"Hey Lily, wait up

I turned around to see my closest friend Amelia running to catch up with me in the parking garage. We were headed into the hotel, to begin our wonderful shift as Front Desk Receptionists. It didn't matter though, not even my crappy job could of bummed me out today, I was an avid wrestling fan and had scored tickets to the TNA house show that night. They weren't great seats, and my sister wasn't gonna get there till the show was half over, but I was still psyched! TNA had never done a show in Vegas, and we had tickets to the first one.

"How's it going Amelia?" I asked as my friend caught up to me.

Amelia was in her late 30s, divorced and mother of twin 5 yr old little boys, that I have come to think of as my nephews. Amelia had been my first friend when my sister and I moved to Vegas on our own. Her and her boys, had taken me and my sister in as family, we spent many holidays together, like long lost siblings.

I was only in my mid twenties, and my younger sister was barely 18. I was tall, a little chubby but not huge, had long brown hair and bright blue eyes. I had moved to Vegas to simply support my sister and put her through college, My sister Jade, was a smart girl with a huge future in front of her, and bright blue eyes just like me.

Amelia soon got in step with me as we made our way into the hotel. "So you psyched?" Amelia was just as big of wrestling fan as me, my sister and her boys were. It was something we all did together. Last time WWE was in town, we had gotten 3rd row seats. I had caught Triple H's t-shirt directly from his body, and Amelia's little boys were picked to run around the ring with Hornswoggle and Finlay.

"Are you kidding? I can't wait!" I exclaimed with a smile on my face.

"Did Jade get the day off?" Amelia asked as she held the elevator for me

I climbed into the elevator "No, her boss wouldn't allow it. She knows the assistant manager really well, so worse case scenario she won't be there until half way through the show, but she could be there earlier…she hopes"

"Her boss works her hard don't he?" Amelia said as we both signed in for the day to start our shift.

"Yeah, but she likes the job and it pays enough for her to have a life so it's all good" I said as I got to my station.

The day went by slowly, I couldn't help but be excited. This was the first time I had ever seen TNA live, and not to mention I had a little crush on one of their biggest superstars. OK, that was a lie, I had a HUGE crush on one of their biggest stars. Christian Cage, I used to watch him on WWE every time I got a chance, and now watched him on TNA. He was just gorgeous in my eyes, those eyes, that cocky smile…yeah I could go on all day about him. Just the chance to see him live, from the highest bleachers in the stadium was enough to make me happy.

"Hello?" I was suddenly snapped out of my fantasy.

"Huh?" I said shaking the thoughts out of my head.

"I was telling you I had bad news" Amelia repeated looking down at her cell phone. Our shifts had ended 15 minutes ago and we were closing up our computer stations.

"What?" I turned and asked her as we walked to our lockers in the back room.

" Me and the boys can't go tonight" Amelia responded in an angry voice.

I spun around to face her "Why not?"

"The second job called me in. Damn it!" She said, slamming her locker door. "Some stupid teenage kid called in sick tonight, so I have to fill in for him. Oh god, the boys are gonna be so pissed."

"You can't get anyone else to fill in?" I asked

" I'm the only one who can close up, it's gotta be me. Plus, the overtime is too good to pass up, but the boys aren't gonna understand that." Amelia put her hands on her face, then ran them through her hair as she took a deep breath.

"Well, at least let me take the boys" I offered, as she looked up at me thankfully

"Are you sure? You know how much of handful those two can be?" Amelia looked worried

" I got it. I've been with those knuckleheads enough to know how they operate. Plus, they're like my little nephews, and I know how excited they are." I persuaded Amelia

Amelia looked quizzically at me "Are you sure?"

"Trust me, I got it. Plus Jade will be there soon, two of us, two of them. Seems fair." I closed my locker and faced Amelia "I'm gonna run home, grab a shower, then I'll be over there to get the two terrors. After the show, I'll bring them back in one piece I promise." I gave Amelia a big hug and we walked out to the parking garage and to our cars together.

I ran to my apartment and jumped into a quick shower and changed my clothes, then immediately hopped back into my car. I texted my sister to make sure she was still gonna meet us there, and pulled into Amelia's driveway. I opened the door and was greeted with two pint sized blurs running up to me hugging my waist. I looked down at the little blonde haired boys, "Aunt Lily" they screamed as they hugged me tight. I knelt down and enveloped both of them in a huge hug. "How's my little monsters?" I picked both the boys up, one with each arm and carried them into the living room and sat them down in front of Amelia.

"Boys, go get your shoes." Amelia demanded as the two boys sprinted up the stairs. I plopped down on the couch next to Amelia.

"So what are you gonna do to kill time? It's too early to go to the show" Amelia asked tying her own shoes.

I leaned back stretching, "I figured we go to the arena anyways. Let the boys run around outside, they have a wide open area there. Plus, you never know maybe we'll catch a glimpse of some of the guys going in." I said.

Amelia laughed "Yeah, maybe you'll see your man or something."

I blushed a bright red as Amelia laughed even harder. Suddenly the two twins appeared bouncing down the stairs.

"Aunt Lily, let's go!" Jacob, the oldest by a mere 2 minutes whined.

"Come here and say goodbye" Amelia said as she hugged and kissed each boy, after making them promise that they would be good.

I grabbed each boy by a hand and we walked out to the car, the boys practically jumping each step of the way. I got them in the car and all buckled as we head to the stadium. The boys chattered the whole way, about their favorites and who would be there.