Authors Note: This is a Time Travel fic (partial AU takes place as alternate 7th year ignoring book 6 & 7) I'm so excited to be working on another requested fic. As anyone who is reading Healing knows, it is coming to an end (I finished the last chapters last week) and so this and another story (Alluring Lullaby) are taking it's place in my writing schedule. This one is for GothicBlackRose (shannon) who has been one of my beta's on Burden of Memory. She requested a time travel fic, with a curse, so I present to you all this story: History Repeats Itself. Please enjoy!

Chapter 1 It's All Fun and Games Until…

It really was harder than I imagined possible.

I assumed getting the shining golden bauble she wore around her neck would be child's play, like taking candy from a baby. But this was more like taking meat from an enraged hippogriff.

The first attempt went bad before she even knew what hit her. The freezing spell I cast from behind her bounced right off like a rubber ball. She never even flinched. It infuriated me momentarily, but I had no intention of giving up that easily.

My next attack was in the library. It was her home turf, but I felt confident enough that I could trick it from her. I knew at some point she would have to take it off, and that was when I would strike, stealing it right from under her nose.

But she never took it off.

After weeks of watching her I began to wonder if she ever took it off. She was probably odd enough to bathe with it and everything, which was when my final idea struck.

I stalked her habits for two weeks and eventually pinpointed the time when she went into the Prefect's bathroom each evening. Masking myself under a thick disillusionment charm I hid in one of the stalls and waited until I heard her arrive. I averted my eyes as she stripped, because lets be honest, I might be a Slytherin but I'm not a pervert.

I'm also not interested in Gryffindor's.

Finally I could taste my victory as I peered around the corner of the stall. Granger had removed her cloak and uniform and sitting on top of the pile was the glittering golden time turner.

I nearly squealed with delight, but I refrained, because Malfoy's don't squeal. After weeks of planning, chasing and failing, finally I had the coveted item within my nimble grasp. All I had to do was reach out and grab it.

I waited not so patiently for her to dip her frizzy brown hair beneath the surface, and the moment she did, I made my move, lifting the golden bauble from the clothes and slipping the chain around my pale neck.

It looked far better with my complexion than it ever did on her.

Absconding the time turner and knowing what to do with it were entirely different things. It took me almost another week to read up on it, all the while listening to Granger gripe to her friends in potions class about losing it in the first place. Apparently she had gotten it from McGonagall in order to attend more classes. I had always thought it was odd the way she kept popping up every now and then when no one seemed to notice her there a moment before, and now I knew exactly how she managed it.

Potter seemed unusually distracted but the Weasel always listened to her attentively, like a lovesick puppy waiting for her to give him a treat.

I wondered briefly what was bothering Potter, but then I quickly realized I didn't care.

Finally I knew how to work it and that Saturday afternoon, just after lunch, I tried it for the first time.

Thus becoming, Draco Malfoy, master of time.


I felt a little wobbly as I arrived in the past, sort of nauseas, like I had just gone swimming with an ear infection. Things rocked and spun around me, but eventually leveled off and I began to feel normal again.

I wondered briefly if it had worked, because I seemed to be standing in the exact same place as before. It was an empty unused classroom I had snuck into for privacy, and it looked identical.

It wasn't until I slipped out and began walking the halls that I realized for certain it had worked. Hogwarts was mostly the same, only about a hundred years cleaner. Some of the portraits and tapestries were different, but it was easily recognizable as my school, only in another time.

Professors I had only seen in archived papers and wall portraits passed by me, not even sparing a second glace, the students too seemed indifferent to my presence. I thought for a moment that they couldn't see me, until I bumped into one of them and watched as they skittered away apologizing.

I rounded a corner as I approached the Great Hall and came to a sudden stop. Just ten meters away was me, only not me. He looked like me, even had the same noble voice and captivating presence, but clearly it wasn't me.

"Rion, did you finish your potions essay?" a small girl beside him asked. The boy she called Rion, the one who looked just like me nodded curtly.

"Of course," he scoffed, as if it were the most ignorant question he had ever heard, and maybe it was.

