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Chapter 20

Several minutes passed before Kira pulled up in front of the house again. Her face still pulled wide in a cheshire cat grin. Everyone could tell that the grin was starting to hurt her face but she couldn't stop.

"Who wants to take a ride in it?" Kira asked out passenger side window.

"ME!" They all shouted in unison.

Kira looked at them for a moment, trying to decide. The decision on how to resolve a possible conflict on who would get to ride came to mind rather quickly.

"Auntie gets to go first," The fire starter told straightforwardly. "The rest of you will play rock-paper-scissor to see who goes next. If it comes to physical blows, none of you will get a chance. Got it?" She received a collective nod in response from the boys. "Good."

Maria smiled proudly and climbed into the passenger seat. She buckled herself up. Once Kira was certain her aunt was fastened in, she put the pedal to the medal and shot down the street of the once quiet neighborhood.

Kim and Shego glanced at one another then at the boys. They stepped back out of the contest to earn next turn. They would have more than enough chances to get a ride in Kira's car seeing as they lived in the same city and saw each other on a daily basis. The couple took a seat on the steps to watch the boys argue over a 'friendly' game of rock-paper-scissors.

"I don't see why she didn't just have us go in order by age," Hego spoke up in a huff as he lost the first match.

"Be glad she's even letting you go for a ride," Shego scoffed from her seat, her arm wrapped around Kim's waist. "I doubt you big head could even fit in the car."

"Hey-" Hego began to protest when his face dropped. He lost the last match and to Mego of all people.

Mego smirked as he claimed victory. He would get to go next, then the twins, and lastly, Hego.

"Better luck next time, big bro," Wally chuckled.

Will snickered," Maybe you should practice playing rock-paper-scissors more. You used rock the whole time!"

"He uses rock all the time," Mego corrected, crossing his arms with a look of amusement on his face.

"'cause it's all he has in that thick skull of his," Shego snorted, only Kim heard her. Kim swatted her shoulder and playfully chided her, she wasn't going to argue the fact that Shego was right about the older man being thick in the skull.

The new camaro rolled in front of the house a few minutes later. It's engine low purring was a misconception to the actual beast under the hood. Kira's chesire grin had calmed to a smirk. Maria had a big smile on her face as she climbed out to let Mego take her place.

"How was it?" Kim asked as the older woman joined them on the steps.

"The most fun I have had in a car in years," Maria answered with a proud smile. She leaned back on the steps to make herself comfortable beside her daughter. "My little fire starter knows how to drive."

"So what you're telling me is that she was speeding?" Shego deadpanned, a mild glare for added affect.

Maria glanced at her before shrugging. "Only on the empty and straight streets." Maria replied. "Relax, Shay, Kira wouldn't do anything to herself or me."

Shego sighed as she rubbed her forehead. She knew she shouldn't worry but Kira could get reckless at times.

The Wegos took their turn after, separately after they had an argument over who sat in front. Hego, of course, was last. Kira was honestly surprised, and disappointed, that he could fit in the car. With the goody-goody as her passenger she made sure to obey street laws to avoid Hego's droning. And when they finally returned, both super powered adults exited the vehicle, Kira only getting out because her aunt asked her to.

The new adult ran up to her aunt and hugged once more with a big grin on her face.

"Doesn't your face hurt?" Maria asked, slightly concerned that the girl might strain a muscle in her face.

"Yes but I can't help it," Kira answered, barely restraining herself from twirling the older woman around.

Maria laughed as she wiggled out of Kira's hold. Once free, she reached into her back pocket and pulled out an envelope with the fire starter's name scrawled across it. Maria placed it in the teen's hand and made sure she had a good grasp on it. Kira quirked an eyebrow in question.

"From your uncle. He said it should cover the interior and stereo system you plan to put in," Maria answered with a knowing smile. Her husband and her niece were both grease monkeys at heart and both knew what the other liked in cars. She continued, " He wished he could have made come with but he couldn't leave the office after Aviarius's incident. His desk is flooded with paperwork."

Kira smiled softly, touched by the gesture. "It's ok. When I finish her up, I'll come to visit." Kira told before giving her aunt a one armed hug. "Give uncle Rick a hug for me."

