Just a little note. I don't own anyone in this story, except for Shawn, and the character Reggie Johnson, though he's only mentioned, and doesn't appear in the story. The city of Megatropolis is also my creation. Everything else is Hanna-Barbera, and Warner Brothers.

It was a normal day in Megatropolis. The Impossibles were rehearsing for their gig at the Civic Center when Coil Man's guitar began to beep.

"Great timing," Fluid Man said, checking his watch.

"What's the trouble, chief?" Coiley asked.

"Bank robbery on the corner of fifth and Main," Big D said. "Nothing too serious, but the crooks have developed a strange sort of weapon and they're threatening to use it on City Hall."

"We're on our way, chief!" Multi Man saluted

In a flash, the Impossibles changed from a rock group to super crime fighters, and raced to the scene of the crime in the Impossi-Mobile.

"Rally ho!" they shouted.

The Impossibles drove to the Fifth National Bank on the corner of Fifth and Main. The minute they got there, however, the crooks were beating a hasty retreat.

"Let's get outta here!" one shouted.

"I'm with you!" the other yelled, and they took off down the street.

"Come on!" Coiley shouted. "We'd better follow them!"

"Hold it a minute, Coiley," Fluey said. "Look at that."

The Impossibles watched as the two crooks dove into the back of a police wagon.

"What in the world?" Multi asked.

"That's got to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen," Fluey said.

"What could have caused them to do that?" Coiley asked.

"Why don't you ask them?" Multi suggested.

The Impossibles turned and looked at the entrance of the bank, and saw three of the strangest girls they had ever seen in their lives. One was a redhead, one was a blonde, and one was a brunette.

"Hi," the redhead said. "You must be the Impossibles. We heard you were working in this town. We're the Powerpuff Girls. I'm Blossom, and these are my sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup."

"Hello," Bubbles, the blonde, said.

"Yo," Buttercup, the brunette, replied.

"Powerpuff Girls?" Coiley asked.

"Yeah, we're superheroes," Buttercup said. "From the city of Townsville."

"We fly around and save the world and stuff," Bubbles said.

"We came here on vacation," Blossom said. "We weren't exactly planning on fighting any crime, but we were here, and you weren't, so we thought we'd help you guys out."

"Uhh, thanks, I guess," Fluey said. He turned to Coiley and Multi and shrugged.

"Well, so long!" Blossom shouted.

"Bye bye!" Bubbles called.

"See you around!" Buttercup said, and the Powerpuff Girls flew off. The Impossibles stared at them as they disappeared.

"Those were the weirdest girls I have ever seen in my life," Fluey said.

"I wonder what they're saying about us," Multi said. "Come on. We'd better get back to rehearsal."

The Impossibles drove back to the Civic Center and continued their rehearsal. While they were talking a break, Multi was telling his girlfriend, Shawn, about the encounter with the Powerpuff Girls.

"They were kind of strange," he said. "Stranger than us."

"And we're as strange as they come," Fluey replied. "But they took the cake!"

"But they're still superheroes," Shawn said. "Fighting for truth and justice, strange or not."

Multi and Fluey agreed on that one and went back to rehearsal. That night, the Impossibles performed for a sold out house, which included the Powerpuff Girls and their creator, Professor Utonium. The four of them walked backstage and approached the band.

"You guys were great," Blossom said.

"Thanks," Coiley said.

"Even if the music was a little out of date," Blossom said again.

"Yeah," Buttercup replied. "You guys really are old school."

"We're not that old," Fluey said.

"I'm glad we got a chance to get together," Professor Utonium said. "I'm anxious to see the Secret Security Headquarters and it's laboratory facilities."

"Okay," Multi said. "We'll show it to you."

The Impossibles led the Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium to the Secret Security Headquarters. Big D was a little surprised to see them there.

"What brings you boys to the office?" he asked.

"Apparently, there are some new heroes in town," Fluey said. "Big D, meet Townsville's superhero team . . . . . . uhh, the Powderpuff Girls or something like that."

