Snogging Chronicles

Final Lesson: Harry's Turn

Dear Diary,

Boy it seems like it's been forever since I've last written in you. Where to start, where to start… well, the last couple of weeks have been pretty great. The first few of days were touch and go with Ron and Harry. And the latter did show up with a suspicious bruise on his cheek the next day that he claims he got from tripping over the carpet. When I asked if he had fallen into the doorknob he gave me a sarcastic smirk and responded 'Yeah.' Later that day at lunch after noticing Ron sporting a bluish eye I inquired if he had had a run in with an ottoman. Glowering at me he stormed away.

On the upside after what ever occurred, occurred (I never did get the whole story out of Harry) the childish fighting seemed to be over. In fact since the beginning of last week Ron started sitting with us in class and the Great Hall again. He even has offered to help with the last couple of D.A. lessons. For her part Ginny seems to be handling everything pretty well, though I'm sure that my small tirade had something to do with that. She and Dean are talking once more and I do believe that I've noticed Neville sniffing about.

But anyway, diary, enough of them, on to more important matters – mainly Harry. *grin* The last two weeks have been absolutely splendid, it really is wonderful to have that special someone. Now I fully understand why broom closets are so big around here, though thankfully we have use of the Room of Requirement, which has come in quite handy now that I no longer need to make up a lesson plan every time I want to kiss Harry. In fact we have big plans there today. While everyone else goes on the trip to Hogsmeade, Harry and I are staying behind. Why you ask? Because Harry says that he has a special surprise for me. I must admit I'm completely dying of curiosity and it doesn't help that, unlike Ron, Harry has no problem keeping a secret. I mean, even when I threatened not to help him with his essay he still remained mum. *sigh* Though that probably had more to do with the fact that he knew I would never, not help him. Especially with a Snape assignment –oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. And if the tingle in my spine is any indication, then it'll be worth the wait.


As I slowly entered the Room of Requirement the small smile that was playing upon my lips steadily got bigger. The room was set up beautifully; the walls were draped in soft fabrics that were a light cream color and the floor was a rich hardwood and covered in a plush rug that matched the cream fabrics perfectly. There was a large color changing fire crackling in the hearth and a small table just in front of it set with two glasses of sparkling cider, two petite plates, a small fondue pot filled with melted chocolate and a large plate of fresh strawberries. I gradually approached the table and lightly ran my hand over the silk cloth covering it before turning and searching the room for Harry.

I finally located him a minute later sitting on the edge of the large bed, slightly obscured by the sheer canopy. Noticing that I had finally seen him he moved the flimsy material to the side and I felt as though the air had been kicked out of me. Merlin! –Gorgeous didn't even begin to describe…

He was clad in a pair of black slacks like the ones he wears for his school uniform, in fact as a whole his clothing looked just like what he wore for school but more… disheveled. His shirt was un-tucked and partially unbuttoned, leaving his golden skin peaking naughtily out from underneath. His slacks seemed longer than usual and pooled around his feet, which coincidently provided them with their only source of cover.

I blinked owlishly 'Who would have thought that bare feet could be so sexy?'

But somehow they were, the way he stalked silently across the hardwood floor without shoes or socks was somewhat primal and highly erotic. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and fought the urge to either fan myself or shoot the Aguamenti spell at the fire to put it out. After all, I could control hormones –I am Hermione Granger. Not only do I pride myself on my sense of control but others also tout my achievements as something to strive for.

As Harry neared he ran his hand though his adorably rumpled hair and offered me a lopsided smile. And I was belatedly reminded that all of my "famed" self-control always went out the window where he was concerned.

"So…" he breathed as he came to a halt in front of me.

"So…" I responded with a nervous laugh.

He bit his lip, "Would you like me to take your coat?"

I frowned, "Harry, I'm not wearing a coat?"

"Oh –er, right," he blushed looking down and muttering to himself.

