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Chapter One: The Asura

A cloud of smoke floated on the top of the Hina coffee shop. Haruka had lit and puffed one of her most cloudy hits that day. Looking at the letter at her table, she sighed. Today was the day, her neph- no, her relative was coming to Hinata sou.

'Damn it, grandmother, what were you thinking?' Thought Haruka puffing another smoke from her already halved cigarette.

Granny Hina had left her a note, should he be arriving late, Haruka would know what to expect.

And expect she did, a few seconds later, she had heard one of the most horrifying screams from the inn turned dormitory above. Haruka exited the shop through the front door, and a rumbling noise could be heard, followed by a vibrating ground that sent pebbles flying around

'Not good.' Haruka clenched her teeth and ran to the inn as fast as she could, if they could only guess what her relative was capable off…

Hinata Inn:

Keitaro was cornered between a rock and a hard place, last time he knew, Hinata was an Inn and not a dormitory, last time he knew, the hot springs had dividing lines to separate the males from the females. Last time he knew, Hinata was a completely well maintained home, not your run of the mill, shmuck infested structure. Looking at his surroundings, he couldn't help but cringe at the pot holes, rusty pipes, and termite infested wood on the old pleasant inn.

Apparently, the Last times his knowledge supllied him about Hinata was that it was over ten years ago.

Keitaro prayed to whatever God was out there to have mercy on his soul for a quick and painless death. He never thought that a life of a Toudai Student was so short.

Yes, Keitaro was a student of Toudai, he graduated average on his highschool but did exceptionally well in his first entrance exams, taking advice from an old friend of his. He pursued a career in Mechanical Engineering and was doing well on his course.

As Keitaro felt his life flashing before his eyes, he immediately knew he was going to die…

A punch that could create small craters, a punch that could crush someone's skull, and now, a punch aimed to rectify and justify the actions of a deviant.

Naru's rage was focused on her slug aimed at the boy who was cornered, the pervert who had the balls to raid on the inn and took a bath in the onsen and peek at her, all of it made Naru so infuriated at the man in front of her, that the punch that she would dish out was definitely not one to give mercy.


The fist connected to Keitaro's face, as he felt his jaw being shattered by the vicious woman's strength, and being flown off to the outside of the inn. Naru, not one to let up just yet, chased after the human projectile as he skidded on the entrance of the inn, on the ground laying motionless

Motoko Aoyama came out, her sword drawn at the man before her, with Naru at her side clenching her fist making a cracking noise that made some of the women wince inside the inn.

"You idiots!"

A voice came from the stairs, the women turned around and immediately saw Haruka running as if her life depended on it.

"Haruka-san, what are you talking about?" Asked Motoko, who had then suddenly felt a surge of Ki enveloping her. Turning around, she found that the man that was sprawled on the ground half dead was standing up and looked like a dead person that just came back to life.

"Woah, that's some pretty scary look on his face… Just what in the hell were you talking about Haruka?" Asked the silver haired beauty.

"I'm talking about that… He's my relative" Haruka then pointed to her neph- relative as more ki was being generated at an astonishing rate

"You see… Keitaro isn't what you would call a normal male." Said Haruka and immediately, Keitaro began to speak amidst his bloddy forehead

"The hell? Why the fuck am I in Granny's place!? Haruka!? Haruka!? Where in this shit hole are ya!? And where the hell is my Hog!?"

"See what I mean?" Haruka sighed…

"Why the hell is my forehead bloody!? And why the hell am I wearing these dorky piece of eyewears!? Why in the hell am I here in the first place!?" Said the man his confusion flustered along with his ki, started to force some of the inhabitants in Hinata Sou. Keitaro then threw his eyewear and immediately fell on the ground a bit dizzy

'The world's spinning!'He felt that the lunch that was in his stomach was starting to well up

"Is that pervert feigning ignorance or something?" Naru inquired

"No, and before I ask a question, it'd be best to back down now. That guy that's once mild mannered and an introvert is gone." Said Haruka

"What? You're not making any sense Haruka-san!" Said Motoko

"About two years ago, when Keitaro was only a senior highschool student, he was a complete delinquent." Said Haruka

"So?" Naru had questioned

"It's not that he wanted it, he was forced to do it, eventually, in time, his circumstances swallowed him. His whole personality changed, he stopped from being lax about his training in Shoto Ryu Karate, to being a master just to defend himself from the onslaught of his enemies." Haruka then extinguished the smoke by stepping on it and sqeezing it on the ground… Hard. A frown escaping from her lips.

