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When they were attacked, it was just like her parents house all over again, and she'd been sure it was an ECON. Lily lost track of Z, and head for the Phoenix, hoping for the best.

She'd been in the silo a few moments when she heard strange voices. She went for her rifle, and headed back, feeling ill, hoping no one would harm the Phoenix.

Then she realized she must be ill, because that man had jumped...

Oh, dizzy.

When she'd woken up she'd thought she was in a new type of prison. A very odd prison. When they'd evacuated, it had been easy to escape the others.

Then she'd met Picard, and listened to him.

Her whole world changed.

He tried to be careful what he told her, she noticed.

Lily began to hope for a better future again. For the future her mother had inspired her to imagine.

"What about me? What do I become in this future?" She had asked innocently enough. When he didn't answer as they strode along the corridors, she began to panic. "Hey, you hear me?"

"Yes, I heard you," he said distractedly. "I can't reveal anything."

"Okay. Well, can you tell me about Z? Do you know if he's okay?"

When Picard hesitated, Lily got angry. "Hey!" She grabbed his arm. "I'm not asking his whole life story. I just want to know he's okay after the attack by your Swedish friends."

Picard winced. "I don't know, Lily. The Borg came back to change history. I don't know if they've succeeded."

Lily let go of his arm. "He better be okay."

Picard hesitated. "I'm sorry, I can't tell you what I don't know."

Lily huffed. "If they hurt him, I'll kill them all myself. Soon as I let him out of my sight he'd get hurt." She saw a flash of both humor and respect cross his face, and then they were on the move again.

She was so disappointed when Picard refused to abandon the ship, and that fueled the anger that caused her to remember her father's favorite book.

His quoting that same book embarrassed her, but she realized the future was educated, and civilized. It gave her hope all over again.

When the Vulcans arrived, apparently on schedule, she couldn't help wish ing she could go with Picard to the future. To see what it was like. Still, when Z had seen her, pulled her into a hug and introduced her to the Vulcans, she was glad she was right when she was.

She became Lily Erickson the year after First Contact. Z walked her down the aisle, and proudly gave her away. It was an old joke between them when Z paid for a honeymoon for them on a private island.

Lily tried to stay close to Z, she really did. But after the Phoenix had made it's flight, and the Vulcans had appeared...

The whole world had changed.

Lily worked with her husband on different projects with the Vulcans. She was able to call Z every week, but he was always so busy, and even a vacation wasn't a vacation for the hounded man.

He was considered the savior of Earth. Everywhere he went, hundreds, sometimes thousands of people waited just to see a glimpse of him. She knew he hated it.

Then one morning, she called him, and he came on the line, worry in his voice. "Lily? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said, startled. "What made you think that?"

"You only call on Thursdays, and today's Tuesday," he said, relief in his voice.

"I have good news," She waited a heartbeat. "I'm pregnant, Zephram."

A shout came across loud and clear. "Wonderful!"

"I almost called you before I even told Gregor," she laughed.

There was silence for several seconds, and then his decisive tone came across. "That's it, then. We're going on vacation. I'll get Gregor off work."

God had spoken, Lily couldn't help but think, as they arrived back on their honeymoon island where Z had built himself a home. He met them at the door.

After dinner there was reminiscing, and then Gregor called it a night and headed up to their rooms. Z went into the bar and came back with tequila for himself, and orange juice for her. They drank in silence for several moments, content to watch the ocean.

"I ran."

Lily looked over, and he smiled, still staring at the ocean.

"I was listening to all the future-people, watching them. They worshipped me, and they kept expecting me to be...someone else. I panicked, and I ran." He chuckled. "I don't know where the Hell I was going. They caught me, of course."

"Is it like that now? You want to run?"

He didn't answer at first."I can't, not yet. I wouldn't get very far, would I?" Somebody would track me down." He took a dee breath. "When I run, I'm not coming back. I just want to be left alone."

There was silence again, until Lily asked, very softly. "Do you ever think about them?"

"The future people? Yeah, a lot. Especially when I drink, which is often."

They both laughed, and Lily grinned at him. "You ever read Moby Dick?"

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