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"..." means speech

/.../ means thoughts


He was sitting comfortably in the hotsprings lost in thought of events both recent and long since passed. He was nothing special to look at, even he had to admit he looked like a dork but he was fine with it. He was now a two year Todai ronin and had just been invited up to his grandmother's inn. She wasn't around so he was just relaxing in the waters were everything began. He rubbed his nose and remembered the girl who was halfway between pretty and nerdy, she had given him one hell of a punch. He sighed inaudibly inwardly thankful that he had managed to hold onto the spell as he had ricocheted off of doorframes and windows. Then his mind turned to the far past and tears of loss and pain formed in his eyes.

After dunking his head into the water and slapping himself on both sides of the face he heard the doors slide open and someone walk towards him. He turned slightly and saw a beautiful young woman walk up to the springs and settle in nearby. His eyes widened further when he caught her scent. "Not you again!! What the hell are you doing here!?" he demanded in fear recognizing her as the girl from earlier.

"WHAT!? PERVERT!!" She called out and tried to punch him but he had scrambled away for all he was worth and started running hard. He focused a bit of energy into his forehead and a full set of clothing complete with his glasses and running shoes appeared on him in a blast of smoke. He was barely able to dodge around a small bluenette and grey haired girl with fox like features. "GET BACK HERE YOU PERVERETED BASTARD!!" the girl from earlier called out again in a roar of fury.

"Vile male, how dare you violate the sanctity of our home!?" a raven haired girl in a kendoist's outfit demanded as she drew a sword almost causing Keitaro's heart to stop in panic and fear. /A slayer!? Oh god I'm fucking dead!/

The girl drew up her energy and let out a shockwave at Keitaro who spun out of the way and onto a wall he sent his energy into his hands and feet and ran on the wall on all fours and moved so fast he was a blur to everyone but the kendoist who was shocked to her core at the change of pace. Before he could get out of range she let out a huge and quick blast of energy "Rock splitting sword!" she called out as the attack connected and a blast of smoke emerged and the shriek of a small child. /HOLY CRAP!/ he thought in panic.

"Niya!" the child called out as he smacked into the floor tail first. He had a long brown tail brown cat eyes and neko ears on top of his head as well as human ones. He looked like he was barely pushing ten years of age as he quickly got up onto all fours his tail straight as an arrow staring at the raven haired girl with his pupils barely a slit in his wide open eyes, he was shivering in fear his breath coming up short as a shattered leaf fell off his forehead. He had tiny shining fangs and claws that gave him a cute appearance. He had on a dark blue t-shirt and dark brown shorts. /I'm dead, I'm cooked, boiled, baked, and fried. I'm totally boned! She's gonna kill me!/ he thought wildly in pure fear.

"Ehh... what the a... a... a neko demon?!" the girl said her eyebrows disappearing into her hairline in her shock.

"s-s-s-s-slayer!" Keitaro called out in fear and panic and ran as fast as he could on all fours with all of the girls chasing him until he heard a familiar set of footsteps. "AUNTY HARUKA THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME!!" he screamed and slammed right into her and grabbed her as tightly as he could around the middle shivering in raw terror. He buried his face into her side and sobbed.

"ALL RIGHT ALL OF YOU GET THE HELL IN HERE!" Haruka shouted to them all and they all sat down around the pair in the silence of a shocked and awed individual. The silence didn't last.

"Haruka-sama what is that demon doing here!?" the sword girl demanded

"What's with that perverted little brat?" the girl from before shouted furiously

"Is he okay?" the bluenette asked with worry in her eyes

"What's with that kid, I could have sworn he was nineteen a minute ago!" the fox like woman said her eyes wide open for once

"Hey Haruka who's the kid!?" a deeply tanned blond asked bouncing into the room.

"SHUT UP!!" Haruka hollered at them and they were all taken aback. She took a deep breath and glared at both Naru and Motoko who felt a shiver run through their souls. "Alright, this demon as you put it Motoko is my nephew Keitaro he's going to be living here. Naru he is androgynous and has no sexual organs or sex drive he cannot possibly be a pervert." Haruka explained wincing as Keitaro squeezed a little tighter obviously hearing Motoko grab her sword again.

"What?" the fox like girl asked obviously confused to the core.

"What's androgynous? Is it tasty?" the tanned girl asked and hearing this Keitaro let a laugh escape.

"No, it means he isn't a boy or a girl. This is normal for his species of demon, they have no gender until they turn twenty, until then it will be impossible for him to be a pervert." Haruka said calmly as Keitaro began to loosen his death grip.

