Title: Jeff The Sugar Cookie

Author: The Classic Chic

Pairings: None.

Summary: Matt and Jeff go to Chris Jericho and try to find out whose the better heel. Although, it doesn't look too good for Jeff...

A/N: To Chantel, because our late night phone calls are bad ass times two. Yes, I had too. And this was written in English when I was bored. So blame the randomness on that.

"So, who would make a better jerk; me or Jeff?" Matt asked Jericho and Lance as they all stood in the men's locker room.

"I dunno... you both seem too nice to be heels." Lance told them. "I mean, Matt, you've basically always been the nice guy type because of your storylines with Lita. And Jeff, you just have that face look about you that can draw in easy cheers."

"Lemme get this straight," Matt said, calmly, but trying to figure out what he was saying. "I'm a big softie while Jeff's off being awesome?"

Jeff snickered to himself.

"No, I mean-"

Jericho cut off his valet. "Shoosh, Lance. No, that's not it, Matt. He's all wrong. What I think is; Matt, you have that cocky attitude about you. You'd definitely make a better heel. But Jeff, you're too much of... Well, too much of a sugar cookie to be a heel."

Matt burst into laughter and pointed a teasing finger at his younger brother. "Aha! Ahahahaha! I win! I told ya, Jeff!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, a sugar cookie?" Jeff repeated, feeling a bit insulted. As he asked that, Edge passed by, slipping on one of his Rated R tees.

"Exactly." Jericho said, knowing he pissed him off, but didn't falter. "You're too nice and sweet; i.e. a sugar cookie."

"Oh, thanks." Jeff said, sarcastically. "Well, if I'm a sugar cookie; what's Matt?"

Edge, jokingly with his normal habit of causing trouble, smacked Matt's ass to embarass him in that friend type of way.

"A SmexInMyMouth cookie!" Edge cracked up. "Isn't that right, Matt?"

Matt, a little disturbed, blinked confused. "Thank you... Edge..."