Truth or Dare

Authors note: I know! Such a cliché thing to do, but clichés are clichés for a good reason ^_^ As usual, Moon Child chars don't belong to me!

Sho giggled. He could not seem to place his feet properly, probably because the street decided it would rather be the sea and kept wavering and sloshing from side to side causing him and Aki – his girlfriend – to stumble about like lost boats laughing hysterically into each other's shoulders. He lifted his head from Aki's small shoulder to stare at her. He was rather proud of himself, truth be told, that he had asked her out. She was his first girlfriend. She reminded him of someone, had the first moment he had seen her though he could not think who. Biting on his tongue Sho thought of all the singers he liked, but Aki looked like none of them. Giggling again, had they really drunk so much? Sho stumbled from Aki's hold and slung an arm around Toshi as another of his friends, Sazuki, came up beside them causing them both to howl with laughter as he tripped on thin air and went crashing into a wall. So many of them had gone out tonight, Toshi, his brother, his friends Araki, Sazuki, Rio and Koji, Aki and some of her friends Sakura, Toruh and Haruhi. Even Kei had agreed to come along. Looking over his shoulder Sho stared at Kei as he prowled along at the back.


Blonde hair seemingly silver in the moonlight.


His skin made from white gold.


Snapping his head up Sho looked at Aki who tottered along beside him holding tightly onto his arm.

"What were you looking at Sho? You seemed a million miles away!" She giggled, leaning up on her toes to kiss him, a kiss he returned softly. It was nice, kissing Aki.

They had somehow managed to totter, stumble and trip their way into the park and squeezed all eleven of themselves onto one park table. Sho was squeezed in between Koji and Kei with Aki across from him, her foot trailing patterns up his leg. Someone, probably Toshi, had placed an empty bottle on the table forcing everyone to take part in a game of 'Truth or Dare'. Sho had already had to admit that, yes he had gone skinny dipping and when he had been asked what he wanted to do with Aki in the dead of night he had been rather stumped and mumbled, after much quick thinking, that he would like to…umm…share chocolate with her? For some reason everyone had laughed, except Kei who had just smiled that quiet rare smile of his and ruffled his hair. Neither had Kei escaped the curse of the bottle. Toshi had dared him to do a back flip, a feat he accomplished with much applause and Haruhi had dared him to kiss Torhu. He did so with gentlemanly care, not that that stopped a scowl covering Sho's face. The only problem arouse when Shinji asked him how old he was. Sho could feel how Kei's body had froze and Sho himself sent a glower his brothers way. What was he playing at? Why did Shinji always do things like this? He was just about to open his mouth and tell his brother to 'Shut up!' when he felt a cool, reassuring hand upon his thigh which, oddly enough, made him feel awfully warm especially when Kei smiled at him before locking his dark gaze with Shinji.

"Really Shinji, I've lived with you for how long and you can't remember how old I am? I'm twenty four."

So he body is nine years older than me…Sho thought before gazing at his knee is confusion at thinking such a thing. The bottle, thankfully, stayed away from them for a while but the girls across from them had begun to twitter in a way that man instantly knew meant trouble. The bottle on the table was beginning to slow, its neck twirling around and around and…oh no. Sho gazed at it, a pout forming on his lips. Not me again! Aki, who had spun the bottle, smiled with delight as the girls on either side of her began to giggle. The word 'Truth' was just forming on his lips when Aki interrupted him.

"No Sho! Your last two turns have been truths! This time, you're doing a dare!" The smirk Aki sent him then once again sent his thoughts swirling on who she reminded him of, for some reason it seemed so very important-

"I dare you to kiss Kei!"

"…" Sho gaped at her while the table roared with cat calls and whistles. Even the death glare Shinji was sending Aki and Kei went over Sho's head. Kiss…Kei….He gulped as he glanced up at Kei through his fringe, his blue eyes meeting Kei's fathomless stare.

"…Really?" He asked quietly, and was confused to find himself hoping that the dare would not be retracted.

"Yeah!" Cried all the girls who watched the unfolding drama eagerly. Swallowing Sho shuffled in his seat until he completely faced Kei who was still just looking at him - almost in the way a cat watches humans, with caution…such intense caution. Sho almost wanted to ask Kei if he was alright with this, with what Sho was about to do, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead he just leaned down to him, the child still in him crowing at the fact he was taller, when, suddenly (a sledghammer hitting you in the face suddenly) he realized who Aki reminded him of. He was poised so his lips hovering just above Kei's absorbing the way the shadows caressed the soft skin of Kei's face, a face that Aki's reflected though without such sharp cheekbones and surely her skin was not so flawless? Kei's blonde hair was so soft that Aki's blonde locks seemed like straw in comparison. Kei's eyes, of which Aki's were a mere flawed reflection of, because her's were not so deeply dark, nor could they hold such emotion, such ardent emotion, so tightly leashed. And Kei's lips…Without a thought Sho finished that small, insignificant gap between them and fitted their lips together. To kiss Aki was 'nice' but to kiss Kei…to kiss Kei was thrilling.