It seems like only yesterday that we were joking around as the Host Club. Carrying on as if nothing else in the world mattered, or even existed.

Now look at us. College graduates, every single one of us successful at what we do. You know, for a bunch of crazy teenagers, we turned out to be pretty responsible adults.

Yes, even me. Even Tamaki. I'm not the dumb blond you all like to portray me as. I can step up and take charge.

If I couldn't, we wouldn't be standing here today, now would we?

I still can't believe this is happening, not in all my years Haruhi. And I really can't believe I get to see you in such girly clothes, but I must say that gown is stunning on you, my precious daughter.

Oops. Guess I can't call you my daughter anymore, right? I know what you'd say anyway. 'I already have a father, I don't need two.'

Pretty good, huh? I've heard it enough times to know by now.

So, if you're not my daughter, then who are you to me? Hm.


No, it's much deeper than that.


Not even close.

What a perplexing riddle. It's going to bother me for a while. This man is talking to us and I know I should be listening, but I just can't. There's just too much on my mind for that.

Who are you to me, Haruhi?

You could easily answer this question, but this is something I need to figure out for myself.

Are you my girlfriend?

No, that just doesn't have the right sound to it.


That's not it either.

What is the answer to this riddle?

He's still talking, but I'm only hearing every other word of it. You can tell too, can't you Haruhi? You're shaking your head slightly as if to say 'I know you're thinking about something and I don't want to know what.' Am I really that stupid?

I must be if I can't even come up with an answer for this simple question.

Uh! This is driving me crazy! The word is at the tip of my tongue now, but I just can't seem to come up with it.

Still he talks. By now he's almost done and I've missed most of what he's said.

Typical Tamaki, as you guys would say. Hey, it's not my fault if I have a lot on my mind.

I can just hear the twins laughing at that now. Good thing they can't read my thoughts. Of course, neither can you, but sometimes it seems like you just know.

Like now. I can't see your face, but I'm sure you're looking at me like I'm an idiot or something.

I feel like an idiot right about now. I still can't answer this question! I can barely concentrate either, not while this man continues his speech.

Wait, he seems to have stopped now. He turns to look directly at you. He asks you a question.

You answer without hesitation.

Oh, he's asking me the same question now. This one I can answer.

"I do."

He's speaking again. "I now pronounce you husband and wife."


I smile as I reach forward to lift up your veil, revealing your beautiful face.

That's it.


Drabble. I had fun with this one, especially since this is my first time writing in this style.