I felt myself relax. It seemed all of the confidence he had been exuding was just a mask, Harry was as nervous as I was. It was amazing really, but wholly expected, especially since we hadn't been together, together since that night three weeks ago. Sure we had made out –a lot– but we hadn't gone much farther than lesson four since we had begun "officially" dating.

"Did you want to have a seat?" Harry inquired, pulling me away from my silent musings.

I smiled, "Sure."

He came forward and pulled my chair out for me, but when I sat down I was surprised when, instead of sitting in the seat across from me, Harry got on one knee next to me.

"Harry what?"

He answered my less than eloquent question with a raised brow. Reaching over he plucked a strawberry from the plate and dipped it into the chocolate.

"You know," he murmured, "I recall the Great Hall third year, I believe Ron was going on and on about how great wizarding fruit was." He lightly shook the excess chocolate off of the ripe berry, "And you told him in a very matter of fact tone," he brought the fruit over to my lips, "that 'There was no fruit wizarding or otherwise that was better then the good old fashioned, fresh strawberry'." He smiled slowly as I obediently opened my mouth and took a bite.

The plump fruit exploded between my teeth and a bit of chocolate flavored juice dripped from my lips. Harry's smoldering gaze captured mine for a moment before he came forward, his warm velvety tongue caught the juice on the underside of my chin and he followed the path back to my lips pulling me into a heady kiss.

Drawing back he gave me an approving look, "You know I do believe you were correct." He stated in a rough tone before bringing the rest of the fruit to my lips so that I could finish it.

Once I was done with that berry he reached over to the plate and grabbed another. My eyes watched his fingers hungrily as they dipped the strawberry into the sauce, and I licked my lips lightly as the tips of his fingers became covered in rich chocolate. When Harry brought the fruit to my mouth once more, I was ready for him. Taking the berry whole, I made sure that when I bit down my lips encased his fingers and bringing up my hand I caught him around his wrist and held him still while my tongue lapped at his strong fingers.

"Merlin Hermione," Harry groaned, his head falling forward. When I released a husky chuckle his eyes flew to mine. "So you want to play?" he inquired, arching a dark brow once more.

My smug look dissipated to be replaced by one that was a mix of excitement and worry as he grabbed another strawberry. Coating it in a think layer of chocolate he then brought it back towards my mouth. However before it could reach my lips he dropped it.

"Oops, sorry," Harry commented with a look of mock horror as he caught the strawberry mid-roll down my chest. "Here let me get that for you."

My breath hitched as his head dipped and his warm tongue began to lick and nibble at the stains covering my breasts.

"Harry I don't…" I breathed, tangling my hands in his hair and trying to form a coherent thought. "I… I really-" pant " don't-" pant " think it's-" a moan escaped as his fiery kisses went lower to the peak of my breast. "I really… don't, think- I don't think… I can't think… I mean I don't think this is… helping…"

Harry looked up from his ministrations and offered me an innocent smile, "Are you sure?"

I glared at him while still attempting to recapture the breath he had stolen. "Yes, I'm sure," I bit out.

He shrugged, "Well if it's already ruined, what do you say we have a bit of fun?"

Blinking rapidly I bestowed him with a slightly disgruntled look, "What are you talking about?"

Harry grinned in response and instead of commenting he reached over to the chocolate and dipped in a finger. Giving me a roughish wink, he ran his chocolate covered finger along my bottom lip before leaning forward and gently suckling it.

"What do you think I'm talking about?" he inquired in a breathy whisper once I had been sucked clean.

Giving an impish smile, I took a cue from him and instead of commenting I reached over to the chocolate and dipped in a finger. Then returning to Harry, I placed a line of chocolate on his Adams apple and began to leisurely lick it off before pulling back in surprise when Harry's warm hand encircled my wrist, and giving him a confused look. He winked at me a moment before bringing my still chocolate covered finger to his mouth and sucking it.