"Powerpuff Girls," Blossom corrected. "No D."

"My mistake," Fluey said, sarcastically.

"What brings you girls to our city?" Big D asked.

"We were supposed to be on vacation," Buttercup replied.

"But then we saw the bank was being robbed," Bubbles said. "And we decided to help out and stop the bank robbers."

"It's not the usual evil we fight," Blossom said. "But that's what we do a superheroes."

"Besides, the boys weren't around," Buttercup said. Big D looked at the Impossibles.

"How do you explain that?" he asked.

"They got there before we did," Fluey said, with a shrug. "They beat us to the crime scene."

"Bank robberies aren't something we usually get called in to take care of," Coiley said.

"Crime's been slow," Multi replied. "At any rate, the professor here just wanted to see the lab."

"Bye!" Bubbles called, as she, her sisters, and the professor followed the Impossibles down to the SSH lab.

The lab was pretty empty. Nobody was in there at the time. There were various bits and pieces of wires and gears laying around. The scientists were obviously putting together some kind of mechanism, but no one at the SSH could figure out what it was.

"Welcome to the lab," Multi said. "Usually, there would be two or three scientists down here."

"Must be on a coffee break or something," Fluey said. "The SSH scientists have a tough union."

"The head of the department, Dr. Reggie Johnson, invented the guitar where we get our orders from Big D," Coiley said.

"The Professor gave us a hotline," Bubbles said. "We get our orders from the mayor that way."

"He's a genius," Blossom said.

"So's Reggie," Fluey replied.

"So he created you guys?" Blossom asked. The boys stared at her, strangely.

"Uhh, well," Coiley said.

"No," Multi said.

"Oh," Blossom replied. "Then who did?"

"No one," Fluey said. "We got our powers through chemistry."

"You mean you were SSH scientists?" Bubbles asked. "And you developed a formula that gave you superpowers?"

"No," Fluey said, a little impatiently.

"It was a high school chemistry class," Coiley said. "And we accidentally poured some stuff into the mix that shouldn't have gone in there."

"Yeah," Fluey replied. "We blew the science lab sky high. KA-BLAM!"

"That happened when the Professor put Chemical X into his mix," Blossom said.

"I was making a formula for the perfect little girl," Professor Utonium replied. "I added sugar, spice, and everything nice."

"Ick," Fluey muttered. "A little too sweet for my taste."

"As I was mixing," Professor Utonium continued. "I accidentally knocked some Chemical X into the concoction and I created the girls."

"And we've been crime fighting ever since," Buttercup said.

"Uh huh," Coiley said, a little absently. Multi and Fluey just nodded.

"So maybe we can team up," Blossom said. "After all, superheroes have to stick together."

"The six of us could really bust up crime," Buttercup replied.

The Impossibles looked at each other. They were a little stunned that the Powerpuff Girls wanted to team up with them.

"Okay," Multi said. "Sure."

"Why not?" Fluey said, shrugging.

"Yay!" Bubbles shouted.

"So I guess the first thing to do is to see how you guys measure up," Blossom said. "Do you guys have laser vision?"

"Well . . . . ." Coiley said.

"Uhh . . . . . ." Multi replied.

"No," Fluey said, bluntly.

"What about super strength?" Buttercup asked.

"Well, sort of," Multi said. "Nothing on a Superman level, but . . . ."

"What about ice breath?" Blossom asked.

"No," Fluey replied. "If one of us had ice breath, that'd be it for me!"

"Can you guys fly?" Bubbles asked,

"Well . . . . ." Multi said.

"Sorta kinda," Fluey replied.

"We mostly get around in our car," Coiley said.

"You're kidding," Buttercup said. "You mean all you can do is become a human spring, turn into water, and make duplicate copies of yourself?"

"Pretty much," Multi said, shrugging.

"Well, gee," Blossom said, trying to think of how to say this nicely. "That's kind of . . . ."

"Lame," Buttercup said.

