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Red X's POV

I looked at the prized jewel, it was a large diamond in the shape of an eagle and encrusted with opals, sapphires and rubies.

I figured this'll give me quite a large amount of money, depending on the highest bidder.

Slowly, I slinked away from the shadows and jumped, landing beside the pedestal. I scanned the surroundings and finding the places of the lasers, managed to replace the diamond with a lump of red matter created from xynothium. Ahhhhh, of course, you're asking how I got the power to use xynothium again. Well, I didn't take the belt from bird-boy, I made a new one, then I stole a piece of new tech: a xynothium reactor. A piece of metal the size of a baseball that generates an unlimited amount of energy. The wonders of science. I stopped what I was doing as I remembered how I stole it.


I looked at the continuously moving lasers and cameras. They practically covered every inch of the corridor(1) and moved so fast, you needed to be an acrobat/trapeze artist/runner to even have a chance of getting past them. Even more, the way they moved seemed random, making it impossible for most thieves to plan how to get past them...keyword: SEEMED.

The thing about these things was that they weren't random, they just had really long and complex routines. I could just stop time and take it but what's the point in that. After all it's the reason I became the Red X in the first place: to face challenges that'll take my mind off things.

The cameras and lasers moved to a certain position and I immediately sprang into action, flipping, jumping, and twisting my way to the vault. Once there, I wasted no time and planted the EMP pack. It sent a wave of energy into the vault and the door sprang open. I reached into it and pulled out the reactor. It was an in intricate thing. So many wires and chips that were almost nanosized. Well, that's what to expect from the world's newest tech.

Smirking under ,my mask, I put it in the belt and instantly, I felt it bringing back the suit's powers. I turned around and walked to the door when –BOOM- it exploded in my face, sending me sprawling.

I frowned when I heard that lameass battle cry again. "TITANS GO!"

They surrounded me, ah of course the usual. It was strange to think that I could so easily destroy them with a flick of my finger. But I became the Red X for a reason, so using my powers would cloud the reason I took up the mantle in the first place. "You know. It's really boring when you say that. How about 'titans get him' or 'titans attack'? I mean don't you have anything else to say?" Seeing that they weren't gonna talk, I decided to make the first move. "None? Okay, my turn." I flipped backwards and threw X's all over, wrecking a few support beams and hitting the grass stain aka Beast Boy, although the others were saved by Raven, the goth chick by setting up a barrier. Sensing this as an opportunity, I ran to the door, intent on escaping.

"Titans! He's getting away!" Bird-boy aka Robin shouted, the titans followed suit, with grass stain complaining about getting hit.

I rounded a corridor, only to bump into another one of Raven's barriers. "Give up X, we've got you surrounded."

"That happened about uhhh… 7 times already and the result? I walked away with you guys beaten, so why don't you guys just leave me alone and I promise not to beat you too badly."

"As if… Titans GO!" Bird-boy shouted the battle cry again, for crying out loud doesn't he have anything else to say? I dodged a blast from tin man aka Cyborg's sonic cannon then I performed a couple of twists to dodge the dolt aka Starfire's starbolts, then I had to throw another one of my sticky X's to trap grass stain, earning a remark from him. "My hair! Aw man! Not again!"

"Yeah. I always did hate your hair." I dodged a bunch of crates that Raven threw at me. "Nice try sweet cheeks but you need better aim…… or something better to throw." She shuddered at my last remark. "Alright boys and girls, that was fun, but unfortunately I'm out of time so see you guys later!" I yelled out cockily, and just before I pressed the teleportation button on my suit, Bird-boy just had to get a lucky shot and hit me. This was followed by a crash from a rhino's horn, a punch from tin man, a barrage of starbolts, and a painful dark blast.

"I'll say it again, give up X."

"Yes, would it not seem better if you would just give up?"

"Dude, my hair."

I glared at them from behind my mask. "No frickin' way." I stated with finality before jumping upwards and throwing 9 sticky X's at grass stain burying him in a large mass of green goo, I teleported while in the air to behind tin man. Realizing my chance, I threw 5 electrifying X's at him short-circuiting him, after that I ran towards the dolt and attacked her with a flurry of punches and kicks, after a few moments of this beating, I jumped and kicked her hard with both feet, sending her crashing to the wall. Normally I wouldn't be able to do that, but I was too consumed by my anger to notice that I was slowly losing my cool, and that the fingers of my gloves were already torn with claws poking out of it……

"Starfire!" Bird-boy shouted. HA! As if I care. He looked at me, angry at what I had done. "You'll pay for that."

"Try me." He rushed me, but before he even got near me, I was suddenly in front of him and my fist was where his head had once been, and he…… was lying facedown on the ground 14 meters away from me, with skid marks marking the distance.

"PATHETIC. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO MY LEVEL OF POWER ." I spoke with a new, more guttural voice, making me sound as if two people were speaking -although it didn't sound like it because of the voice changer, it only sounded more menacing-, I was very near to losing control.

A crate hit me on the side of my head eliciting a soft growl of pain from me. I turned around only to get buried by more objects, from pieces of glass to furniture and chairs, and yes, crates.

"WHAT IS IT WITH ME AND CRATES TODAY?" I slowly got up from the rubble to get hit by a dark blast from Raven, I used my arms to block it, and was slowly inching my way towards her… In the last instant, I pressed the button on my belt and teleported to her side. I kicked, but she managed to set up a force field.

"Hmm, I wonder what would happen if your shield takes on too much pressure…" I smiled wickedly behind my mask. "…let's see you BREAK!" I started pounding the shield with exploding X's and the like, putting her in extreme pressure… finally, it broke, and Raven fell down on one knee, gasping for air…

"Painful isn't it? ... unfortunately, the feeling isn't mutual!" I kneed her in the gut, a Nin kick to the side of her head, and an uppercut. I dragged her from the floor and propped her up on the wall.

Raven's POV

He looked at me hungrily, that much I can tell even with the mask. I whimpered from my position, my mother's story of how she was raped going through my head. And his emotions were hitting me hard, showing everything that was going through his head.

Slowly his hands slid to my neck, and he began ripping off my clothes. I started crying, I couldn't help it, I didn't want to end up like my mother and the trauma was getting to me. Fortunately this seemed to get to him, as he had immediately reeled back and was staring at his hands in pure shock. I was still on the floor in a fetal position, unaware that he had taken off his mask, looking up only after hearing him say: "What is happening to me?" In a voice that sounded human, and pure in a way that it was innocent. It wasn't what she had thought X sounded like. But when she had finally looked up, he was gone. Leaving a skull face mask as the only hint he had ever been there.

Red X's POV

I continued running away from the place, no longer caring if I got caught without my mask on, I was too busy thinking of myself in disgust. I had almost…… raped her… I shuddered at the thought.

I was a thief not a rapist or a killer. It almost broke my heart to see her cry like that… gods, I need some help.

Once I had gotten back to my home, I immediately went into meditation, trying to forget everything and calm down.

End Flashback

Gods, what was happening to me? I've been hit harder than that and I didn't even flinch. Much worse was that urge to rip off her clothes and-……

DAMN IT! I need to concentrate on the job.

I put the diamond in one of the pockets in my cargo belt, unfortunately, when I turned around, I noticed that ALL of the cameras were facing me. Damn, I had spaced out too long. Well, only one thing to do.

I struck the cameras with exploding X's, and I waited patiently for the titans…


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