My head feel back as warmth pooled in my belly and spread throughout my body. Merlin, I was melting. Even when Harry chuckled against my finger at my reaction I couldn't summon any other type of emotion other than an unnaturally heady lust. Prying my fingers from between his lips I pulled his face to mine and delved into his warm mouth. As we continued to kiss, lick, nibble and taste one another Harry, lifted me up from the chair and carried me steadily to the soft bed. After depositing me on the surface he stood from my body and slipped a hand into his pocket. My brows furrowed in confusion for an instant before a grin descended upon my lips and laughter bubbled in my chest.

Harry arched a brow and offered me a boyish smile. "Mint?" He inquired, flipping open a diminutive tin, similar to my own and removing a small candy.

"Of course," a small burst of giggles escaped as I accepted the hard treat and placed it in my mouth.

After doing the same Harry turned and walked over to the table. As I looked on inquisitively he sat the small container on one of the empty plates and picked up the fondue pot.

"Harry what are you doing?" I quizzed scooting back a bit on the bed as he approached.

His eyes danced merrily. "Now you didn't really think we were done with the chocolate did you?" When I nodded Harry gave a low chuckle, "Well then I guess you were wrong," he arched a brow and grinned. "You know, it's times like this when I wish I had a journal of my own." He winked when I blushed and glared at him, "I know just what I'd put," he continued cheerfully, "I'd say 'Dear Diary, today Hermione was wrong.' I haven't thought much past that but I would say it's sufficient for the first entry at least, wouldn't you?" He teased climbing onto the bed and setting the chocolate down carefully on the sheet.

"Harry, that's going to waste," I reprimanded with a frown, studiously ignoring his question.

He shrugged, "That, my dear," he commented reaching forward and nimbly unbuttoning my blouse "is what they invented cleaning spells for."

"Harry," I whined.

"Hermione," he mimicked before giving me a naughty smile, "don't worry if you get any on you," he slid my shirt off of my shoulders and lightly brushed the top of my breasts with his fingers "-I'll get it off."

My helpless whimper was greeted with a boyish smile as his hands went to the top of my skirt. Lifting my hips I allowed him to pull the garment off before reaching forward and pushing his already unbuttoned shirt off of his shoulders. I ran my fingers lightly over his pecks before circling his nipples and giving a satisfied smile when he moaned.

"Now, now," Harry tisked, "today is my turn to teach the lessons. So what you need to do, my ambitious student, is wait until I give you the proper instruction."

I took a deep breath and goosebumps rose on my heated skin at the smoldering look in his eyes, my body was taut with anticipation as he had me lie back. When the warm chocolate was first drizzled on my cleavage I stiffened a bit. However by the time Harry lifted his head from my chest to get some more, I found that I was a liquefied at the sweet substance that he was currently covering my heated body with. I moaned and tangled my fingers in Harry's hair as his tongue lapped at my abs and his lips caressed my belly button. I jumped a bit in surprise and released a short bark of laughter when he placed and began to lick chocolate from my knee, but that was quickly replaced by a strangled squeak when the chocolate and his tongue both began to work their way up my thigh.

"Harry?!" I yelped when his fingers grazed the middle of my panties.

He looked up at me form his post between my legs. "I trusted you to teach me Hermione," he stated huskily answering my implied question. "Will you trust me to do the same?"

Biting my lip I nodded cautiously. The only warning I had as to what Harry was about to do was the desire in his eyes and the wicked smile that appeared momentarily on his lips. My body bowed and arched off of the bed when his warm wet mouth came in contact with my most intimate of places. My breath began to come in pants and the room seemed to jump up about a hundred degrees as he continued to kiss and caress me in ways I had never even dreamed of. In the dim haze that had become my mind I belatedly recalled lifting my hips so that he could remove the last barrier between us. Once that was done the feelings went from excellent to exquisite as his mouth reclaimed me, branding me, forever marking me as his.

When my hands fisted in his hair, holding Harry in place my conscience nagged in the distance that the poor bloke may not be able to breathe. However the distant nagging of my conscience was no match for the raging waters of my hormones. 'Hell, if Harry had wanted to breathe he should have thought of that sooner!' My eyes opened wide as I stared unseeingly at the material of the canopy while Harry devoured ever inch of me like a child in a sweets factory.

