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Gabriel: Note: Red X's POV will from now on be replaced by Jonathan's POV. If you see Red X's POV then that means it's the Red X personality talking.

Chapter time.


Jonathan's POV

I continued running. I don't know how far I've ran since my stamina is near endless. Anyway I need to have a talk with THEM.

I stopped running, I need to get back. I lifted my hand, as if reaching out to heaven, and summoned the powers of shadow. I watched as the darkness in the corners seemed to move and come to me. Enveloping me in a blanket of darkness. An instant later, I was back in my home, I glanced at the almost completely undecorated room as I walked towards a mirror. It looked almost like Raven's mirror, the key word being almost. The glass looked the same, although it was slightly a few shades darker. The major difference was the silver frame. It was made to be able to stand up on its own on a flat surface, and on its top were three figures: on the right was a devil, on the left an archangel. And in the middle was a cross between the two of them: its right was clawed and scaled while its left was completely unscathed. Its right wing was bat like and had a spike on one point. While its left was the typical white angel's wing.

My fingers unconsciously brushed the mirror, but it didn't suck me in. I had too much control, over it for that to happen. I stripped of the Red X costume, showing my acrobatically toned physic, pale skin, and neck length brown hair complete with purple eyes. There was a set of silver colored scars on my back, just below my shoulders. It was the place where my wings would sprout from when I call on it. I put on some civilian clothes. As much as taking a shower helped calm me down, problems like this to be taken care of as soon as possible. I touched the surface, and I was sucked in.

I entered a room with two doors. Without hesitation, I chose the one on the left, and stepped in……

I landed on the ground with a soft 'thump'. I glanced around, spotting them talking beneath a silver arch, time to get this over with…

"DEVIL!" I shouted.

He turned around to face me, along with the others. "Yes?" He asked. Wordlessly, I stomped towards him and punched him painfully on the face.

"What did you do that for?!" I shouted at him.

"Ever heard of the phrase 'hormones and feelings together are unstoppable'?" He asked while rubbing his cheek.

"No. Because you just made that up." I stated with a soft growl.

"Even if I did make it up, it's true in this situation."

"He isn't lying Jonathan." I stared at Angel in shock. "What?" I murmured.

"I thought you only did that because she was the only hellish being available?" I asked again.

"No." Hybrid shook his head slowly. "You do not understand, don't you Jonathan? You had just found the perfect mate, but you're too holed up to notice."

"What do you mean?"

Angel nodded to Hybrid and Devil. Angel spoke first. "Ever since we saw her, we knew we had found our mate." Next came Devil. "But you were too focused on being antisocial that you didn't notice the hints we were giving you." Hybrid came last. "Seeing it was hopeless, we had to force you to it."

"So all this time, you guys were just setting me up? What about X?"

"Yeah, we were. And X was in with the plot." Devil answered with a smirk.

"But what am I supposed to do? I can't create another X. I don't want to lose control again."

Hybrid stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Being Red X is only a temporary respite. But if you become one with Raven, then everything will fall into place. Losing control will be near impossible and you will have someone that will make your life meaningful."

"What, makes her so special?" I asked.

Hybrid gave off a soft smile. "Both of you were shunned by both sides of your race. You more than her since you posed more of a threat. But the fact remains, you both suffered pretty much the same way. And from how you really act, I'm sure she'll take a liking to you."

"But how am I supposed to be with her? I'm Red X, and I've tried to rape her twice already?" I asked.

"Actually, I tried to rape her twice already. You were against it." Devil corrected.

"That's beside the point! She'll know it's me the moment I come ten feet near her!"

Hybrid sighed. Then, his face turned more serious than I've ever seen before. "Jonathan V. Thorn. Son of Archangel Raphael Thorn and Devil Highlord Safiria Valence. Red X was a mere personality you created. With his influence gone, you'll start acting like you used to. Which is in a way the complete opposite of Red X."He took in a deep breath. "AND IF YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING TO CHARM HER BY THE END OF THE WEEK, I'LL RIP YOUR MENTAL FORM LIMB FROM LIMB!" He shouted. Scaring me near half to death, heck even the others were backing away.

Hybrid composed himself. "Do you get my point, Jonathan?"

I sighed. "I do, but I have my doubts."

Angel spoke up. "Don't have any. We're sending you out. You'll have to think of your own plan to court her." He said before snapping his fingers…

I felt my body being sucked up. I didn't say anything as I was thrown back into my room.

"Well, that was pretty useless." I said to no one in particular. Now was the time for a shower.

I took off my clothes and stepped on the cold tiles. I turned on the hot shower and stood still as the warm water fell down on me. I stood there for an hour or so, letting the warm water wash away my doubts and fears. I turned it off and stepped out, admiring my form for a while before putting my clothes back on.

I crashed onto my bed in deep thought. They were right, I was attracted to Raven… unlike most people, I notice her beauty even though she tries to hide it. Back then, I thought it was just hormones, but if all three of them are attracted to her, then so am I.

Okay, so I accept that I am attracted her. The problem is, how do I court her? I can't go as a villain. She'll try to grind me to dust. Not as a civilian. They'll say: you'll just be put in danger because of my lifestyle. That leaves as a hero. I sighed. I lied to Robin when I said I don't like playing the hero. In fact, I've always wanted to be the hero, but it ended badly when I tried that in heaven. I'll give it one last chance. If it works, then I'll stay a hero. If not, well… you get the point.

