A/N: This is sad. It's Roxas' POV, it's AU, it's one chapter only, and it's short. But it's direct to the point, and I loved it. Again with that little fall for angst that I have deep inside my sadistic heart. Hope you like it.

Summary: Promises aren't always made to last. And rain drops after the fire remind Roxas of that.

Disclaimers: Got no money, don't sue me. I own nothing of SquareEnix. Got it memorised?

That summer... That summer was actually the only happy one I've ever had during my whole life.

His presence always made everything more bearable. His fiery hair used to shine in the sunlight, and I'll never forget his leaf-green eyes that looked at me with such intensity.

Summer love.

Only three months. The longest and shortest three months ever. His arms holding me at sunset, sitting at the top of my favorite hill viewing the horizon turning into shades of purple and orange. And his voice whispering sweetly in my ear: "I'll never leave you, that's a promise."



You broke that promise. Burnt down to ashes in your own life energy. That steel-like will to live life like every single second could be the last one.

You always loved speed and danger. Racing was your greatest second passion, you told me, the only thing besides me you loved. I begged you not to go that time, the summer was ending, the rain season had already begun and the sky was grey and thundering. I knew it.

I knew it would be the last time I would hear you saying those words.

"I'll come back, got it memorised? I love you, Roxas."

The car exploded in pieces. The few witnesses said the fire burned high, red and yellow. Your red. My yellow. The rain started to fall right after, taking away the last wisps of smoke. When I finally got there, your heat was gone.



You broke your promise.

And now I live without a piece of me.

It took a life for me to know I had a heart.

And three months to lose it away forever.

It was gone with you.



I promise we'll meet again.

In a next life.