"It started with small backyard school brawls, fistfights. Then it became more dangerous, gangs and thugs were after his head. And they wanted him more than just beat up or completely paralyzed, they wanted him dead." Haruka slowly approached the man

"In time, he created and perfected a style in the mindset that he will only defend both himself and the weak. He used violence against violence. He became dangerous to anyone that dared cross his path, leaving them almost near the state of death." Said Haruka who then felt her own Ki fluctuate

'Such power coming out of both these combatants.' Thought Motoko, as Naru immediately charged

"No Naru! Wait!" Haruka tried to stop the impulsive ill tempered woman but to no avail, Keitaro who had regained his balance stood up and saw something blurry catching up to him. He breathed out some air in his lungs and immediately, an invisible thin lining of ki enveloped his small area in a circular motion

"Seikuuken! (Mastery of the air)"

Immediately, the punch crossed the barrier, But Keitaro deflected it by waving his arm in a circular motion, reducing the power of the punch.

"Wha!? That man neutralized Naru's wickedly strong punch!" Motoko stood in awe as the process was repeated again and again. But this time, when Naru punched him, Keitaro completely deflected the blow by parrying it and grabbed her wrist. Keitaro then pulled her closer and tapped her forehead forcing ki throughout her body, weakening her and landed on the ground hard

"Why'd this bitch tried to hit me all of a sudden!? Huh!? Haruka! Where in the bloody hell are you!?" The man utterly screamed

"I'm right here ya big goof." Haruka said and Keitaro turned his head over to the source of the voice and squinted his eyes

"Goddamnit Haruka! What'd I tell you about putting glasses after the seal activated!?" Yelled the temperamental man and Haruka sighed

"If I remember correctly, your exact words were 'After this seal activates, I better not be some fucking nimrod wearing stupid eyewear, it makes me nauseous' nephew." Said Haruka, a smirk forming on her lips

"Damn straight I did! Now what the hell forced me to wear such revolting piece of accessory?" Asked Keitaro slowly forming into a stance

"Don't know… Why don't you ask Granny Hina, dork?" Haruka stifled a laughter as a vein formed at the back of Keitaro's head

"You're lucky I love both you and grandma even I specifically requested you guys not to do it!" Keitaro was about to charge when he felt a sudden shift in ki that permeated his invisible wall.

"Iwazanken! (Rock Splitting Sword)" Motoko yelled as the blast of volatile ki was sent at Keitaro. Keitaro merely oustretched his hand as the ki approached him and opened his palm…

"Seikuuken: Kiyome! (Mastery of air: Purification)" The surge of ki blasted from his palm, circulated into a furious vortex that absorbed the attack, slowly, the ki generated attack from Motoko began to vanish, effectively being neutralized with Keitaro still holding out his hand

"That wasn't a very smart move Motoko." Said Haruka and immediately, Motoko began to see why.

As soon as Keitaro deflected the attack and saw the blade, his body reacted on instinct and moved to a new stance, raising his left arm and flexing it, he opened his palm with his right hand crossing his mid-torso and opened as well, his features darkened and a glint in his eyes was all that Motoko needed to know as the ki that was as gentle as wind, changed into a torrential wave of wild rapids of water.

'This sudden change in ki manipulation, only a real master of martial arts can do this!' Thought Motoko as Keitaro remained at his position and breathed out

"Anytype of weapon would be useless against him, remember when I said about those gang members and thugs after his head? Well, Keitaro was always in constant danger from them, if it wasn't knives, it was guns and if it wasn't guns, it was katanas. So he devised another martial art principle, basing it from Shoto Ryu Karate and the traditional Urashima Ryu Ansatsu Hi Ken (Urashima style, Killing Sun Fist) perfecting it, he created a martial art to counter weapons, becoming an anti-weapons specialist, he named it…"

"Suigetsuken (Moon Water Fist)" Keitaro maintained that stance and the ki around him violently crashing down, began to abruptly circulate around him. Motoko, not one to back down rushed towards Keitaro, bent on bringing the man down. Keitaro saw Motoko vanish from his line of vision and felt her at the side, sliding his left foot to his left, he felt a force opposing the sweep so he forced his own leg with his arms swinging in the same direction, Keitaro caught Motoko's hand and forced his right thumb on her wrist, pressuring the radial artery and forcing Motoko to drop Shisui and falling down because of the leg sweep butt first.

