1. Sing Spice Girl songs over and over in your head.

2. Think about what would have happened if Bella picked Jacob.

3. Wreck his Volvo.

4. Blame Jacob.

5. Tell him that Jacob and Renesmee eloped.

6. Take his C.D. collection and replace it with music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

7. Lock him in a closet with Jacob and see who makes it out alive.

8. Have Emmett smash his piano.

9. Laugh as he attacks Emmett.

10. Call him names like Eddie-kins and Eddie-poo.

11. Ask him if he can pick up A.M. station yet. (A.K.A Bella's mind)

12. Buy him a dog and tell him that's its name is Jacob.

13. Ask him to turn into a bat for you.

14. Put all of his things over the boundary line so he can't get them.

15. Tell him that Mike kissed Bella.

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