing, so I'm kind of new at this.


"I know you're frustrated that he's keeping you locked up like this, but don't give him a hard time when he gets back. He loves you more than you know. It terrifies him to be away from you." She got up silently and ghosted to the door. "Goodnight, Bella," she whispered as she shut it behind herself.

I replayed her story in my head, over and over again. Somehow, I just couldn't get her words to sink in. I had always been so curious about Rosalie; always wondering what it was about me that she didn't like. I had asked Edward frequently, but was always left frustrated when he changed the subject. But as I leaned against my pillows, I felt quite glad that he had kept her story from me.

I sighed, and cuddled up onto the leather couch. The material felt cold against my skin, but I didn't mind. Maybe Edward would realize that there is no need for the ridiculously large bed that dominated the majority of his bedroom, and take it back. I turned to my side, facing the back cushions of the couch. As I awaited the arrival of sleep, my thoughts kept going back to Rosalie. I understood that she yearned for a human life, but why was that my fault? Why was I being frowned upon for what I wanted to do with my life? I didn't want to sit old and grayed on a porch with Edward. I didn't want a normal life with a normal job. It was plain for any of the Cullens to see, that I wasn't normal. Edward was what I wanted in life, and the only way I could keep him, was to be changed.

The plan was set. After our wedding, I was going to become one of them. I was really going to join the family. The thought of this brought a smile upon my face. Sure, the idea of being a blood-thirsty newborn was a downer, but just thinking of spending forever with Edward pushed any negative thoughts aside. The slumber was finally beginning to seep into my body, and my eyelids suddenly felt heavy. I inhaled a breath, before allowing them to close, and falling away to sweet dreams of my Edward.


I was so glad to be home. Leaving Bella was torturous, but I had to hunt. She was always so determined to push our limits, so it was always necessary to be prepared to give in. One of these days, I just might. She had a way of being irresistible, and it was amazing that I always had the strength to stop myself. As I neared the staircase, I was bombarded with the thoughts of my family. I didn't let them phase me as I climbed the stars, two at a time, until I heard Rosalie.

She thinks she'll be happy with being a vampire. She doesn't know what it's really like. I stopped at her door, frozen to the spot. I pushed open the wooden door, and entered the room that Emmett and herself shared. She stood next to her window, gazing intently into the forest.

"Don't change her, Edward." I sighed. This wasn't the first time Rosalie had tried to talk me about this. She was the only one, besides myself, that was dead set against Bella's immortality. I had caved, though. I promised her the one thing I wanted so badly to take back. But I couldn't do it. It was what she wanted, and I wouldn't upset her or go back on my word. Rosalie turned around, as if reading my own thoughts.

"It may be what she wants now, but once you change her, you'll regret it. She'll hate this life," she spat angrily.

"You don't know that, Rosalie," I kept my voice calm and low, knowing that Bella was sleeping just a few rooms over. She chuckled bitterly, shaking her head as she glared daggers at me.

"You don't know it either, Edward. You're going to destroy her. You're going to turn her into a monster." Her eyes narrowed at the word. I gulped, and instinctively, my hand flew up to my face, and my fingers were pinching the bridge of my nose. It was an action I did when I was angry, and Rosalie knew that. She knew I was weakening. She sighed once more, before shifting her eyes back upon the scenery that lived beyond the window.

"Don't do it, Edward," she muttered, more gentle this time. I turned my back to her, and exited quietly, closing the door behind me. I shuffled further down the hall, until I reached my own door. Opening it, I smiled immediately. Bella was cuddled up on the couch. I rolled my eyes as I stepped closer to her. Somehow, I knew that she wasn't going to be reasonable about the bed. I kneeled down to her level, allowing my eyes to linger on her angelic face.

She was perfect as she was. She was human. I sighed, and closed my eyes, trying to vision my sweet, beautiful Bella as a vampire. She would never have children, she would never have a career, she would never see Charlie or Renee, or even Jacob. She would always want blood. She would hate it.

My eyes snapped open, and I felt the realization of Rosalie's argument finally beginning to fall into place. I stared at her face again. She was going to hate me for my change of mind, but it was something that I couldn't do. She didn't need to become a vampire. I would stay by her side for the rest of her life. The rest of her human life.

And that's my final decision.