"Merlin!" I heard someone scream, realizing after the fact that it was me.

My pulse sped up and my body began to throb, I was about to burst I just knew it.

"Harry," I moaned. "Harry," I tried again a bit more urgently.

He didn't seem to understand if he kept doing what he was doing then surely I would break. I pushed roughly at his shoulders in an attempt to get him to stop, as my mind and the upper half my body fought my hormones and the lower half. My panting began to come quicker as my hands alternated from pushing at Harry and pulling at him. As my head thrashed from side to side my mind reeled 'It's too late! There's no helping it now –no stopping it!' Then I exploded.

As a burst of adrenaline careened though me my body thrashed and quaked in Harry's hands and words that I will probably never recall spilled from my lips. After the most blissful minute I had ever experienced I sagged heavily against the soft silk sheets attempting desperately to gather my wits and my breath. Harry lay flush to me, wiping the moisture from his face and bestowing me with a cheeky grin.

"The student surpasses the teacher, huh?" Unable and unwilling to fight a point that he was soooo wholly right on, I just nodded. "Well it looks like your chocolate predictions came true," Harry chuckled lightly caressing my stomach and I think biding time while I re-gather my thoughts.

"Mmm," was the only response I could muster.

He lightly kissed my neck, "I'll get my wand and clean it up."

As he moved to get off of the bed I placed my arms around his neck "Oh no you don't," I purred, "it's my turn. After all now that you've shown me, I get to try it out on you, right? This is how the lessons work you know."

He moaned, "Hermione, I can't…"

"Why not," I pouted. "You had your turn, it's only fair."

Harry sighed "True as that may be it's different for guys than girls and –well, to be honest Hermione, I'm barely hanging on by a thread here. I mean just the thought of you… well…" he shook his head ruefully and grabbed my right hand placing it lightly against his hardness "-let's just say that I have something else I'd rather do with this."

I blushed and laughed before pulling him down for a kiss, "So what do you say we do want you want to with it then?"

He arched a brow, "What about the chocolate?"

"Fie on the chocolate," I returned with a dismissive wave of my hand. "I have more important matters for you to attend to."

Pulling Harry the rest of the way down, I began to deeply kiss him, my hands trailed along his damp bare back before coming to the front of his trousers. Finding them already unbuttoned and unzipped I pulled back and smirked at him.

"Naughty, naughty," I muttered before returning to his velvety soft skin.

My lips caressed his collarbone and my hands pushed urgently at his pants. Pulling back a bit, Harry divested himself of the cumbersome item before returning to me. As we met, heated sweaty skin to heated sweaty skin, my hands slipped easily over the contours of his back and our bodies slid against one another in a gentle rocking motion that was both lulling and exciting. My legs opened and his hard body fell between them, his hands rubbed and kneaded my breasts as he positioned himself. One moment later and a lot smoother than last time, our bodies were once again joined.

Crying out, I arched against Harry. After a moment our panting began to coincide with one another. Our moans weaved their way through the billowy fabrics and our bodies clashed in a primal yet refined dance that surpassed time and space. As I nibbled and licked at Harry's ear and neck I quickly determined that I had a new favorite sweet, for the high the he gave me could be described as the most addicting sugar rush. And when he released those deep moans against my neck, I had the sudden feeling that I alone could vanquish Voldemort, because only someone with great power could wring those sounds from a man. And that's what he was, a man –my man, finally.

"Harry," I moaned.

When he pulled back and looked at me I shivered. The passion apparent in his gaze was almost too much to bear, but at the same time I couldn't look away. I was the cause. I was the reason. I was the passion. Next thing I knew I threw my head back and released a scream that even shook me a bit. As spasms once again racked my body, I heard Harry expel a hoarse cry as his whole body stiffened. A few moments later he went limp in my arms and his head fell to the crook of my neck.

"Merlin, Hermione," he said in a winded tone.

I chuckled, "I know how you feel."

