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The Snakes Goddess

Chapter 1: The goddess appears!

"Ne, Ne, Chidori, Kana, wana' go to the book store with me and Kate today after school", Riku asked her two friends, both of which where reading fruits baskets, one of Riku's favorite mangas. Kana looked up, her orange hair covering one of her eyes.

"Sure, why not! Chidori, you coming?", she asked the tan colored dark haired girl. Chidori looked up at them, smiling.

"Why not, you sure Kates' okay with us coming along?", she said. Riku nodded her head. Chidori smiled. Then turned back to her fruits basket volume. Every sat in there seats, German was starting soon.

"So who is your favorite character?", Riku asked her 3 friends who where fallowing her to the book store that was right next to the towns mall.

"Im going to say Ritsu", Kate said squealing. Kate is a very fan girl-ish person. She likes any cute anime character, even if there just minor characters. Riku laughed at her friend, in her typical attitude.

"The monkey who over reacts to everything?", Kana asks, surprised clearly on her face. Kate nodded and smiled.

"I have a plushy, and pictures of him everywhere. I just love him sooo much. So who is your favorites.", she asked the remaining 3.

"Hotori", Chidori said smiling. It had always been her dream, that if she went into the Furuba world she would be a dragon so she could hook up with him. Riku nodded her head then turned to Kana.

"Yuki…", Kana said blushing slightly, she looked at them and smiled. "What about you Riku?"

Riku chuckled then stopped in mid step and held her hand out in a gesture. "My honey Ayame of course. Hahaha!" Every one looked at her then started laughing, earning them some looks from strangers.

They finally arrived at the book store and walked in. They immediately went to the manga section. There they found a new book for fruits basket. Riku ushered her friends over and told them. She opened the book and everyone looked in it.

"' Do you wish to have you wishes come true and to jump into the Fruits Baskets world?'", she read out. Her friends looked at it.

"Don't we ever", Chidori said, sighing.

Then why don't you? a voice said. All the girls looked up and stared at each other,

"Who…", Kana said.

"Was…" Chidori stated

"That", both Kate and Riku said. They looked at the book in Riku's hand and realized it was glowing.

"Uhm, what is this?", Riku said. He friends told her that they didn't know and the next thing they knew they where being sucked up by that light.

"Guys?", Riku said, a bit of excitement in her eyes.

"What?", every one replied.

"I think I'm going to meet Ayame…", she chuckled as everything around her changed to that of a forest.

"Shut up you damn Rat!", an angry voice called out, leaving the 4 girls stunned for a second. They looked at each other then up at the 3 people coming towards them.

"Be quite you stupid cat…", another male voice said, seething with malice. Kana looked at everyone then screamed. Everyone sighed. They knew who it was immediately. Yuki Sohma, her favorite Sohma boy.

"What was that?!", the other male voice screamed.

"Shut up, stupid cat, it came from over here…", Yuki said pulling away some bushes to see 4 girls. The other boy had orange hair, they knew him as Kyo Sohma the cat. The girl was Tohru Honda.

"4... Girls?", Tohru asked, as if she couldn't see them.

"Who are you!", Kyo screamed at them. Riku looked at him and screamed.

"Oh my God, you are they Kyo Sohma! I want a huge so bad!", she said while jumping off the ground and running over to him.

"Wait don't!", Yuki said frantically. Kana looked at him with an evil glint in her eyes.

"You give me a hug too!", she said as she horridly squeezed him. When everyone opened there eyes, no one had transformed. Which was weird.

"What why didn't they transform! This sucks!" Riku screamed. Suddenly she got really cold. "Its so cold out!" She hugged her arms around her body, but not before she heard a poof.

"Wha…?", she said as she looked down around her self. Everything looked bigger and as she looked into the eyes of the 6 other people they just stared at her… and stared at her.

"Whats wrong", she said, snappily. Kyo looked at her.

"You're a snake miss", Yuki said politely. I looked down at myself and noticed that I was a pink snake. Oh crap, looks like my wish did come true.

"Okay, so Im a part of the zodiac, maybe another one. That could mean Kana, Kate, and Chidori are also!", I said as I transformed back. The boy immediately turned back as I quickly got dressed.

"Come on guys! We are going to go hug some random boy. Boy was she random today!

"Lets go!", her friends cheered. They ran out to the street and asked a random boy if they could hug him. Of course he had to agree. It wasn't everyday that 4 incredibly hot girls ask him if they could hug him.

Kana was first, she hugged him and a big Poof! Sound was herd. After the smoke cleared away, all that was left was a silver mouse. It jumped off of the boys hand and next Chidori went up. When she hugged him another Poof! Was herd and when the smoke blew away a seahorse was in the boys hand. The boy looked like he had seen a ghost. Kate was last, she hugged him and the last Poof! Sound was herd. When it too blew away, on the boys hand was a monkey.

"Good, Good!", Riku said, stroking an invisible beard. Her friends looked at her and then at the same time said "Don't turn into an Akito!" She laughed as her friends transformed and got dressed, the boy had ran away not too long ago.

"Well, I guess we should be going to Shigures…", Riku laughed. They all nodded and walked to the house. Shigure himself answered the door.

"Yo, Shigure-Sensei!", Riku smiled. She herself wanted to become a novelist so he was like an idol to her, even if all he wrote where perverted stories.

"And who might there pretty high school girls be", he said, singing when he said high school girls.

"I am Riku Kiru. The snake of the Chinese zodiac. The second snake!", she grinned evilly. He looked at her confused then the other spoke to Riku.

"Riku that isn't your real last name", Kate whispered.

"Well, in my head its telling me to say that's all our last names so do it!", Riku whisper yelled. They all nodded.

"Kate Kiru. The Monkey of the Chinese Zodiac. The second Monkey.", she bowed hyper. This was like Fan girls heaven for her! Now if only Ritsu was there. Shigure still looked confused.

"Chidori Kiru. The dragon of the Chinese Zodiac. The second Seahorse…er… dragon", she said sweat dropping. Well, that was new.

"Kana Kiru. The mouse of the Chinese Zodiac. The second mouse…", she said hyped up just like Kate. Shigure looked as lost as ever.

"Uhm, what that supposed to mean?", he asked waiting for an answer.

"Well… we kind of know your secret about the curse?", Riku said smiling. His face drained of color. "We have the same curse." He looked at them.

"What?", he said. Riku nodded her head.

"Im just like Ayame-sama", Riku said, getting stares in her eyes.

"How do you know Aya?", Shigure asked.

"You mean how doesn't she know Ayame. She is his biggest fan. Any picture of him in his human form in his snake form anything Ayame is in her room back in the US. She had the hugest fan girl crush ever.", Chidori said over reacting.

Riku blushed. "I-its true. I love Ayame-sama. You see we have the same curse as you and im also the snake so…. We where wondering if we can stay here with you until we find the other members of our Juunishi…" Shigure smiled.

"Sure…", he smiled, leading us in, "More high school girls. They walked into the house to see 4 men. Everyone gasped. It was Ayame, Ritsu, Hatori, and Yuki!

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Kana- my friend Angela

Chidori- My friend Allie

Kate- My friend Regina.

Oh yeah by the way I didn't explain about Riku's features. She had waits long light purple hair and yellow eyes like Ayame. In the normal world she had brown hair and blue eyes.