"Then why do you keep calling it him?" Naru asked cracking her knuckles causing Keitaro to tighten his grip all over again causing Haruka to cry out in pain.

"Stop scaring him!" Haruka ordered and she slowly forced Keitaro to loosen his grip. "I call him a him because he can transform into a guy, and even then he can only fake being interested in girls."

"How did he transform? A Neko's magic does not allow such things." Motoko said still staring at him with hatred.

"He has a little bit of Kitsune demon in his bloodline, just barely enough for one transformation a day. It's taken him years but he can make the transformation last a full twenty hours." Haruka explained. "Keitaro, have some manners, introduce yourself." She whispered to him and he nodded shaking.

"U-um, I'm Keitaro Urashima, I wish we had met under better circumstances." Keitaro said quickly and nervously bowing deeply to them then stepping behind Haruka to hide again.

"Hiyas Keitaro I'm... Hunh?!" the tanned blond said as she bounded beside him and he took off like a bullet on all fours and was out of sight in a flash. "Unh, what just happened?" she asked and Haruka coughed slightly.

"He's afraid of people he's read way too many stories and heard too many legends of demon slayers so everyone he doesn't know well terrifies him." Haruka said sighing.

"Wow and I guess the way we acted earlier was..." the fox like girl said slowly as what was going on was finally hitting her.

"A nightmare made real. Frankly I'm surprised he didn't outright faint." Haruka said.

"So, is there no way to... well you know be friends with him?" the bluenette asked shyly and Haruka smiled.

"Actually I'd bet any money that right now would be the best time to try, knowing him he's probably run away to the one place in the world he feels the safest and he's even chat up a demon slayer there." Haruka said gently her eyes softening.

"Where's that?" the fox like girl asked and Haruka's smile grew larger.

"Where he was born, the Hotsprings where this whole fiasco started." She said and everyone's eyes went wide. "Everyone get some bathing suits on if you're not comfortable around him and hit the steam, he'll be on the big boulder in the middle of the springs and most likely taking a cat nap or pacing, if he's not soaking away his problems." Haruka said then Motoko coughed loudly obviously trying to get her attention.

"Haruka, how is it that you have a demon for a nephew, and how can we possibly trust an inhuman beast?" Motoko asked in a deadly serious tone.

"Because it was me, my mother, my brother and my sister in law who raised him, he is an honourable, innocent hardworking boy who just happens to be a demon. There isn't a bad bone in his body and he is honest to the beast." Haruka said and she started to walk towards the hotsprings.

"But Haruka! He's a monster, no matter how sweet he is he's still a creature, an animal, a beast!" Motoko protested and Haruka had a hand around her neck before she could react.

"Now you listen here you stupid girl because unless you fancy breathing from a tube for a month you will not refer to him as anything other then a person got that brat!?" Haruka demanded with so much poison in her voice and squeezing Motoko's neck so hard she could only nod as her eyes began to water. "Good now get into the hotsprings and apologize to him. NOW!" Haruka ordered and Motoko shaken to the core ran the whole way.

Very few words were said as Haruka nearly forced the girls into the Hotspring which had the sound of heavy breathing permeating the mist. She glanced around when they were all in the water and noticed, with the exception of the tanned blond and fox like lady that they were all nervous. "Oh relax he's asleep he never breathes this loud when he's awake." Haruka said in a patronizing tone and the tanned blond bounded up onto the small boulder and shook Keitaro vigorously.

"C'mon kitty wake up Su wants to meet you!" Su said cheerfully as Keitaro blinked drowsily and yawned shaking his head quickly like a cat and sitting up rubbing his eyes.

"Merrow? Oh yea you people... you people!!" he murmured sleepily then caught sight of Naru and Motoko, he fell over backwards and started to swim towards the far side of the springs not noticing Su had a firm grip on his tail stopping him from going anywhere. "ALL HOPE IS LOST!! I KNOW I SAID I WANTED TO LIVE AND DIE HERE BUT NOT AT THE END OF A SLAYERS SWORD!!" He screamed in terror tears starting from his eyes but the fox like woman completely towelless stepped in front of him and hugged him so hard he had trouble breathing. /Never thought I'd die like this!/

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there cutie pie, no one's going to kill you. Name's Mitsune but you can call me Kitsune sugar." She said winking at him, Keitaro pushed away from her and breathed deeply though his nose.

"Why does your body smell like it wants me?" he asked out loud and everyone's but Haruka's and Su's jaw dropped, Haruka just started laughing and Su was point blank confused.

