Disclaimer- I do not own anything expect the plot and the idea. Everything else belongs to Square Enix and Capcom respectfully.

Warnings- Slash/Yaoi (MaleXMale themes), language, violence, and maybe graphic sex later, and crossover.

Pairing- Vincent X Cid

This story is a crossover taking the Resident Evil monsters, places and companies and putting the Final Fantasy VII characters in that mess. Though it does not follow any specific RE game, it is a combination of the first three in a way.


To say that anyone escapes completely from their past is a lie. Those who try to escape the memories are haunted , always looking over their shoulder, fearing every dark corner. Eventually. like all with a feeble mind and hasty actions, are caught. Whether by the laws they broke, the people they conned, or the organization they ran from, they are found. The past will always meet up with you. There is another group though. The one I would place myself in. I'm the type of person whose met with his past head on.

The past? An organization called Umbrella. They may seem like a flourishing pharmaceutical company, but behind every company there are secrets. Some I'd rather forget personally. Umbrella has tired to find ways to create super humans by mixing different chemicals, DNA, and even souls for the perfect solution.

In my world souls can be harnessed before they leave the body and enter a place we call the life stream. It flows through the planet, creating life in all forms. I was a victim of those experiments. My body was used in research. Poked, prodded and injected it all became a daily occurrence. Why? Because I uncovered a secret with my friends, a team of special cops on the force called S.T.A.R.S.

It was all because of that, that I've become some monster. I still fight though and look for the one that captured my heart to this day even. Because Cid Highwind never runs from the past no matter how tempting it is to try and forget.

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