Author's Note

Alrighty, I know you've been waiting patiently for it.

And it's taken me forever to really start thinking about it again after I finished the first part and went on to other more angsty endeavors.

But the wait is finally over! I finally got the sequel started and the prologue is now up! It's called Guess Who… Yes, the ellipsis are intentional. You'll see why when you get into the actual chapters.

It'll be slow going since I'm juggling 3 fics already, but I will try to have regular updates. So please be patient with your humble writer who juggles writing a bunch of different fics, works full time, and still tries to keep up with my anime and manga.

And hopefully, it will turn out to be as fun as TGILC. There will be more pairings, more insanity, and a bit of angst on the side. As usual, if you have any thoughts or ideas as you read along, let me know. I'm always up for some ideas. You see how well some of those turned out in TGILC.

Well, I hope you'll enjoy Guess Who… as much as The Get Itachi Laid Challenge.

Happy reading! :)