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Chapter 1

Kim walked through the school on her way to chemistry class when she noticed a new student that stuck out from the whole hallway. The girl was dressed in all black, her hair was short and black, and she was pale in complexion. The girl seemed to be ignoring all of the stares and rumors being spread about her.

Kim felt kind of bad for the new girl. People in Middleton high could be cruel.

Kim didn't give it any more thought when she entered her class.

Kim sat through a boring lecture about natural compounds. She already knew all about natural compounds so she didn't really pay attention to the teacher. When the bell finally rang, Kim hurried to her locker.

Kim opened her locker and was greeted by two faces. One was Wade and the other was a mug shot of Shego. Kim glanced at the mug shot before turning to Wade.

"So, do you know anything about the new girl?" Kim asked as she pulled out her calculus book.

"I thought you might ask," Wade smiled and he put up the girl's picture in the corner of the screen. "Her name is Kira Gonvi. She transferred here from Go City. She is 17 like you. There's not much else. The only bad thing on the record is suspension for a fight. She told the teachers that the boy started the fight for no reason but they didn't believe her. Surveillance shows that she did not initiate the fight."

"Thanks, Wade,"

"Hey KP! What do you think of the freaky new girl?" Ron asked.

Rufus popped his head out of Ron's pocket and squeaked an agreeing, "Freaky."

"Ron," Kim said in disappointment," You should know better. Have you even met the girl?"

"Um…Well…no," Ron admitted.

"Then don't judge a book by its cover," Kim advised and closed her locker.

"But KP, have you seen the way she looks?" Ron asked.

"Boy, have you seen the way look?" Monique asked as she approached.

"Hey Mon." Kim greeted.

"Hey girl. So is Ron dissing the new girl?" Monique asked.

"Not dissing… I just said she was freaky," Ron corrected.

"That coming from a boy who eats a naco in one bite ad carries a mole rat in his pocket," Monique sighed.

"Naked mole rat," Ron corrected.

"Naked," Rufus agreed.


"What do you think of the new girl, Mo?" Kim asked.

"I think she has style. I haven't really talked to her but she seems nice," Monique answered. "She's in my government class."

"Style?" Ron asked, "How can she have style?"

"How can you when you buy all your clothes from Smarty Mart?' Monique retorted.

"Because the Ron man always has style," Ron grinned cockily.

"Yeah. Right." Monique sighed and rolled her eyes.

"By, Ron. Come on Mon." Kim headed in the direction of her calculus class.

Monique and Kim walked into their calculus class. Monique would admit that she was nowhere close to being as good as Kim, but she was at least passing the class. Kim was passing with straight A's in all her classes.

They walked in the class and saw the new girl had a seat between Kim and Bonnie. Kim felt even worse for the girl because Bonnie was most likely going to give her hell.

Kim sat down with Monique to her right. Monique gave the new girl a wave. The girl returned it with a nod.

"Hi, I'm Kim," Kim introduced herself, holding out a hand.

"Kira nice to meet you," She responded in a polite tone and shook Kim's hand. Kim smiled.

Bonnie walked into the room just before the bell. She looked on in disgust when she noticed the dark girl sitting next to her. She huffed and moved to her seat.

"Looks like the circus lost their freak show," Bonnie said in an uppity tone.

Kim glared at Bonnie. Kira just glanced at Bonnie before turning her attention elsewhere.

"What? Don't have anything to say vampire?" Bonnie hissed.

Kira turned her fiery, golden gaze on Bonnie, "Did you say something because all I'm hearing is barking?"

Monique laughed at the hidden meaning in what Kira said. Kira basically called Bonnie a bitch.

Bonnie didn't get it and decided to push her luck. "Why are you such a freak?'

Kira sighed and shook her head. She turned away from Bonnie. She focused her attention on the teacher.

Kim was surprised that Kira just blew her off like that. Kim knew she was going to learn something from Kira…because ignoring Bonnie wasn't easy.

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