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Eiris pouted at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, and ran a hand through her straight, limp hair. It just didn't want to cooperate with her today. She'd tried to curl it, but that was an epic fail. She ended up using so much styling gel that she had to wash her hair three times to get it out!

Looking down at her Verizon NV2, her twitching hand reached down the retrieve the object. She stopped, though.

'Why is my fucking hand twitching?!' she thought.

Finally picking up the object, the brunette scrolled through her contacts, hoping that someone would her hair evolve from a disaster to a miracle.

"Ah!" she smiled as she stopped on a contact, smiling before hitting the call button.

She waited for about three rings before a voice answered in a southern accent, "Hello?"

"Hey Matt," Eiris greeted her good friend.

"Hey there," he replied. "What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if you had any hair mousse. My hair is a lost cause right about now," she chuckled into the receiver.

"I'm afraid not, darlin'," Matt informed her, using an over exaggerated accent causing his friend to giggle. "I'm afraid the one we know as Chantel used it all."

"Matt!" Eiris groaned. "Don't you know to keep extra?!"

"I do!" the elder Hardy countered. "I can't hide shit from that girl!"

"Matt, there are sometimes that I really hate your girlfriend," she muttered, a frustrated look crossing her features.

"Don't let her hear you say that," Matt chuckled. "Listen darlin', I have to go. I'll catch up with you later."

A little tone signifying that the other end hung up rang in Eiris' ear, and she had the sudden urge to throw her phone across the room.

"Eiris?" a voice rang throughout the room. "You in here?"

"Yes," she replied tonelessly.

John Morrison, dressed in jeans and a wife beater, stepped through the threshold. His eyes filled with wonder when he saw the distressed look in her eyes. "What's wrong?"

"My hair!"

He gave her a blank stare. "What about it?"

"What do you mean what about it? It's horrible!" Eiris groaned.

"I like it straight. Or maybe a side swept pony tail with some nice, loose curls."

Eiris looked at herself in the mirror. Why hadn't she thought of that?

"Well, my hair is being a bitch right now. It's not holding curls." Eiris explained, hoping to find a hole in his defense.

Morrison only smiled, "Let the Shaman of Sexy take care of you."

Twenty Minutes Later

"Wow," Eiris exclaimed, stunned. John gave her exactly what he said he would. A neat side-swept pony tail with ringlet curls. "This is great! Thanks, John!"

John laughed lightly and returned the embrace. "It's no problem."

"But," the woman pulled away slightly to look him in the eye. "How exactly do you know how to do hair?"

The taller man scoffed and flipped his hair back. "Puh-lease. Do you actually think I let those… those… hairdressers touch my hair? Get real, Riss."

Eiris laughed a little too loudly at the obnoxious look on her friend's face. "I can't say that I'm surprised."


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