The Snakes Goddess

Christmas Special: Kana's Christmas

"Okay, Christmas in just around the corner. What are we going to do?" Kana was looking around nervously as everyone was doing there own thing. Shigure looked at her.

"We don't do Christmas here. But I guess you guys celebrate it huh?" He was yawning, as he was reading the newspaper.

"Uh, yeah. We do!" Chidori looked at him pissed. He just smiled.

"Sorry, but I'm going to be busy 'till new years. I cant help do things. Sorry." Yuki and Kyo nodded. Tohru was also going to be busy.

"Fine, then we will do it!" Kana was really into Christmas this year, maybe because she wasn't going to be spending it with out her family. All the girls sighed, knowing that once Kana got into something she was way bossy. Maybe worse than Akito… nah…

"First a Christmas tree. Me and Riku will go chop one down from the forest. Chidori, Kate buy ornaments! We will all buy presents later!" You could literally see the flames coming from her mouth… All the girls cowered as they went to go do their jobs.

Kana & Riku

They circled a huge tree in the middle of the forest. Riku sweat dropped at its size.

"Kana-chan, don't you think this is a little too big?" Kana glared at her then turned to her.

"The bigger is better, Miss Prissy!" Riku glared back at her.

"Christmas Nazi…." Riku muttered as Kana handed her the ax. "You are not going to help?!"

"Nah, I have to preserve my hands for the Christmas cookies", Kana smiled as she walked away, leaving a sobbing Riku to chop down the tree by herself.

Chidori & Kate

"Oh my Akito, that boy is cute!" Kate squealed as they entered the Christmas shop. Chidori sighed as she went to the Christmas ornaments.

"Purple for Riku, Pink for Kate, Orange for Kana, and black for me…" She trailed off, leaving Kate to do what ever she wanted to do.

Kate was looking at a fake fireplace, complete with fake fire. "FIRE!" Kate squealed as she took out her lighter and started touching it to things making it catch on fire. Chidori looked around and gasped, as she paid for her things and ran away with Kate in tow. Hopefully no one will remember them and Kate will not go to jail for blowing things up… again…

Back at home

"Good, you got all the things, now it is time for backing Christmas cookies!" The girls just grumbled. Riku was putting bandages on her blistered hands and Chidori was reprimanding Kate. Kana smiled as she pulled the sobbing girls in the big kitchen.

"Okay first…. Get the flour!" This went on for another 30 minutes before they finally go the jolly treats (Yeah right, torture machine more like it) in the oven. The girls sighed in relief, then remembered the best part of this Christmas torture. Presents!

At a Japanese Wall-mart

"They have Wall-mart in Japan?!" Chidori asked bewildered. The girls shrugged as they went in.

"What should we get for our bishies?" Riku asked as she looked around for any good things to get Ayame. She looked over to the little girls section. "I know what to get!" She quickly left as her friends stared at her.

"Hm, what to get Ritsu. I know!" She too scurried off to the women section of the cloths department.

"Hatori like suits! I know to…" She rushed like an idiot over to the suits department.

"Hm, I know what to get Yuki!"


"Wow girls, these cookies and the tree look good!" Shigure said smiling. Kana looked at him, then pouted.

"It better!" The girls all groaned as everyone opened their presents. Ayame was first. His wrapping was purple with little yellow dots on it. He opened it.

"A… Bedazzler?" Everyone laughed as he suddenly loved it. Hatori was next. His was sea green with little seahorses on it. He opened it to find a tie with seahorses on it.

"Thanks Chidori", he looked at her un-emotionally. Yuki was next his had little mice on it and when he opened it he found a white mouse in it.

"A… mouse?" He was confused. Kana giggled.

"Its name Yuna. It's a mix of our names", she smiled as he thanked her. Ritsu was after Yuki. He had a plain orange wrapping. When he opened it, he found a bath robe with little monkeys on them. He smiled at Kate and gave her a hug.

"That's all!" Riku told everyone as she bit a cookie. Kana pouted.

"It could have been better!" Kana said. Everyone glared at her.

"Shut up!" They all said as another Christmas was complete.

A/N: The end. Yay, two updates today, be happy. This isn't quite a part of the story. I just though Kana wasn't getting enough attention so this one is mostly Kana centered.