Landing on her bum, Motoko viewed the man that had defeated her without so much as a sweat, she looked up and saw that the man still had the same stoic face when fighting, but after a few seconds, his normally frown, pissed to look at face returned and then the man glanced down to her

"Next time you want to face an anti-weapons specialist, you deal with them by not getting close to them or them not getting closer to you." Said Keitaro and Motoko felt an overwhelming sense of shame after being defeated by a male. A kind she deemed inferior

"Enough riff raff, kid, let's just get this over with…" Said Haruka who charged at him. Keitaro smirked as he resumed his Seikuuken stance

Haruka then aimed at him for an uppercut, Keitaro dodged it with ease and countered Haruka with a kick with his right foot to Haruka's back. Haruka then countered that move by flipping her body and corkscrewed in midair. Landing on the ground in all fours, she jumped up and aimed a knee to Keitaro's face.

Not one to be outdone, Keitaro blocked the move when he turned around and raised his left leg and stepped on Haruka's knee making the move ineffective. Keitaro jumped and used a summersault to get behind Haruka.

Haruka immediately turned and blocked the punch that was aimed at her. Haruka smirked as she grabbed hold of Keitaro's outstretched hand, she pulled it closer and positioned his elbow on Keitaro's chest. Haruka grinned and positioned her vacant hand on her fist and gathered the appropriate amount of ki and then slamming it on her fist

"Shinryuga! (Dragon God Fang)" An enormous amount of ki was blown out of Haruka elbow that forced a mighty blow on Keitaro's chest sending him flying to the nearest tree.

Keitaro regained his senses and backflipped landing on the trunk he forced his legs to crouch and jump, the tree trunk, was completely reduced to splinters. Keitaro grinned even with a bloody mouth as he gathered his own ki at his right hand.

"Oh shit!" Haruka cursed loudly as she got the hell out of dodge

Keitaro unleashed the volatile energy at his right hand and stopped one inch closer to Haruka

"Raikohou! (Lightning Cannon)" The wave of energy was released and consumed all in its path, with sparks of electricity coming out of his fists and the surrounding area

"Still careless about the techniques I see…" Haruka mentioned and Keitaro's smirk was immediately replaced with a frown as he gave his relative a dirty finger

"Like hell Shinryuga wasn't a careless part to you! I could've died from cardiac arrest! You were aiming for my friggin' heart!"

"Yeah but I knew you could've survive it, where as I, a frail, dainty, beautiful, and overly sexy young woman would've been torn to shreds by Raikohou." Haruka grinned when Keitaro was at boiling point

"You like pushing my buttons don't ya, Haruka?" Asked the annoyed man

"Of course, you would never try to hit a girl, unless of course, it was either me, grandma, Konoka and Tsu-"

"All right, all right! I know! Geez, fine, no more spars! Now if you could tell me what am I doing here, and how did the seal break?" Keitaro sighed in exasperation as he and Haruka went down to the café

"Woah, those two are unbelievable…" Said Kitsune, as she walked over to the fallen two women

"You two alright?" Asked the foxy lady

"A bit hurt in the pride department, but otherwise, fine." Said Naru standing up, there was no pain in her body but her muscles felt like jelly, she couldn't properly support herself.

"Just what the hell did that pervert do to me anyway?" Screamed Naru frustrated that she couldn't move as she found it hard to even lift her finger

"It's called Jyakutaiha Myaku (Weakening Pulse) it's a harmless technique that forces someone's ki to hyperactivate the body's metabolic rate, consuming so much energy that the victim would feel extreme fatigue when they normally won't. It's a master's degree technique since it's dangerous if it wasn't controlled properly. If he didn't have that kind of control, you would've been in a deep coma, Naru-san." Said Motoko as she stood up and grabbed Shisui by the hilt, all the while, frowning as she thought of one thing

'Still not enough… Still not enough' Motoko then sheathed her sword and went about on her way to her own training

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm a bit curious when that guy said something about a seal." Said Kitsune

"Seal? What's a seal? Does it taste good?" Asked the oblivious tan blonde with a smile on her face and her pet at her head

"Aaauuuu… Is he, going to be okay?" Asked Shinobu as she looked on

"Don't know… But it's better to eavesdrop to find out right?" Said Kitsune, her smile forming at the curb of her lips.


