Sitting on the floor of the observation deck, Tyr leaned against the wall in the dark room. His head jerked to view the door as Rommie entered, "Dylan?!" he asked urgently.

Rommie shook her head, "I...I don't know anything yet."

At another time, Tyr would have found it improbable and ridiculous to see an android on the verge of tears. Today he didn't think so. He watched as Rommie crossed the room and crouched in front of him.

Her voice was gentle when she spoke, "Beka's moved us to someplace "inconspicuous". Do you wish us to head back to Randamal?"

Surprise coursed through Tyr. "Isn't that a question you should be asking Beka?"

Rommie blinked in surprise and her voice was quieter than it had been. "You don't know what the code Dylan gave you means, do you?"

Shaking his head tiredly, Tyr answered, "No."

Meeting Tyr's eyes, Rommie explained, "The code Dylan gave you meant that Dylan was incapacitated or...dead." Here she faltered as she remembered the reaction she had had when Tyr had given that code. Marshalling her emotions, Rommie continued, "The code also meant he relinquished his control to the barer of the you, Tyr."

"Well, Beka can now reclaim her second in command role," Tyr's voice rang with exhaustion as he leaned his head back against the wall.

"No, Tyr, you don't understand. Dylan gave you HIS control, not the second in command's but the captain's control. I follow your orders, alone and unquestioningly."

Tyr's startled look settled on Rommie before his logic kicked in. Smiling sadly, he quipped, "I guess it was the only order Dylan could think to give under the circumstances."

Rommie quickly destroyed that misconception. "No, Tyr, it wasn't. In fact, there are twenty seven other orders he could have chosen that would have given you temporary and limited control of the ship. Dylan purposely relinquished his control to you."

Tyr opened his mouth to protest but instead he faltered to silence. Incredulously he posed to Rommie, "Why?"

A smile grew on Rommie's face. "I guess because Dylan trusts you, Tyr."

Tyr shook his head in happy disbelieve even as a wide smile lit up his face. "Dylan Hunt is one of a kind."

Rommie beamed with pride, "I know." A moment passed before she asked, "What are the acting captain's orders?"

Without regret Tyr answered, "The acting captain relinquishes all his control. Beka has command."

Surprise shown on Rommie's features.

At her expression, laughter broke from Tyr. "I'm going to go see Dylan." And he climbed to his feet and left the obs deck.

Tyr entered medical without preamble and Trance met his eyes from her stance beside Dylan's bed.

"I knew you wouldn't stay away long," she greeted.

Tyr said nothing as he looked down at Dylan's motionless form. With his heightened Nietzschean senses, he knew the coma still cocooned Dylan. He didn't pull his eyes away from Dylan's white face as he barely audibly questioned, "Will he live?"

Silence fell in the room and Tyr's eyes snapped up to Trance. She worriedly bit her bottom lip. Reaching out, Tyr grabbed her wrist and demanded "Will he live?"

Trance's youthful uncertainty shone through her voice. "I don't know, Tyr. The odds..."

Tyr ruthlessly cut her off. "Don't talk to me of odds. Tell me what you think!"

Her brown eyes held his a beat before she spoke, "I know what I want and what you want, Tyr. And I don't know if we will get that. We can do nothing more than wait and hope."

Numbly, Tyr released his hold on Trance and stalked for the door. Abruptly he halted at the threshold. He wanted to reclaim the captaincy and vaporize Randamal and Calain but in the same instance he couldn't bare to abandon Dylan to his fate. Turning around, Tyr pulled a chair beside Dylan's bed and claimed a seat.

Trance smiled, "I knew you'd stay."

Through the long night and frequent visitors there had been no change in Dylan's condition, either good or bad. Now having sent Trance to get some rest, Tyr alone sat with Dylan.

A human would have missed the movement. Tyr did not. Before the facial twitch had vanished from Dylan's pale features, Tyr leaned over the bed and quietly but urgently demanded, "Dylan?"

When no response was given, Tyr placed his hand on his friend's shoulder, "Dylan, it's Tyr." A wince flickered across Dylan's face in answer. Tyr's tone turned more insistent, "Dylan!"

A groan of pain escaped Dylan a moment before his eyes slowly opened. His first sight was of Tyr. He shifted on the bed but immediately gasped as agony sprang to life.

"Whoa, lie still, Dylan," Tyr ordered, his tone soft but firm, even as his hand kept Dylan immobile.

With his eyes tightly closed, Dylan croaked painfully with a voice raw from disuse, "Good advice." Dylan felt Tyr remove his hand and leave his side but in mere seconds he had returned.

