"This is Frank" the man says into the phone, as he continues typing into his computer while sitting at his office in Stamford, CT.

"Frank, It's me….Kevin….Kevin Winscotte from College"

"Kevin, you old douchebag! We haven't talked in months, what's up?" Frank says now leaning back in his desk chair, propping his feet up on his cluttered desk.

"Not much man…not much…the wife has me on a short leash these days." Kevin says, laughing a little.

"Well, if your still the same guy from college, the shorter the leash, the better your marriage will be" Frank responds, laughing harder.

"Well, don't tell my wife that…Anyways, the reason I called…I need you to drag your sorry ass down here to Vegas sometime…I got the next superstar for you."

Frank sits up at his desk, and clears his throat " I don't know Kev, everyone thinks they have the next superstar in their sites…I can't just jump on a plane, no matter if we're buds or not."

"Frankiiiiieeee…come on…This is Kevin…Trust me, it will be worth your time…Have I ever given you any reason not to trust your ol pal Kevin?" Kevin said convincingly

"Last time I trusted you, we ended up in a jail cell wearing your mother's dress…remember?" Frank responded

"Ancient memories pal…plus you looked good in that blue dress…Come on…You have to trust me…I'm talking Superstar, bigger tha…" Frank interrupted knowing Kevin would continue until he gave in… "Alright, alright…it looks like we have some shows out there next month…I'll talk to Vince." Kevin smiled as he replied "Perfect! You won't be sorry Frankie." Frank spent the next hour getting information from Kevin about this "new, big superstar" he was promised.

The next day…

The doors opened to a huge, spacious office as Frank walked in.

"Frank, good to see you" Vince McMahon said as he shook Frank's hand and they both seated. He continued "So, what brings you to my part of the tower?"

"Now I know we get requests all the time about up and coming wrestlers, but a personal friend of mine is claiming to have the next superstar. He wants us to see her as soon as possible" Frank continued. "Her?" Vince responded, kind of surprised.

"I thought the same thing, but apparently this girl would be the next huge Diva, in his words of course" Frank said, trying to gauge Vince's reaction.

Vince leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. "We can't go chasing after every "Next big star", you know that…We'd be bankrupt if we did that Frank"

"I know"

"And you know, we have a whole system to bring new wrestlers to the WWE, that seems to be working just fine" Vince continued

"I know"

Vince took a deep breath before continuing, "But, you've worked here a long time Frank"

Frank looked up "Yes I have"

" And your not only one of my most trusted employees but you're my friend, and I know you wouldn't of come to me if it wasn't something you believed in" Vince continued

Frank interrupted "Look Vince, I've known the guy since college. He's been a wrestling trainer for a while and he's never called me before like this. He really believes in this girl, he says she's got more heart than any wrestler we have today. He says she's a prodigy and when it comes down to it, I trust him Vince, plain and simple"

Vince leaned back once again in his chair, looking like he was contemplating the decision. " Alright Frank, check the girl out…we can't have a prodigy walking around without the WWE label on her" Vince said with a smile. Frank smiled, thanked Vince, then went to set up his trip.

A month later…

Frank walked around backstage at the arena, laughing with the wrestlers and catching up with old crew members. He used to be a member of the production team, before he transferred to talent development. It felt good, being around the production again, just like old times. The show wasn't till tomorrow night, but backstage was still buzzing. Frank walked into catering and saw Triple H and Shawn Michaels sitting at a table talking. Frank walked up and grabbed a seat next to Triple H.

"Frank? What are you doing here?" Triple H asked as he shook the man's hand.

"Yeah, Vegas is pretty far from your office in Stamford" Shawn added in

"I'm gonna go check out some new talent." Frank responded, sipping on a bottle of water he had got himself. " A buddy of mine is a wrestling trainer around here, he says he's got the next big diva" Frank continued.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels both started laughing

"The next big diva huh?" Shawn said, still laughing a little

"Apparently" Frank said " I told Vince all I knew about the girl and he gave me permission to check her out, and you know how he doesn't like looking outside of the Indy leagues, especially OVW" Frank glanced at his watch "Speaking of which, I gotta go" Frank stood and began heading down the hallway to the parking lot. Halfway, to the lot "Frank, wait up!". Frank stopped and turned to see Triple H jogging to catch up with him. "Paul, I really gotta get going" Frank said trying to hurry the man up. "I know, I'm coming with" Triple H said after catching up with Frank. Frank looked at him quizzically then Paul continued "I wanna see this new, big, superstar, plus it's the only place in town I'll be able to watch scantily clad women without paying an arm and leg" Frank smiled and walked Paul out to his car.