I stood up and walked to an antique side table. On it was a picture of 5 people. My family.

My older angelic half-brother on my father's side, Hadriel, was on my right. A small smirk plastered on his face. He was decidedly handsome, as most of my family is. On my left was Sally, short for Sallaverdon. She was my younger devilkin half-sister on my mother's side, she was looking evilly at the scope, a mischievous grin on her face. Behind them were my parents. Archangel Raphael and Devil Highlord Safiria. All of them were pure-breeds… except me, I was on the middle, my head held high although one could clearly see the sadness in my eyes.

I flowed my hand in a sequence on the blank wall, a few moments later, it broke apart to reveal the clothes and weaponry supplied to me by both heaven and hell specifically for my purpose.

The armor doesn't look like armor at first sight, but once you see it in action, you'll notice it's even better than any suit of armor you've ever seen. I'll start from the ground up.

The boots were a bit like road biker boots, without the spikes, and it was colored silver… actually, it really is silver, the silver only heaven could supply, and there were black and gold markings on it. There was pair of black pants that had silver shin guards with red and blue markings on it, the markings had been made by liquid ruby and sapphire. There was a long white trench coat with more black and gold markings. The shirt was long sleeved, reaching to just before the start of the hands, and was colored red on the right and blue on the left. A thin line of silver separated the colors in the middle, and splashed across the back was a purple phoenix. There was a left gauntlet that stopped just after the elbows made completely out of liquid crystal, jewels, diamonds, and other precious stones held together by the energy of heaven itself. For my right hand was a black fingerless leather glove with a soul gem above and below its palm. The ensemble was completed by his two belts. One was a cargo belt that contained many items from heaven, hell, and the void for my use. And the second belt was the one that carried my three swords and their sheaths. Azurewrath, the sword of the heavens was created from a fraction of God's own power. Shadowbane, the sword of hell, formed from a billion tormented souls and a large fraction of the Devil Highlords' power. And Silvermaine, my favorite of the three, it was forged from the raw energy of the void by Heaven and Hell's best sword smiths, blessed by God and empowered by Satan and the devil Highlords, it was undoubtly the strongest. Unfortunately, I have yet to harness its power. Nevertheless, I strapped it in to my costume.

I took off my civilian clothes, leaving only my boxers as I wore and pieced together my ensemble for the first time in a long, long time. I studied myself on my full-body mirror. It still fit perfectly, and I could morph it to my angel, human, and devil form respectively. Well, they did say it grows just as I grow. Now for the last piece. I took from the head of the mannequin a face mask that only left the mouth and nose and eyes visible. It was divided into three equal parts: The right was black and the left was white, while the middle was silver. It had a small golden rune where the forehead would be. This too I can morph to the situation, such as turning it into a full face mask when I'm about to swim.

I put it on, and I once again felt the surge of energy it provided me. The Red X suit was nothing compared to this arsenal created by the combined might of heaven and hell. I took in a deep breath… Red X was gone. He had been replaced by the superhero long thought forgotten. I stepped out into the night from my balcony…

Tri-edge is back.


Cross: Well, I'm gonna explain a few things that were left out and set the info clearer. 'ahem'

Red X is Jonathan V. Thorn. He is the son of Archangel Raphael and Safiria. Also, the Thorn and Valence surnames are his parents' surnames when they went to earth. Tri-edge is his old name. Remember him mentioning that he had once tried being the hero? Well that's it. So the answer is clear right?

Gabriel: Also, in this fic, Satan isn't the strongest force in hell. He's just a high ranking DEVIL, the strongest ones are the Devil Highlords whose leader is the father of Jonathan's mother. In essence, Jonathan is the offspring of Heaven and Hell's second-in-commands. Cool huh? The void is a transdimensional power source that can only be tapped into by the combined powers of polar opposites such as: Heavenly and Hellish energy, Light and Darkness, Demonic and Angelic energy. If you're asking for his family's looks, then don't worry, I'll make them meet the titans soon enough. Also, none of his family is evil, mischievous yes, but not evil. Also his swords are formed differently. Azurewrath looks like a white double edged broadsword. Shadowbane is a katana with an extra long handle that is always burning in shadow-fire. Silvermaine can switch between double-edged sword, katana, and a thin buster sword. And it can channel different sorts of energy for different occasions. I said that the armor doesn't seem like armor because it's made mostly of cloth. But I'm sure you know that cloth used by angels and devils are certainly not a pushover. About the personas: Angel, Devil and Hybrid. They're beings with a mind of their own. But not a body. So they have to do what Jonathan tells them, most of the time. If you're asking why Hybrid didn't show up in the last chapter then it's because he's really anti-social and he prefers to watch things unfold rather than interfere and Jonathan has NEVER been able to use him properly.

I can't tell you anything else cause that's a spoiler since I'm supposed to make him tell everything to Raven when they hook up or something.

Cross: As for his plan of action? Well, wait for the next chapter. If you still have any questions then just put it in your review. If it's a question that won't jeopardize my fic if I answer it then I'll answer it.