He turned toward me then, as if he could feel my presence, and I had to duck behind the wall. I cast a heavy disillusionment charm and got closer, careful not to let anyone bump me or else my cover would be blown.

I peered over his shoulder and looked at a parchment he had sitting on top of his books. It was addressed to O. Malfoy and I knew instantly who the person in front of me was.

This boy standing in front of me, the one who looked like my clone was my great, great, grandfather Orion Malfoy.

I couldn't believe the uncanny resemblance as I watched him interact with the other Slytherin students. I felt like I was looking into a mirror. It was no wonder the students I passed before never spared me a second glance.

His hair was the same shade of platinum blonde, cropped short in the back but long on the top and front. He was the same height and build, his face just as sharp and handsome. I'm not bragging, I'm just being honest. The only clear difference between us was his eyes. They had gray in them, but they weren't the solid steel color of mine, instead they were blue, almost icy in color.

His hand hovered over the parchment, and tensed slightly, as if he wanted to crush it. It seemed I was right in my assessment too, because the minute he turned from his friends, he made a tight fist, smashing the parchment into a ball and heaving into a nearby rubbish bin.

I ran straight to it and lifted the parchment from the top of the pile, slowly unfolding it and reading the letter sent from my third great grandfather to my second. Rigel Malfoy wrote to his son in the same curt and emotionless tones that my father wrote to me.

It was apparently more of an inherent trait than I had ever really acknowledged before that. I could easily imagine that the letter was intended for me, a hundred years from now. I wasn't sure whether to be sad or proud that my family hadn't changed at all in such a long period of time.

Dear Orion,

I'm writing today to tell you of your future. A bride has finally been selected from several prestigious families, all of them wishing to merge with our family for obvious reasons. Her name is Isabella, and she is the youngest daughter of the Greengrass family. They tried to pawn off the eldest, but Isabella is the lovelier of the two and I thought you would appreciate this gesture.

The wedding has been arranged for two weeks after your graduation from Hogwarts. We shall see you over Holiday to discuss the details. I trust your mother will have everything chosen to her liking by then.


R. Malfoy

I read it once more before stuffing it into my robe pocket, wondering what about it had angered Orion. I was fully expecting a letter of my own just like it any day now. My father made me aware over the summer that negotiations for my future wife had already begun. Surely Rigel had told his son the same.

Even before the summer I knew what was expected of me. I was to marry the bride of my father's choosing, produce and heir and follow in the family business of importing and exporting dark artifacts. It was almost a relief to have things so completely planned out for me. No decisions to worry over, nothing to keep me up at night.

It was the way things had always been within the Malfoy family, and one day I would make all the decisions for my own son, allowing him to focus on his studies instead of planning his advancement into society.

It was a proven system.

Which made me wonder, why Orion was so angry about it.

I decided at once that I wanted to find out, so I tried to find him, slipping down toward the dungeons assuming he had gone back to his dorm. That was what I would have done if I were angry about something. He wouldn't want to be disturbed, and it wasn't as if I could approach him and say 'Hello, I'm Draco Malfoy, your great, great grandson. What's bothering you?'

I did think that perhaps, if I watched him long enough, that I might be able to figure it out on my own though. I slipped into the Slytherin common room, which also looked exactly the same, behind a couple of giggling girls.

I went the same way I would to my own dorm, the prefects had private quarters and I assumed that if I was prefect, than any relative of mine surely would have been as well. As soon as I slipped into the room though, I was caught by surprise.

Orion wasn't there, but someone else was, and as the light shone on his face, lighting up his sun kissed skin I knew at once who it was.

Banishing the disillusionment charm I walked right up to him. "Potter, what in Merlin's name are you doing here? How did you follow me?" I demanded.

Potter looked confused and stuttered slightly. "Your letter told me to meet you here," he replied nervously, stashing a silvery bit of cloth behind him.

"My note?" I asked curiously before the world spun me on my head and it all clicked into place. If I had an ancestor here, why couldn't Potter? It appeared he had been tormenting my family for centuries. "I'll be right back," I said quickly, running to the door and casting my disillusionment charm the moment I was on the other side of it.

