Alrighty! It's that time again to acknowledge everyone who helped me with this story:

-Everyone in August Rush, for starters. Their genuine performances and amazing filming abilities added to the heartfelt mood and overall beauty of this fantastic film.

-Freddie "Freddy Boy" "Fredday" Highmore, for another one of his phenomenal performances that made it so much easier to add in Melanie. He did so well, I find myself wishing August Rush was my brother! You are amazing and are so cool!

-My friend, Jr. Mint, for acting as a beta reader and helping me when I needed it. Thanx again, Jr. Mint! You rock my socks!

-My best friend, A.K., for checking for spelling and grammar errors and also giving me ideas for my story. Hope is now so much funnier because of you! Be-wens forever, Elphers! LOL!

-My sister, LeiaOrgana57, for putting up with me hogging the computer to type this story. Thanks for your tolerance! Keep writing, sis! You're AMAZING!

-Shinjite Florana, for more of her wonderful support and quirky pep talks. You've kept me laughing for days on end! Sisterly love! ^_^

-My friend K.S. I forgot to add him into the Spiderwick Chronicles dedications page, and I feel awful about it! So I'll put him in here. He was the second person to read the Spiderwick Chronicles and give me feedback. Thanx, little bro!

-Jonathon Larson, for his creative ideas and determination that eventually led to one of my favorite shows on Broadway. Wherever he is right now, I'd like him to know how much Rent has changed my life and how much its songs and overall message have influenced this story. He is amazing and I'll always be grateful to him!

-Everyone who's ever been in Rent. Their portrayals of everyone's favorite Bohos and their influence on this wonderful show over the twelve years it's been running have helped make Rent larger than life. That, and Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are forever cool! Thank you all for doing an amazing job!

-The people who wrote and performed the song "This Is Me/Gotta Find You" from Camp Rock. That song is almost a character itself in this story, it's in there so much!

-Everyone who's commented on my story. Your comments continually help me improve my writing and help me grow to be better! Thank you!

-The loyal readers (again, you know who you are) who have stuck with me through this whole thing and never had one bad thing to say about it. I cannot thank you enough for your continual support and kind words!

Thanx again!