"Of course sweetie. And we'd love for you to come visit fire starter. You know you're always welcome," Maria reassured her niece before ruffling her ebony locks after the teen released her. "But for now, we better get going so we can get home to make dinner."

Kira chuckled and ran her fingers through her hair to fix it.

The Wegos dog piled Kira with a massive amount of clones before returning to just the two of them. Kira huffed and she wrestled the two so she had one under each arm. They struggled against her hold while trying to stop laughing. Kira smiled as she released them when they were tugging hard against her. The two landed on their butts with a collective 'umf'. The two picked themselves off the ground and gave their cousin a proper hug.

"The next time I visit, I'll tweak your mopeds," Kira promised, giving them a squeeze.

"Really?" They received a nod from the fire wielder. "SWEET!" They cheered with a high five.

Mego was next. He gave her a good squeeze before he let Hego have his turn. Kira struggled against Hego's hold as he squeezed her a bit too tight. She resorted to hitting his arm to get him to release her. He noticed his mistake and sheepishly let her go.

"And you two," Kira addressed the older boys. " I'll be doing maintenance on your cars too. You're probably running the poor things into the ground." Kira teased.

Mego smiled, " Can't wait." Hego merely nodded consent.

They all bid a final farewell and left. Kira and Shego watched them until they were out of sight. When they could no longer be seen, Shego felt a relieved. Her family coming to visit always stressed her out.

Kira's face returned to a grin as she looked at her car again. "Kim's turn!" She shouted and sprinted for the car once more.

"How about the both of us?" Shego called after her.

"One of you will have to sit in back then..."Kira answered with a shrug. She slid into the driver's seat without another word.

"Maybe," Shego smirked as she pulled Kim to the car.

Kira watched as Shego slid in and motioned for the red head to come sit in her lap. After a few protest, Shego pulled Kim into the car and into her lap. Kim's face turned bright red as the green toned woman wiggled beneath her to get comfortable. Kira shook her head and took off down the street.

Every once in a while, Kira glanced over at the couple in her passenger seat. She was catching strange movements out of the corner of her eye. She found Shego smirking deviously and Kim blushing even a deeper shade of red. Shego was running her hands up and down Kim's legs and the red head was biting her lip to stay quiet. Kira smirked to herself. But after Kim let out a strangled noise, Kira decided to speak up.

"You keep that up, I'll kick you out here and you'll be walking home, Shay," Kira warned with a chuckle.

Shego ignored Kira, figuring the younger woman was joking.

"I'm serious, Shay." Kira spoke with a firm tone. "Enjoy the ride then you can enjoy Kimmie at home."

A mischievous grin took the Shego's face and Kim's blush seemed to only worsen. Kim couldn't believe that Kira would say something like that, like she didn't care what they did in her hours. Which Kira really didn't, though Kim didn't know that Kira's views on the subject of sex were lax at best. Kim would probably faint from the mass of blood flow to her face if she got into the subject with the older teen.

Kira took a moment to park her car in the garage and lock up before entering the house after the couple. When she walked passed Shego's room, she heard giggling from inside. A evil smirk spread across her face as she stopped right outside the door.

"Shay remember, Kim has school tomorrow!" The raven haired teen shouted through the door.

Kira heard Shego groan on the other side followed by a nervous giggle from Kim. Feeling satisfied by cockblocking her cousin, she retreated to the kitchen.

The teen poked her head into the fridge to retrieve her meal she had stowed away earlier. She stuck in the microwave to heat it. She learned her lesson using her powers to heat up a burrito once, it exploded after burning a bit. Receiving burns from hot refried beans was a bit embarrassing.

She took her food to the table and pulled her Black Dragon from her pocket. She used the internet feature on the device to start ordering parts for her car. She called Wade for assistance when she was having a hard time finding something she was looking for. She gave him a list and let the little man do his thing. He got the info she needed faster than she expected too. This began a conversation over possible upgrades and devices for her car that weren't on the list.

Kim looked at Shego, who had flopped down beside her when Kira burst her bubble. She smiled and caressed Shego's cheek, silently letting her know it was ok. Shego look Kim in the eye and moved into her touch. Kim brought her lips to Shego's for a soft kiss.

"It might be better if we wait," Kim whispered.

Shego sighed, "It's probably for the best. I can wait a bit longer."

