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Tristan Danvers stared blankly out the car window. She was on her way back to Ipswich. It was the last place on earth she wanted to be, but her mother wanted her home and she had no choice in the matter.

Moving back in with her perfect older brother and her drunk mother was the one thing Tristan had hoped she would never have to do again. When her mother had sent her away to boarding school, Tristan had been thrilled. She was sick of being the sister of Caleb Danvers, the golden boy.

Everyone knew who she was in Ipswich and they knew everything about her. Every time she got in trouble or hooked up with someone, everyone made it their business. Tristan felt as though she lived in a bubble.

The car rolled to a stop in front of the Danvers mansion. Tristan climbed quickly out of the car and straightened her hoodie. The driver dropped her bags on the ground behind the car and waited for Tristan to pay him. She smirked at him and handed over a hundred.

The car pulled out of the drive quickly. Tristan stared at the massive house anxiously. It hadn't changed a bit. The ivy still hung heavily and the shutters could use some new paint, but it was still one of the nicest houses in Ipswich.

Tristan grabbed her bags and lugged them toward the front door. The large oak door swung open before she got there. A girl Caleb's age walked out the door and slammed it angrily. Her long strawberry blonde hair streamed out behind her as she stormed across the front porch.

"I swear he can be such a jealous jerk sometimes," the girl mumbled softly. She plowed right into Tristan and both girls fell to the ground atop Tristan's luggage. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" The girl exclaimed quickly.

"No problem, which one of them is the jerk? Wait let me guess," Tristan ordered. She looked the girl over briefly. "If he's being jealous it's got to be Pogue. Besides you're not Caleb's normal type of girl and I know Reid and Tyler are single."

The girl laughed briefly. "You must be Tristan. I'm Riley and you're wrong. Your brother is the jealous jerk not Pogue." Riley explained. "He's being an overprotective idiot."

Tristan raised her eyebrows in surprise. She liked this girl. "You're not my brother's normal choice for a girl. They normally think he has no faults and they never call him a jerk or an idiot." Tristan said laughing loudly.

Riley giggled happily. "Yeah I'm the type of girl who doesn't put up with crap very long. I don't normally storm out on him like that though," Riley offered.

Tristan nodded quickly, she knew how her brother could get. "Can you help me with my bags? I don't think the guys are going to come out and greet me. The five of us don't have the best track record with manners especially toward one another."

"Of course, I was going to wait out here for you anyway. Tyler has told me so much about you. I couldn't believe that you were Caleb's sister. I had to meet you." Riley said as she grabbed some of Tristan's things.

Tristan looked at Riley in confusion, but then she understood. "Oh duh you're Tyler's cousin. Reid told me about you." Tristan giggled. "I don't think these boys can handle the two of us together."

Riley smirked at her happily. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Riley said as she pushed the door open.

Tristan nodded in agreement and followed Riley into the house. The girls dropped the bags in the foyer and made their way into the kitchen where they heard the boys joking loudly.

"Look who I found," Riley said as she pushed the door open to the kitchen. The guys all stopped talking and stared at the girls.

Reid smirked at Tristan, his best friend other than Tyler. "Couldn't stand being away from me any longer could you Danvers? It's ok to admit you want me," Reid joked as he pulled Tristan into a tight hug. "I'm glad you're back."

Tristan laughed softly and pushed him away. "Please we all know that you want me, not the other way around playboy. What's up Pogo?" Tristan threw her arms around Pogue.

"It's good to see you baby girl. I'm so glad you're back, you can go shopping with Riley now instead of me." Pogue lifted Tristan up off the ground and laughed when she shrieked.

"You know you love shopping Pogue," Riley teased nudging Tyler.

Pogue shrugged and set Tristan back down. She wiggled out of his grasp and met Tyler's gaze. The world seemed to stop for a moment as they stared at each other. Riley watched the two of them curiously. Something was definitely going on between them.

"Hi," Tristan said with surprising shyness. "I missed you."

Tyler blushed slightly and looked away from her. "Yeah I missed you too." The two made no move to hug or even touch.

Riley nudged Caleb, "Say something to your sister!" Caleb met Riley's gaze. She was still angry with him, but she wasn't going to let him be a jerk to his own sister.

"How was your trip Tristan?" Caleb finally asked. "Where's your stuff?"

Tristan rolled her eyes at his attempt at small talk. The two of them had never gotten along very well. "It was good Cal, my stuff's in the foyer. I wasn't sure which room mom would want me to use since you moved into mine." Tristan said with a hint of irritation.

"You're in the room next to me, it's got the bigger closet," Caleb said quickly. "How have you been?"

"I'm good. Why did mom want me back home? She miss me?" Tristan said, everyone could hear the doubt in her voice. "Where is she anyway?"

"Who knows, she's probably passed out in her room," Caleb dodged the question about why Tristan was home. Caleb wasn't sure why his mother had made her come home anyway.

The group fell into an awkward silence while watching the siblings. Riley hated that Caleb and his sister didn't get along. She knew how Caleb's mom could be though. Evelyn didn't like Riley, despite the fact that she had saved them all from Chase.

"This is going to be an interesting semester," Riley muttered as she turned to stare out the windows. "A long interesting semester."

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