Farther from your light I wander
Your hope is fading from my sight
Our bond dissolves like salt in water
I can lean on you no more
My heart betrayed by you, my friends
Cries for the space
Where my soul used to be
Your rays burn like fire
All I see is red
Your goodness I flee and try to evade
I must find a shelter
Safe from that pain
Dark eyes have watched from afar
I've fought for long and now
Wonder why
Acceptance I crave, all I seek is love
I dive in the shadows and, surprising to see
The day, it may shine, but night does posses
A beauty, a spirit, a power its own
Those evening orbs embrace me
That glittering onyx welcomes me home
Afraid, I am shaking and it says
It shall wait
For me to know, to come to love
This place we share
This place, the abyss

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