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AN (sparkly): Alright, so this is a little bit of an alternate ending for BAMSR – the ending with John and Rodney (cause the ending with Liz was awesome!) Anyway, Ellis really bugged me so I had to write this up. I used the transcript and apparently Rodney calls Ellis a 'tool'? Does anyone else find that odd?


By: sparklyshimmer2010

"You wanna get a late dinner?" asked Rodney, as he turned away from the computer.

"Absolutely," John responded.

"All right." Rodney smiled a little. "I would have loved to have seen Ellis' face when my plan worked. He's such a tool."

"I like him," said John surprisingly, thinking back to when the Colonel had 'questioned Rodney's manhood'.

"You do?"

"Yeah. Good guy. Excellent judge of character."

Though he meant it as a joke, it must have been the wrong thing to say. Rodney's face darkened and he cast John a sharp glance.

"Yeah that's funny," he said sarcastically and then his voice grew serious. "He may be right about me, John, but what about Elizabeth, hmm?"

John's eyes suddenly went downcast and he looked ashamed as he remembered very clearly Ellis' dislike of the woman who was the strongest women he knew. He had come to trust her so much and call her a good friend. And she had been much more than that. But now pretty much all hope that he could save her was gone.

"You realize we quite possibly killed her on that planet right?" Rodney's voice was pained and he continued to glare with an unaccustomed harshness at his friend. When John remained silent, Rodney prompted him to answer. "Right!?"

"Yes Rodney! I know!" he ground out, then went softer, "I know. I'm sorry, you're right. She didn't deserve whatever crap Ellis gave her."

"Good. As long as we're clear on that."

John sighed and sat back down, rubbing a hand over his face. "God I wish she was still here. If only I had listened to her…"

"And now we can't get her back." Rodney spoke in a sage voice that was more characteristic of him. It gave him a quiet moroseness that left him without comfort and working long hours in his despondency.

After a moment he looked at John.

"I, uh, know you cared a lot about her. So - so I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry I didn't think of anything we could do…"

John merely looked at him, his mouth a straight line, yet not angry. "What do you say we go get some dinner?"

Rodney gave a small nod, knowing this wasn't going to get any better. "Sure."

AN: Ok, sorry it was short….Does anyone have any ideas for a title?