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There Stood a Raven

There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea
You became the light on the dark side of me
Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill
But did you know
That when it snows
My eyes become large and
The light that you shine can be seen

I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey
The more I get of you,
Stranger it feels, yeah
And now that your rose is in bloom,
A light hits the gloom on the grey

-Seal, Kiss from a Rose

Moonlight was filtering through the small window, casting an eerie glow about the room.

Fourteen-year-old Jade Watson was asleep. Her eyes were closed. Her hair was the color of darkness and her eyes were amber. She was a nice girl, although a little sassy at times. And she drew a lot of stares on her first day at Degrassi Community School, just like at her old school back in Oregon.

The reason why she was in high school was because she was so smart, she was moved up a grade after she turned twelve. Then she was transferred to Degrassi Community School.

But in spite of her sassiness, Jade had a friendly personality.

Of course, there were some people that made her very angry, namely, those bullies that would try to pick on her – Spinner, Jay and Alex.

But she always got the best of them, and without using a fist, much to their bewilderment.

But she would never know that someone with brown glossy eyes hidden behind his thin-framed glasses and brown shoulder-length hair was…watching her.

His name was Rick Murray. He was sixteen years old, and he was almost quite handsome. But he also had a dark secret – he was a vampire.

At the moment, he had an expression of interest on his face…

Rick's POV

I, along with everyone else, watched as the new girl, who everybody said was only fourteen, and yet she was able to soak up knowledge like it was sunlight, and even knew what the Pythagorean Theorom was, walked down the hall. I noticed her eyes were the color of amber, and her hair was like onyx. I wanted to run my fingers through those locks of hers.

And, in math class first period, she surprised me even more…

"Jade?" said the math teacher, Mr. Harding, "could you tell us what the Pythagorean Theorom is?"

I looked at her, and noticed she had been paying very close attention.

"It's A squared plus B squared equals C squared," she said. She spoke politely and without a hint of showing off. I liked that about her. She was smart, funny and simply in love with life.

"That's correct, Ms. Watson," said Mr. Harding.

It was then, as I watched her walk to her locker, my deep brown eyes (hidden behind the glasses I wear) hungrily taking in every inch of her, that I thought to myself,

"Imagine, my love, my fingers against you, rubbing you in that way only I know how? My mouth on yours… just the right amount of teeth and lips and tongue. Can you look at me right now, pet, and tell me you don't need this as much as you need your next breath?"

I had watched her all through the day. In gym, which I listed as one of my favorites, I kept my eyes alert as Jade emerged from the girls' locker room, clad in her basketball uniform – a white short-sleeved T-shirt, a green jersey with the school's name on the front and her last name on the back in white letters. I watched the way she moved on the court. It was like she had become an emerald snake.

As hard as I tried, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I tried my best to do so, but…I just couldn't.

I licked my lips as I imagined the scenes playing out in my head, while I wrote them down in the notebook in my binder I carried around with me…Jade walking down the hall as I watched, the sway of her hips driving me mad, me kissing her…her walking into her bedroom one Friday after school to find the bed covered in rose petals…me stepping out from behind the door, and then…

I growled mentally in a panther-like way to myself as I thought out the last scene…

"Can't wait for my hand to find you, can you? The feeling of my fingers against you – inside you… you want it, don't you?" Then my voice dropped even more dangerously low. "Do you want it so badly that you would beg for it?"

The last ounce of pride in her screamed at me, but only a whimper came out of her mouth, followed by the softest "No" ever.

One of my eyebrows arched in disbelief. "Is that right?"

My touch was suddenly gone; I'd lifted my body enough so that no inch of me was touching her whatsoever. She felt cold and lonely.

My eyes were so intense… she felt like she was going to go nuts under my gaze. "I…" she started, but her voice felt too weak to even attempt to keep talking.

"Just as I thought," I replied before my mouth was on her small breasts, and the weight of my body was once again on top of her.

I pulled back slightly again and she considered protesting, but then she realized my mouth had moved south and lips were grazing the very top of her left inner thigh. One hand pushed her right leg away, opening her under my gaze and lips. My eyes were on hers, but she broke the gaze when I licked my lips. Her eyes were then involuntarily closing in pleasure.

The first touch of my lips on her swollen girlhood felt like an electrical shock; her hips surged from the bed before I pushed her back down. Lips kissed the skin all around her center, then back up to her girlhood. She pressed against me just as I started stroking deep inside of her with my tongue.

A guttural moan escaped Jade's mouth before a gasp interrupted it. Her arms still hurt from being stretched, but the pain was just adding to her pleasure; she started feeling the waves pulling her further and further into the ocean, leading her to certain drowning.

I continued to assault her with my mouth, and now my hands were there too. One long finger was pushing into her, followed by a second one, stretching her and stroking her from the inside while my tongue stroked her on the outside.

Her thighs felt like they were burning, the soft skin of my face rubbing against them as my mouth worked on her center. Jade felt the force pulling her under – she tried to fight it for a second before succumbing completely, letting the waves wash over her again and again and again…

As the images swam through my head, I smiled to myself.

Don't be afraid, my darling. Soon you will know who I am, and we can run away together…just you and me.

As the clock neared midnight, Jade kept being immersed in dreams made up of events that had to do with a certain guy with glasses, brown eyes and shoulder length chocolate hair.

She was walking down the halls of Degrassi Community School, her mind fixed on getting to her locker while humming to herself quietly…and, of course, ignoring all the stares. Even those two gangster wannabes, the ones that once picked on Rick until they discovered he was a vampire (but didn't tell anyone as they thought the adults would laugh it off and say it was just their imaginations), also stood back, as she was a girl, and they didn't want to fight a girl.

Then she looked up…and there he was…


She tried to scream, she wanted to run, but instead felt frozen to the spot as he walked towards her. There was a hungry look in his eyes, like that of a jungle cat ready to pounce on his prey…

He was the jungle cat, and she was his prey…

Jade unconsciously brought her hand up to her lips, but he caught it and leaned down to kiss the palm of it.

"No, my dear, you are just fine."

She shivered at the seductive tone in his voice, but still couldn't find enough strength to draw herself from his body. The warmth was intoxicating and almost too much to bear.

He smiled. "Why don't we retire somewhere? Just the two of us."

Jade woke from her dream with a yell of terror that she thankfully managed to hold back.

That dream, she thought. It seemed so…real…

Still, she felt troubled by the dream the next day at school as she walked down the hallway. Of course, luckily, nobody asked her any questions, but they were wondering. Their questioning eyes made her a bit uneasy.


She looked behind her, and her eyes widened as Rick ran up to her.

"Hi," she said.

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