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It was nearly two months later, and still Bill and Rowena were dancing around each other. Hogwarts was preparing for a Christmas Ball. It was, of course, all Godric's idea. He was practically bouncing around the castle in excitement.

Salazar felt that a ball would be good advertisement, not that he used that terminology. He simply said that it would bring together people with the resources to be benefactors, people whose heirs, when the founders were dead or retired, could aid the Headmaster or Headmistress in running the school.

Helga was excited to meet new people, especially friends of Salazar's, as she was a friendly sort who hadn't an enemy, apart from Lord Malfoy. She was also not opposed to dancing. Indeed she found it was one of her favorite things to do, when she had the opportunity. She was bubbly and vivacious, everything Salazar was not. In fact, she and Godric were so alike in personalities that they were occasionally mistaken for siblings.

The final founder, Rowena, was neither for the idea nor against it. She enjoyed dancing as much as the next witch and had a few friends among the elite, but she was always a practical girl and was more excited by a new book. In her defense, books were rare and expensive in that time. She was quite jealous of the bookstores that Bill had told her of on the rare occasions they were speaking.

The castle was slowly coming alive from the near continuous use of magic within its walls. In less than fifty years the very land it sat on would begin to awaken, something that had not occurred since Avalon was built. One hundred years after that, the woods would awaken, dryads leaving their trees for the first time since the years of prosperity in Rome and Greece magical society. Sadly within a hundred years after that, they would return to their trees, fearing for their lives because of a corrupt Ministry led by the Dark Lord Melkor (an assumed name). It was this Dark Lord who sent his spies of evil werewolves, Black Dwarves (named for their magic, not their hair), and other like beings. It was the Goblins who stopped the Dark Lord from completely corrupting the Forbidden Forest, and it was they who built the high stone wall around the school, infusing it with their magic as they did.

The Ball spurred the magic forward, and the excitement of the guests as they arrived only added to it, and twisted the magic giving it shape and form. Several magical pockets were formed during this time, one such pocket in a guest bedroom on the seventh floor. It was the room of Aelia and Elric Bonham, a newlywed couple. It was a Bonham family secret that they were descendents of Arthur Pendragon's half-brother Agravaine, a very powerful wizard.

Another pocket of magic was centered in the Headmaster's office, this because of Godric's continuous attempts to woo Margaret, the girl who sewed all of the school uniforms. She was also teaching a sewing class for the girls. Most Lords would not have sent their daughters to school if they weren't going to be learning "the womanly arts", i.e. sewing, dancing, painting, weaving, and household management (learning how to order people around and sound as though you know what you are talking about). This magic was mainly caused by Godric's frustrated blasting curses that routinely destroyed the porcelain Nargle figurine his mother had insisted be placed in the office. The thing apparently had a permanent repairing charm on it though as it was always fixed as soon as the door to the office opened.

To properly understand the next part of the story, one must first understand the consequences of the Christmas Ball. It was not only a dance, but also tourneys, meetings of the magical Lords, feasts, hunts, and magical seminars (though not called that). Betrothals were arranged, not the least the one between Helena and Baron Stark's son. A surprise wedding occurred, three children were born, and many more conceived.

Bill was simply in awe to be a part of this. He had always enjoyed history, part of the reason he became the magical equivalent of an archeologist, but living history was something else entirely.

With so many people in the castle, one would have thought that Rowena and Bill would not often meet due to the crowds, but the truth was that both were so busy hosting that they spent most of their time bumping into one another in the corridors. With them still avoiding the issue of their attraction, it only made sense that the awkward silences grew worse with every meeting.

The night of the Christmas Ball was the night every relationship, romantic or otherwise, seemed to come to a head.

There were few teachers who did not have a significant other to escort them to the Ball, and Bill and Rowena were unfortunately two of the three there were. Rowena ultimately had to go to the Ball with Bill as her other option was Professor Miller who was as smelly as he was old, that is to say, very.

Bill paced nervously in the very room that Harry would eventually stand in following his name coming from the Goblet of Fire. Suddenly, with a swish of blue taffeta, Rowena entered the room. Her long dark brown hair was pinned up, and topped with a gorgeous silver and sapphire diadem. Bill's mouth suddenly felt dryer than the sands of Egypt, and the blood rushed to his face.

"Rowena," he said, using her given name for the first time, "You look lovely." He held out his hand for her to take.

"Thank you, Bill," she replied, flushing slightly.

With that, the door to the Great Hall swung open.

50 Points: Bella Swan from the Twilight series also was in a movie with Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone. What was the name of the movie? Hint: It was a thriller/action movie.