"We thought you guys were superheroes," Bubbles said.

"We are!" Fluey shouted. "We've sent lots of crooks to prison."

"But we've fought monsters," Blossom said. "Have you?"

"Well, sort of," Multi said.

"Not all the time though," Coiley said.

The Powerpuff Girls looked at each other. They weren't quite sure of what to make of these guys.

"Why don't you come back to Townsville with us?" Bubbles suggested.

"That way, we'll see you in action," Blossom said. "We'd like to see how you would handle a monster."

"Sure, why not?" Fluey said, shrugging.

The Powerpuff Girls flew into the air while the Impossibles climbed into the Impossi-Jet and followed the girls to Townsville. The minute they arrived at their house, the hotline began to buzz. Blossom picked it up.

"Yes mayor?" she asked. "Whoa, no kidding. We're on our way!"

"Yahoo!" Buttercup shouted. "A fight!"

"Hold it, girls," Blossom said. "We agreed to give this fight to the boys."

"What exactly are we up against?" Coiley asked.

"Just look out the window," Bubbles replied.

The Impossibles looked out the window, and saw a monster smashing up Townsville.

"Holy Mesopotamia!" Fluey yelled.

"What is that?!" Multi shouted.

"One of your typical, every day, run of the mill monsters," Buttercup said. "We fight these things all the time."

"Things like this happen every day?!" Coiley asked, incredulously.

"Kinda makes our fights look like a walk in the park," Fluey replied. "But that doesn't matter. Come on, fellas. We've got a town to save."

"Rally ho!" the Impossibles shouted, as they went to fight the monster. The Powerpuff Girls followed to watch the action.

The people of Townsville were running and screaming in panic. The monster growled and began smashing buildings right and left. The Impossibles landed the Impossi-Jet at the monster's feet and looked up at it.

"So how exactly do we handle this?" Multi asked.

"Like we always do, I guess," Coiley said, springing into the air towards the monster.

"Rally ho!" he shouted.

The monster wasn't expecting this. Coiley shot forward and punched the monster in the face. The monster stumbled backwards, and crashed to the ground. Then he growled, stood up, and began smashing Townsville again.

"Rally ho-ho!" Fluey shouted, streaming towards the monster.

The monster growled, and took a swipe at the superhero, but missed.

"You're gonna have to do better than that!" Fluey shouted.

The monster growled. Fluey then turned himself into a storm cloud and blasted a lightning bolt at the monster. The monster screamed in agony as the bolt struck him. Then he fell forward.

"You're on, Multi!" Fluey called.

"Rally ho!" Multi shouted, as he duplicated himself towards the monster.

The monster growled and began swatting at the duplicates. That didn't do him much good. Once he smashed the copies, the original Multi duplicated again, and repeatedly socked the monster. The monster fell, and then groaned, as if he were trying to say "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

"I think that about does it, fellas," Coiley said.

"What do you girls say to that?" Fluey asked.

"Look out!" the Powerpuff Girls shouted.

The warning came a little too late. The monster got up and slammed his hand on the Impossibles. CRASH! Then, he continued smash the city. The Impossibles were left seeing stars, completely dazed.

"Come on, girls!" Blossom shouted. "We've got to save Townsville!"

"Never send a boy to do a girl's job," Buttercup said.

ZOOM! The Powerpuff Girls flew into the air and started punching out the monster. Then they shot laser beams out of their eyes, which blew the monster to kingdom come.

"Hooray!" the Townspeople shouted.

The Powerpuff Girls waved to the Townspeople and then landed in front of the Impossibles.

"That was a good try, fellas," Blossom said. "But you didn't really destroy the monster."

"Cut us a break," Fluey said. "We've never dealt with anything like that before."

"Well, times have changed," Blossom said. "You may have gotten by then, but . . . . . well, you can't handle anything with your limited powers."

With that, the Powerpuff Girls flew off, with the Townspeople following them, applauding and cheering for them. The Impossibles just stood there, completely unnoticed.