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Summary: 'How foolish we mortals be,' I thought fondly. 'For there is none more foolish than I.'

Warning: Slash; Lemon; Lime; Angst

_Importance _

It was not until my third year, I believe, that I had ever even noticed the giant glass clock that resides above the courtyard. I had not known then just how soon it would become my only company in the long nights of the near future; how its soft ticking would sooth my frayed soul and bring a much needed focus to my mind. This ancient clock is, in many ways, just like Harry; because just like my young lover, it is a ticking bomb.

Harry at thirteen was growing into his body; he was still small and still vastly malnourished, but there was a light in his eyes that had not been there in the previous years that I had seen fleetingly and had forgotten soon after.

Sirius Black, supposedly the highest ranking Death Eater in Lord Voldemort's dark army, had escaped prison. And, just to add a little more spice to my life, my mother decided on her next husband (the other from first year had mysteriously died in a horrible potions accident; I've been told there was blood and the sort everywhere).

He was a scared child and many people would say he had the right to be. Except I; I who had suffered through many horrors in only thirteen years without the right to feel fear. I was meant to be above fear and, as such, I believed that the only ones worthy of respect would need to follow the same idea. Because of this, unfortunately, I blinded myself to a growing brilliant power in favor of those less spectacular. It would be one of the gravest mistakes I would yet make.

Nevertheless, this little boy had yet another murderer after his life and, without fail, it started a series of events so critical to both of our lives that I can now say without any doubt that had even one thing gone differently we would not be where and who we are at this point in time.

I kissed my lover fleetingly on the lips, keeping it chaste despite the yearning in my soul. This precious creature deserved all and any of the gentleness I could spare and I always made sure he received as much as possible.

The tightly bound fire flickered and burned deep in my abdomen but I knew that upon this morning none of that passion would be unleashed. Today was important in some way and we both knew it. So with one last kiss and a slow caress of his cheek, I watched Harry Potter done his mask and walk back into our shadowed world.

Doth o'er us pass, when as th' expanding eye

To the loved object – so the tear to the lid

Will start, which lately slept in apathy?

And yet it need not be – (that object) his

From us in life – but common – which doth lie

Each hour before us – but then only bid

With a strange sound, as of a harpstring broken

T; awake us – 'Tis a symbol and a token -

"In Youth I Have Known" 'Third Verse' by Edgar Allan Poe

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