With some effort, Harry lifted his head and gave me an amused look. After a few minutes and a bit of protesting from me, he got up from the bed and grabbed is wand to clean the chocolate stain. Once that was done, he ushered me under the covers quickly joining me and proceeded to gather me into his arms.

"That was incredible," I whispered.

"Very," he responded in a relaxed voice.

"Harry," I pulled back and gave him an intrigued look, "where did you learn… well, you know?"

When he gave me a broad grin that for some reason made me wince.

"Well, I think it was from this guy named Devilon in," he tapped his chin as a thoughtful expression appeared on his handsome face. "The Rakish Rouge… or something like that…"

My eyes widened, "Harry you didn't?!"

He nodded, "Yep, sure did."

"How? Whe –where?!" I sputtered in a very undignified manner.

He gave a one shoulder shrug, "About a week and a half ago after we finished snogging –in this very room in fact," he looked around as if it had just occurred to him. "You got up to go to the library and I stayed a bit longer to…er, calm down." He offered a sheepish smile, "And as I was leaving I noticed a bookcase, and lo and behold it was chock full of those things. Out of curiosity I grabbed several and whenever I had a bit of free time I read them, however since free time isn't really something I have these days I was only able to get through two of them. –You know," he continued with an approving look, "some of those things are pretty detailed. No wonder you were able to pull so many lessons out of them."

I flushed and buried my head in my hands.

"What's wrong?" He grinned, "Think you were the only one who could teach a thing or two based on those," he wagged his eyebrows, "very descriptive books?"

I glared at him, "You go ahead and keep that up," I warned.

"Or what?" he teased with a grin.

"Or I'll have to change your grade."

His grin faltered, "My grade?"

"Yes, you see you'd hate to go from what you have now all the way down to a 'T', wouldn't you?"

Harry chuckled, "Oh so you're grading me now?"

I frowned. "Now? I've been grading you –ever since you made that comment I realized what a sound notion it was."

Harry's amused expression quickly altered as he gave me a dubious look. "You're just kidding right?"

I offered a dainty shrug and fiddled absently with the sheet.

"Right?" He pressed frowning.

I arched a brow.

"Hermione… come one, you're not really grading me are you?" he gave a nervous laugh.

I sighed and slipped out of the bed. "I think if we still have time we should head to Hogsmeade, I want to pick up a new set of quills."

As I pulled back on my undergarments and grabbed my skirt Harry came up behind me, now clad in his slacks. "Fine, if that's what you want. But… seriously, you're not really grading me are you?"

I rolled my eyes, "Really, Harry, let it go," when he relaxed some I gave him an impish smile. "After all, your grade is your grade there's nothing you can do about it." At his harassed look I chuckled and shrugged. "Unless…."

He paused in the act of running his fingers through his hair and bestowed me with a glare. "Unless?"

I sat lightly on the bed, fingering my still unbuttoned blouse. "Unless you're interested in extra credit?"

A look of disbelief flittered across Harry's face for a moment, followed by a look of confusion and finally one of understanding. "Extra credit you say," he drawled slowly approaching me.

I nodded. "Of course, after all you want to make sure to keep your," my gaze dipped momentarily to his pants, "scores up."

He grinned. "Too true, after all if there's anything I want it's to keep those good grades," he leaned over me and offered a slow half smile, "coming…"


Dear Diary,

Today's was the best lesson ever, you know as good a student as Harry is, I really must say he's also one hell of a teacher. *grin* In fact he's so good that he and I decided to share the lesson plans from now on. And though I've think we've learned all we can from my beloved romance novels there's still great information we can use out there. In fact I heard some of the girls gossiping the other day about this really great book for… uh, intimate activities. It sounds really promising and I'm sure if I do a bit of searching I can find it. Well sorry I can't have a long entry tonight, but after spending the whole day in the Room of Requirement with Harry while he "worked" on a better grade I'm completely knackered. *yawn* So goodnight diary, until next time….

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I'm sure you want to know the name of the other book. Well I can't really remember the whole thing all I know is that it's call Karma Su…something or other….


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