Kim smiled and gave the woman another kiss. "Thank you."

"No problem, princess," Shego smiled gingerly.

The two exited Shego's room to find Kira sitting at the table deep in a conversation with Wade. Neither were quite sure what was being said, to them it was a bunch of techno babble. Shego knew that Kira was using Nerdlinger to help order parts for her car so she didn't much care for listening.

Shego turned her attention to the red head beside her. "Did you have homework to finish?"

Kim laughed nervously. "Um..."

Shego gave the teen hero a stern look. "You need to get it done, pumpkin."

"But I want to hang out with you a bit longer," Kim pouted, not pulling out full power because she knew Shego was right.

"I would like you to too but I don't want you to stay up late doing homework," Shego reasoned, crossing her arms. "You know you can come over anytime, it's not like I'm restricting you."

Kim sighed, "I know."

"Come over here and I'll give you a kiss goodbye. You need to get home before your dad sends me into a black hole," Shego chuckled.

Kim willingly approached the woman. Shego pulled the red head flush against her with a smirk. She leaned down and pressed her lips eagerly to Kim's. Kim melted into Shego as Shego slid her tongue across her lips. Kim gasped, giving Shego the opening she was looking for to deepen the kiss further.

Kira glanced over her shoulder when she heard a gasp. She quirked an eyebrow at finding Shego and Kim eating face behind her. She turned back to Wade with the same indifference.

"What's that noise?" Wade asked, his brows furrowed as he strained to hear.

Kira lift the device over her shoulder. She heard a crash come from the device's speakers. She looked at the screen to find Wade struggling to climb back into his chair, his nose bloody.

Kira smirked at him. "Pretty hot, huh?" She laughed as Wade blushed. "You'll have to pay for the next show," Kira teased.

Wade coughed," So um...What color scheme were you going for?" The kid diverted the conversation to avoid further embarrassment.

Kira let him change the conversation. She wanted to get her orders finished. "Blue, black, and a little silver," She answered.

"Any idea on what you're putting on the license plate?" Wade asked, "I'm guess you'll be like Shego and go for a personalized one."

"Yep," She nodded." Just have to fill out the forms and crap."

"We can take care of that right now," Wade smirked as he cracked his fingers.


"Yea, just need the model type, serial number, color..." He replied as he started typing furiously. "All the other stuff I have...filled out."

"Sweet," Kira grinned and shot from her feet to head for the garage. She shot past the two still lip locking.

Shego pulled away from Kim when she felt a rush of air. She glanced out the front window to see her cousin yanking open the side door to the garage. She shrugged, turning back to the red head. She smirked with pride as she found the teen hero in a complete daze.

"Enjoy yourself, pumpkin?" Shego teased. Kim vigorously nodded her head in response. "Good," she chuckled. "But it's time for you to head home."

Kim pouted once more.

Shego pecked her on the lips until the pout was gone. "Go. You can follow firebug home tomorrow."

Kim smiled, admitting defeat. "Fine. I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Of course."

Kim gave the taller woman a short kiss before finally leaving. She poked her head into the garage to bid Kira farewell, which was returned by muffled 'see ya' since Kira's head was inside the car. Kim shook her head in amusement as she went to her own car and went home.

Kim entered her house and was greeted by Ron. Her mother had heard her come in and entered the living room to check.

"Where have you been, Kimmie?" Ann asked.

"Shego's," She answered, sliding into the couch with a smile on her face.

"Wait...Shego? Isn't she you archenemy?" The older red head asked, her brows furrowed with concern.

"Not anymore, Mom," Kim explained, grabbing a piece of the pizza left on the coffee table. "Her record was wiped clean."

"Shego can be pretty cool. Who would've thought Kira was related to her." Ron threw in his two cents with a mouth full of pizza.

"Kira? Isn't that one of your new friends?" The doctor Possible asked, leaning on the back of the couch.

"Yea. She's cool though. You'd like her," Ron answered. Kim nodded in agreement.

"Invite them over dinner something," Ann suggested with a smile. "I'd like to meet your new friend."

"I'll ask them," Kim replied as she went for another slice.

"Alright. Well your father is on the way home, so save some pizza for him will you," Ann advised before leaving the room. She heard sounds of acknowledgement from them, so it was good enough.

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