I waited there by the door for no more than a minute before Orion walked toward me. I slipped into the room behind him, eager to know what scheme he had going that brought Potter down to his room. The Potter of his time must have been completely witless to come unsupervised to the Slytherin dungeons. I wondered briefly if there was anything I could say that would get my Potter down to my room, but I doubted it. He was nothing if not cautious of me, as well it should be.

I looked at Potter then, really looked at him, and wondered how in Merlin's name I could have confused him for Harry. The general look was there, messy black hair, same facial structure, same height and build. This Potter obviously played Quidditch too, because he was muscular in the same places as my Potter. Though the Potter of this time also wore glasses, his actually fit, and behind them were not the green orbs of my Potter, but rather a dark hazel.

The most obvious thing though, was despite the fring covering his forehead, it was obvious that this Potter had no famous scar.

Still, seeing him standing beside Orion was a startling sight.

"I'm glad you were able to come, Edward," Orion said to the Potter imposter.

Edward nodded quickly and took a step closer, pulling out the shimmering silver fabric he had been holding when I spoke to him. "I can go anywhere with this, you know that," he whispered.

I looked closer and nearly slapped myself in the forehead. Of course, he had an invisibility cloak. It would explain plenty of Harry's shenanigans and I would bet ten galleons that he had inherited it from Edward Potter.

Orion smiled, yes smiled at Edward. I was still waiting for the evil plot to surface, but it didn't seem to be there. "I got the letter," Orion whispered, his smile immediately turning into a frown.

Edward's eyes went wide but eventually he nodded "Who?" he asked.

"Isabella Greengrass," Orion replied with a sour face.

Edward closed his eyes for a long moment, and when he opened them there were unshed tears. "How long do we have?" he asked softly, running hands up and down his arms as if to warm himself.

Orion pulled Edward into a hug and I think I threw up in my mouth a little. "Hush," he cooed. "It'll be alright. We have the rest of the year to think of something."

"When?" Edward choked out.

"Two weeks after I graduate," Orion replied reluctantly.

"I thought we'd have longer. I thought… I thought we would at least have a little time after school," Edward sobbed a tearless cry.

"I know, but we'll think of something. Maybe I can tell father that I want to go abroad and study for a few years," he offered and I was so confused.

Edward nodded and smiled slightly, obviously not appeased, but trying to pretend. Then the worst happened, the most unimaginable thing. It was so unexpected that I didn't have time to try and disassociate myself from the forms in front of me. It was so hard not to think of it as myself talking to Potter… until they kissed.

I wanted to hurl myself at them and ask what in Merlin's name they thought they were doing. They were mortal enemies. Malfoy and Potter, Slytherin and Gryffindor, boy and boy. It wasn't right, it wasn't possible, but as their mouths danced in perfect harmony I realized that it wasn't the first time.

They had been kissing for a long time, weeks, months, years, I had no idea, but I knew that this wasn't a first kiss I was witnessing. I watched, eyes glued to the scene and unable to look away. It was like a train wreck. They groped and fondled and began removing clothes and I panicked.

No longer was I an innocent bystander in situation of potential teasing and torment, no, this was altogether different. They seemed to… love each other, and if I didn't get out of here fast I was going to find out exactly how much.

I silently groaned to myself at my horrible luck. My first look at gay porn was going to be a live show, featuring a relative that looked uncannily like me and my own worst enemy.

As they fell naked onto Orion's bed I averted my eyes, trying to block out images of myself and Potter in the same position, and trying to ignore the sounds of licking, sucking and moaning coming from the bed behind me.

I wanted to run, to wretch and to never see another boy shower after Quidditch practice again. I took a deep breath and thought about it, the time turner glimmered around my neck, and I was in my own room. If I concentrated hard enough, I could calculate this exact same moment in my own time and be free of this nightmare.

Taking the time turner carefully into my hand I changed the dial to decades and spun it ten full turns, then deftly switched it to hours and turned it back one, so it would seem as if I had never gone at all.

The world shifted around me and the sounds of sexual pleasure no longer accosted my ears. I opened my eyes and I had been successful in my attempt. I was sitting in the center of the floor in my room, hopefully in the right time.


Authors Note: Okay, for this story I will give out a time turner and a Draco clone to all reviewers.