"So that's what happened eh?" Keitaro had to hit his head on the touble not once, but twice, thrice and preferably, more times over

"Oi, brain dead, you wouldn't want to kill your already expiring head now would you?" Asked Haruka seeing that Keitaro's forehead was starting to bleed

"Shut up, Aunt Haruka!" Keitaro smirked at his insult only to be hit with a giant fan on the head

"What'd I tell you about calling me Aunt?"

"Then don't call me stupid or any other such lines!" Said Keitaro

Keitaro humphed and looked at the paper again, no matter how much he tried to deny, Granny Hina wanted him to inherit the inn, more precisely the dorm, what he didn't know was what the hell cooked up in his beloved grandmother's mind!

"So how did the seal break? Wasn't it supposed to be like… I don't know… Forever!?" Keitaro exclaimed sarcastically

"No, it was meant to trigger when you experience any head trauma. It was a back up plan in case danger started to rear its ugly head without your bodyguards around."

"What was your nickname again in the underground world?" Asked Haruka

"Onitsume, Ashura, Asura... Anything that pertains to a fighting demon." Said Keitaro who continued to reminisce about his past

"Bodyguards? Oh yeah, I remember defeating a Yakuza boss once, all his members all bowed to me right?" Keitaro hit the palm of his hand. The others who were eavesdropping outside swallowed their saliva whole, except for the oblivious Su

"Yes, and you are now the leader of an underground syndicate, those girls were lucky they weren't gunned down and even more lucky that the Yakuza boss was a man of honor." Said Haruka lighting up a cigarette

"Back to the topic, the seal on the base of your neck was to be broken if you could experience any head trauma. Granny Hina knew dangerous people were after you, so she wanted to have a backup plan, all the elders agreed on this one, and thanks to you, all of the Urashimas right now are enjoying an early retirement with business plans." Said Haruka

'Oh yeah, Yakuza boss and all'Keitaro thought, scratching the back of his head

"But why? Everyone knew my request… Why didn't you guys respect it!?" Said Keitaro as he clenched his fist and frowned

"Because it was detrimental to the clan, we knew your desire for not fighting, but we also knew if you don't teach your style to the next generation, our tradition and style would die out, you have seen what happened to the countless martial arts schools in the past didn't you?" Asked Haruka and Keitaro nodded

"Then I need no more explanations, now as for what you wanted to know the most…" Keitaro perked up and nodded, a huge grin plastering on his face

"Yeah, yeah?" Eagerly, Keitaro was at the edge of his seat.

"Come with me, Granny Hina said that she would feel awful if she threw away your hog." Said Haruka and Keitaro followed

"Hog? Is it a pig? Does Keitaro have a pet or something?" Asked Su

"No Su-chan, a hog is in biker terms, a motorcycle. It's a very… Crude way of putting it." Said Kitsune watching on the next window, her jaw hit the ground

Seeing the motor bike, it felt like Keitaro really was a delinquent, the Low rider Harley was there for everyone to see and admire, and it was customed by Keitaro himself, seeing this, Keitaro's smile reached from ear to ear as he rushed to the bike and screamed…

"My baby!" Said Keitaro and hugging the area of the gas tank rubbing his cheeks along the leather seating

"I see you still have your obsession for vehicles." Said Haruka and Keitaro nodded

"You bet your boots I do! And once I finish my course, and have a job, I'll get to buy all my dream cars and park it near the beach for everyone to notice!" Keitaro beamed proudly and Haruka shook his head, still the same boastful goofball

"Now that I think about it, I really feel smart these days Haruka, is this the effect of the seal being broken?"

Haruka nodded

"Thought so… Oh well, as long as I'm happy, who cares! Now all the problem that's left is how I'm going to break the news." Said Keitaro as Haruka smoked another cigar

"Good luck with that." Said Haruka and Keitaro pointed at him

"Oi, you aren't helping out a relative!? What if they beat me up there!?" Said Keitaro and Haruka laughed

"You? Get beat up by a bunch of wimps and martial arts wannabee's? You're making me laugh right?" Haruka was stifling her laughter while Keitaro looked annoyed

"No, I was serious! I seriously can't hit a woman!" Said Keitaro and Haruka dragged him by the collar kicking and screaming

"No! Let me go, Haruka! Don't make me go! I don't to die young yet! I don't want to die a virgin! C'mon Haruka, have mercy on me!" Said Keitaro

'Oh shit!' Kitsune inwardly cursed as she gestured for the women to move out.


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