She was perfect. She had the prettiest eyes, the softest hair, the clearest skin, and the softest figure. Yes, she was definitely perfect in his eyes. The only thing he didn't get about her, however, was the fact that she seemed so engrossed, so… enchanted by a boy who was known as an outcast, a goof-off, a knucklehead. He was jealous, very much so. He wanted all of her attention on him, he wanted all her love to be focused on him.

Not some Uzumaki boy.

Yes, it's true, Inuzuka Kiba was in love with Hyuuga Hinata, and he wouldn't even try to deny it if you bothered to ask. But no one did ask, so he kept silent. He wanted to scream it to the world, but he kept silent. He'd only say it if he was asked, but no one asked.

He wished someone would ask.

Hinata would be the perfect girlfriend, He'd often think, and he wanted her to be his. But no, she was Naruto's, even if the lucky bastard didn't know it. He doesn't deserve her, and she shouldn't set her standards so… so unbelievable low.

She said that she admired his courage. Didn't Kiba have courage to spare? She said she admired his persistence. Hah, persistence, if there was one word that could describe Kiba, it'd definitely be persistent. Kiba was… everything she liked in Naruto and more. Yet she couldn't see it. Or maybe… maybe she just didn't want to see it. Maybe she just doesn't want to date a teammate. Hinata's smart, she knew of the consequences dating a teammate could bring. Yet, Kiba didn't care. He'd risk it all for her love, even if it was just a small dosage of affection.

Shino would often tell him that he was being dumb, that he should just stop, because if Hinata found out about his feelings, she just might avoid him, or feel so guilty that she wasn't returning his feelings, that she'd just be his out of pity. Shut up, Shino.

Ino would often tell him that he was too much of a… dog to attract beautiful Hinata. That if she found out that he loved her, she'd be disgusted. Shut up, Ino.

Sakura tells him to just give up, because she and Naruto were meant to be. To try to have Hinata was to try to mess with Fate. Shut up, Sakura.

Shikamaru wouldn't just tell him, but everyone, that women were troublesome. You're wrong, Shikamaru.

Then Naruto would say something, and when he did, Kiba couldn't believe his ears.

"You should go out with Hinata, she talks about you a lot."

Maybe Fate had something other than Naruto planned out for Hinata.Maybe, just maybe, he had a chance.


Hooray for super short One-shots! This is my first, really, so I decided to dedicate it to one of my favorite pairings! KibaHina! Now, NaruHina fans out there, please don't flame, because I am ALSO a fan of NaruHina. I just… decided that KibaHina would be fun.