"Geeze Kitsune control yourself! He may be about to push twenty but until then he's still just a little kid." Haruka said laughing hard and sitting down against the centre boulder.

"You're nineteen?" Kitsune asked staring at Keitaro and holding him at arms length, he was only wearing the shorts now and was rail thin.

"And eight months!" He said proudly and then Su grabbed him from her and scratched him between the ears, he instantly went limp and started purring loudly.

"Aww, he's just like a big kitty cat! I like him, he's cuddly and cuter then everything in Shinobu's and Naru's rooms. I can't wait to sleep with you tonight!" she announced and that almost snapped Keitaro out of his reverie, almost.

"AH, ahmm not a... a toy." Keitaro managed to murmur though his purring, that more then anything was putting the girls at ease.

"Hey Shinobu give him a scratch he's like a big kitty!" Su said carrying him over to her. Shinobu gave him a scratch behind the ears and Keitaro gave a few small mews of approval. /Oh god this is so demeaning, but it feels so good!/ Keitaro thought as he rubbed up against her hand. Shinobu giggled shyly and Su dumped him into her arms and he just flopped against her totally limp and purring loud and strong.

She had a towel around her to keep her modest as she sat on the sides of the spring with him in her lap and barely able to move. /I'm never gonna live this down./ he thought to himself as he rubbed against her lap, his catlike attitude completely overriding his common sense and self respect. "Um, Naru would you like to hold him?" Shinobu asked Naru who nodded and Keitaro was transferred from one lap to another, Naru stroked him between the ears and just like with the scratching he turned into putty in her lap.

"Oh wow, to think you were that dork I ran into this morning." Naru commented /Ran into?! You tripped over your own feet you clutz and your obscenely short skirt revealed your panties and you sucker punched me for it! I bounced around in doorframes and against windows. Before slamming into the far wall!/ Keitaro thought desperately trying to snap out of it.

"S-s-stop ih ih ihtsh demeaning!" Keitaro managed to say around his purring and Naru stopped and he rolled himself into the spring and swam apart from the girls and starred at them all. "Look just don't do stuff like that, I may be part cat but I was raised to act human and it's demeaning if anyone..." Keitaro started to explain but broke off into purring as Kitsune started scratching him behind the ears. This time though he sunk into the water as he went limp and broke the surface a few seconds later sputtering and gasping.

Motoko was simply glaring at him trying to make some sense of the nineteen year old neko-human child. /What's his game? I've seen neko demons before if they aren't cruel jokers they are vicious animals! A half breed should be no different so why does he seem so harmless?/ she demanded herself mentally and both Keitaro and Haruka caught the expression on her face.

"Alright Motoko drop the look, his demon half comes from a guardian breed. His species' first instinct is to protect and provide companionship for their companions." Haruka said and Motoko snorted, Haruka sighed and shook her head. "Suit yourself, but for your own sake don't attack him. Cross the line and he won't be running from you, he'll maul you." Haruka said staring at Motoko deadly serious.

"Oh really?" Motoko said and she shot out a blast of ki energy at Keitaro who ducked under the water and sent a shockwave through it that blasted her back. His reaction was so fast and unexpected that she was launched out of the pool and landed flat on her rear. He jumped clean out of the water and started pacing around her on all fours hissing at her

"Well, well, well you not so high and mighty now, are you slayer? Not so much without a blade are you? Too bad humans don't have claws eh?" he taunted her slowly standing upright his claws slowly expanding and lengthening as he snarled at her. Just as he was about to pounce Haruka grabbed him by the tail and yanked him back so suddenly that his claws retracted and she caught him in a bear hug.

"Keitaro what did I teach you about treating other people?" Haruka said seriously and Keitaro looked up at her right in the eyes.

"You said do unto others as they would do unto you. She attacked me with her power and a sword from before, does that mean she wants to be attacked by my power and my sword. Or in other words my magic and claws." Keitaro said and Haruka sighed.

"That's not what it means, it means that if you don't want someone to do something to you don't do it to them." Haruka said calmly letting him float away in the water.

"Does that mean she wants me to punch her so hard she bounces in doorframes and off windows until she slams into a wall fifty feet away?" Keitaro asked pointing at Naru and everyone turned to stare at her and she blushed deeply.

"Oh boy here we go again..." Haruka sighed and she gathered him up and walked out of the hotsprings.

"Hey Haruka where you going?" Kitsune called out as Keitaro gave a huge yawn with a mewing sound accompanying it.

"He gets exhausted if he's been badly scared and using magic tires him out. I'm gonna put him to bed." Haruka replied as she left the girls to chat among themselves.

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