Paul and Frank pulled into a parking lot, of a local high school gymnasium. After getting out of the car, they could hear the cheering from inside the gym. Kevin was standing outside the door, and made his way towards the car. "Frankie boy??, is that you?" He called across the parking lot. Paul watched as the two older men hugged and shared a laugh together. Frank started "Kevin, this is…" pointing to the large man next to him. Kevin interrupted "Triple H" he finished as he extended his hand. Paul took the man's hand "Actually, out of the ring, it's Paul". Kevin smiled "Alright, ya'll didn't come to see me, so let's go" as he led the two men into the gymnasium. Kevin took the two men to the announcer's room up above the gymnasium floor. There was a huge glass window, that looked down over a typical high school gymnasium, that now had a wrestling ring in the middle and bleachers full of fans cheering. Paul looked out the window, all of this was taking him back to his indie days, as he grabbed a seat in front of the window.

"Make yourselves at home fellas." Kevin exclaimed. "Her match is the last match of the night, so we have some time" he continued as he grabbed himself a chair and pulled out his phone to check his messages. Frank grabbed a chair, and pulled it up to the window, watching the match below. "So what's going on Kevin?" Frank asked as he looked at the match happening down below. "Well this is the NWL, otherwise the Nevada Wrestling League. Not the best independent league out there, but it entertains the fans enough" Kevin sighed putting his phone back in his pocket "Honestly, it's probably one of the worst independent leagues, not a lot of real talent and dedication, but my girl…wait 'til you see her" he said smiling from ear to ear. Paul turned to face Kevin "So what's her story?" Paul asked curiously. Kevin smiled "She truly is a prodigy. She moved out to Vegas about a year ago, she was training with a friend of mine, he does personal training and kickboxing. He called me one night and was telling me that after only 3 months of training her, he couldn't train her anymore." "Why not? Girl got an attitude or something?" Paul asked. Kevin laughed out loud " Not even close. The girl had picked up every move my friend had and had mastered them all. He had nothing else to teach her." Kevin replied to the shocked faces of Frank and Paul, as he continued " This girl was meant for this industry, I'm not sure how, but its like she sees a move once and BAM! She can repeat the exact same move perfectly, or with very little practice. Her mind just comprehends the ring so clearly, it's actually pretty amazing. I trained her completely in wrestling, after that call. She was in the ring after only 4 months of training, but in the ring, you'd think she's been doing it for years." Frank spoke up "Anything else about her?" Kevin continued "Well, she works out every day, and is in the ring for hours a day practicing moves that she clearly has down. She's got an unique look to her also". Both Paul and Frank turned to Kevin on that remark. Kevin continued "Don't worry, she's cute and all, but she has a unique look, she's tall but is also built. You'll see when she comes out." Just as the words left Kevin's mouth, music filled the room. "That's my girl right there." Kevin said happily, as he got out of the chair and walked to the window and leaned against it, as Paul and Frank scooted their seats closer to the window.

The rock music filled the arena, as the announcer said "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Prodigea!" The fans rushed the ramp. A 5'10 woman appeared from behind the curtain, and made her way down the make shift ramp. She was built, and walked with a confident strut, but didn't come off as arrogant at all. She had long brown hair, and piercing dark blue eyes. A smile appeared on the woman's face, and it practically lit up the whole arena. The woman walked down the ramp, smiling and shaking hands with every fan who wanted one. She found a little girl in the crowd, who was sitting on her father's shoulders. Prodigea, reached for the little girl and gave her a high five, and placed her sunglasses on top the little girl's head, as the girl squealed with delight. Prodigea climbed into the ring and posed on the turnbuckles and the fans went crazy.

Paul's throat went dry, and he could feel the butterflies in his stomach, once he laid his eyes on her from far above. He couldn't believe how attracted he was to this girl, and he hadn't even met her yet. His mind raced, 'has it been this long I've been without a woman?' His last relationship, had ended badly over 3 months ago. But these feelings didn't feel like just lust, it was something more. He wasn't sure what it was, but he knew he liked it.

As Paul stayed quiet, Frank spoke up "Well, the fans definitely love her. That's the biggest reaction I've seen out of them yet" Admiring the crowd, Kevin spoke up "Yeah, and she hasn't even wrestled yet".

The match went quickly, the fans screaming at the top of their lungs. Finally, Prodigea got the submission and her opponent gave up. The fans erupted, as Prodigea's hand was lifted as the winner. Even Paul and Frank were both on their feet, cheering just as loud as the other fans.

They waited for the fans to leave, before going down and congratulating Prodigea. "So what do you think? Worth the trip?" Kevin asked with a cat who ate the canary smile, as they walked down the empty corridor leading to the gym floor. "She was amazing! Those moves! Considering she's only trained for 4 months, she has the ring ability as some of the legends. I definitely think Vince is interested" Frank exclaimed. Kevin smiled, as he patted Frank on the back, "What about you Trips?" Paul looked over to Kevin and smiled "Simply Amazing". Kevin led the two men down to the floor of the gymnasium, then down another set of stairs to what looked to be a high school locker room. Kevin knocked on the door once, when they heard a "Come in!" from the inside.