"Here, take a sip," Tyr offered and waited patiently for Dylan's eyes to open and settle on him and the cup he held. Reading agreement in Hunt's eyes, Tyr slid his arm behind Dylan's shoulders, eased him slightly off the bed and helped him take a few sips of the water. Then with care, he positioned Dylan back unto the bed.

"If I were any weaker, I'd be dead," Dylan's complained, his voice still unable to reach above a whisper. He didn't see the flinch that crossed Tyr's face at his words.

Settling back into the chair he had occupied all night, Tyr watched Dylan come to terms with his agony, weakness and newfound consciousness. Then Dylan's eyes met his own, dulled with pain but alive and questioning.

"I'm assuming the bargain turned out better for you than Pranar," Dylan asked, a twinkle coming into his eyes.

A smirk pulled onto Tyr's serious look, "You could say that."

"Fina and the rebels?"

Now a wolf's smile emerged on Tyr's face, "I returned their "hospitality" to you.....ten fold." At Dylan's raised eyebrow, Tyr gladly expanded with exaggerated innocence, "Apparently, no one told them to hold on to something when a hangar bay door opens."

A tired yet satisfied smile pulled on to Dylan's face, "I'm glad you're on my side, Tyr."

At this, Tyr looked down to the floor. How many options had lay before him to abandon and betray Dylan? He had lost count. To say he hadn't been tempted would be an out right lie and, though he lied to others, he never lied to himself. No, the temptation had been great but he had not betrayed Dylan.

Meeting Dylan's look, Tyr countered, "TODAY I was on your side."

Tyr's cold response caused a chuckle to escape Dylan, "You picked one hell of a rough day to side with me." His eyes met Tyr's, almost calling him on his fa├žade of indifference.

Against his will, a smile pulled on Tyr's features but he did not answer the challenge Dylan's look posed. Instead he sat back in the chair and lazily watched Hunt, waiting for the questions that remained.

Dylan's eyes grew serious and world weary as he ventured, "Any news about Randamal?"

"Do you mean have the Calains taken over or are you asking if I had Andromeda turn it into an asteroid field?" Tyr pointedly asked.

With an intent look, Dylan answered, "Either."

"It's still there and I have no idea how the invasion's going." Here Tyr leaned toward Hunt with irk, "Actually, I hope the Calains decimate Randamal and the 'rebels' get what they wanted. They will see their error when they are begging in the streets for scraps of food, right along side their Randamal owners."

Sadness grew in Hunt's eyes and he swung his focus to the ceiling.

Tyr's voice was full of angry disbelief, "You feel sorry for those bastards, don't you?! Have you forgotten that they tried their damnedest to kill you?!"

Closing his eyes, Dylan sighed, "I haven't forgotten, Tyr. It's just..." here he faltered to silence.

Watching the emotions cross Dylan's face, Tyr knew the feelings that tore through his captain. His voice was quiet but firm when he broke the silence. "Dylan, your Commonwealth isn't the answer to all the universe's problems."

Dylan's anguished whisper echoed through the room "I know."

Tyr pointed to Dylan with frustration. "Don't you dare start moping around! You've already convinced twenty worlds to join this Commonwealth. It's a little too late to give up on the ideal!"

This garnished the anticipated response. Hunt's eyes shot to Tyr with anger, "I'm not giving up on the "ideal!" The Commonwealth will improve the lives of ..." He fell silent when he noticed Tyr's bemused look. Damn, he had fallen for Tyr's prodding, hook, line and sinker. A smile sprang to Dylan's face, "Oh, you're good Tyr. Very good."

"I try, my good Captain," Tyr replied with a matching smile. "Now, what are the captain's orders?"

"But..." Dylan began, meeting Tyr's questioning look. "The code..." he halted again, trying, unsuccessfully to read Tyr's expression. Surely Andromeda had already made Tyr aware of the power Dylan had bestowed on him.

Tyr raised an eyebrow, questioningly, even as he concealed his enjoyment at Hunt's predicament. It seemed Hunt had an easier time giving away his command than taking it back.

Clearing his throat, Dylan tried to instill strength in his weak voice, "I think we have a meeting on Mobias that requires our attendance."

"I'll go notify Beka," Tyr said as he stood.

But Dylan grabbed his arm and the two men's eyes met. "Thank you for saving my life, Tyr."

Tyr seemed uncomfortable with the thanks and briskly countered, pointing his finger at Dylan, "I won't make saving your life a habit!" Silence fell between the two men. "Have more care in choosing your allies, Hunt."

With that, Tyr pulled his arm from Dylan's grasp and stalked out of Medical.

But a smile was beaming on Dylan's face as he spoke softly in the now empty room. "Don't worry, Tyr. I may not always choose the best allies, but I'm pretty good at picking friends. And in the end, that's what matters the most."

The end.