Bill Weasley's Great Adventure

Bill Weasley considered himself to be an ordinary man, with an ordinary lifeā€¦for a wizard that is.

He had a job with Gringotts as a Curse-breaker for their Egyptian branch. His job was a cross between an archeologist and a treasure seeker. So, perhaps he wasn't as normal as he thought. In fact, he was highly sought after in his field. Bill was the Indiana Jones of the Magical world, well, minus the whip and hat but with a ponytail and fang earring.

He enjoyed an excellent paycheck for his expertise, but his parents refused to accept a single Knut assistance, though Merlin knew they needed it. Therefore, as Gringotts paid his living expenses, and he didn't spend very much out of habit from never having money before, he had a veritable fortune in his vault.

Bill also had a habit of carrying one hundred Galleons with him in a mokeskin pouch. This was in case of an emergency, and little did he know, that he was going to have the biggest emergency of his life soon.

His school days had been mostly peaceful. He was a Chaser on the Gryffidor Quidditch team for four years, was a Prefect for two years, and Head Boy during his last year.

He was quite handsome as well. He was tall and lean, but very muscular. His skin was tanned from spending so much time in the sun, and you couldn't tell the he had ever had freckles. His hair was a light shade of red, bleached by the sun. It had originally been tomato red. His blue eyes sparkled like the ocean on a clear summer day.

Bill was also very popular. Women found his looks very appealing, and his bank vault made him a target for gold-diggers. His friends teased him often over this, as he always ignored those women. They thought that he should use them as one night stands, but Bill wanted something lasting.

His best friend was Ari, who was also his tattoo artist. Ari had given Bill both his ankh tattoo and one of a Gryphon launching itself into flight on his back.

Ari, who was Jewish, often teased Bill, calling him the penultimate Gryffindor, for always being the first to leap into dangerous situations.

This was true enough. Bill thrived on the adrenalin rush he got from his job. In fact, he often participated in Egyptian dueling competition, and he nearly always won.

Bill's other best friend was his younger brother, Charlie. The two men took turns visiting each other every month or so, though they'd never admit it to their mother, who often complained that neither of them visited home often enough.

Bill's only real complaint in life was the absence of a woman to love. He wanted what his parents had, a true and lasting love. He wanted a family.

The problem was that he was old-fashioned and didn't care for women who flirted boldly with him. He also didn't want someone who was searching for a husband, the kind of person who would marry any man who showed interest.

He also wanted someone with intelligence, someone who could tell him when he was wrong and wouldn't let him get away with anything.

Ari constantly told him that he was crazy for wanting a woman like that. He said that type of woman would be too bossy.

Bill disagreed. His mother was like that, and his father was still the head of their household though it might not have seemed that way. Bill knew that his mother was a more forceful personality than his father, but Arthur Weasley was not afraid to step in and contradict his wife when necessary. It had happened more than once. Once was when Bill decided to become a Curse-breaker and move to Egypt, and another time was with Charlie for similar reasons.

Besides, Bill himself was no pushover; he wanted a woman who could hold her own with him. A sparring partner, if you will.

This is the tale of how Bill came to meet the woman of his dreams, and how they overcame the many obstacles that their relationship created.