Months Later….

I laid there with closed eyes, my mind finally relaxing after months of tragedy and struggles. My mind played through all the events that we had been through, but now the image of my new life played in my mind, and I couldn't help a smile appearing on my face. I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt cold drops landing on my bare skin, I opened my eyes looking into the eyes of Jacob and Jesse. "Did you see me Aunt Lily?" Jesse spoke excitedly as he pointed to the ocean, I smiled as I nodded. Jay taking a seat on the sand next to me, wearing his board shorts that cutely matched both boys swimming trunks. I looked over to him, soaking wet as he ran his hand through his short, wet hair. "Yeah they're doing great out there" he spoke with a smile, as the boys sat down on the towels with Jay and I. Jacob spoke up "Aunt Lily, Uncle Christian (the name the boys had decided to call Jay after the big move to florida) said he's gonna take us surfing!" I eyed Jay suspiciously when he covered his tracks by saying "When their older". I smiled wide, as Jay leaned forward connecting his lips with mine just for a moment before Jay spoke "Ok time to get back in the water!"

I was caught by surprise when Jay scooped me up, carrying me towards the ocean as the boys ran next to him. I screamed playfully as I tried to get away saying "We need to get going soon or Jade will kill us for being late" I looked into Jay's eyes as he spoke with a smirk "I'll chance it" as he leaned forward capturing my lips in a blatantly erotic kiss, and out of the corner of my eyes I saw the boys splashing in the shallow water. My lips still connected with Jay's as Jay flung both him and me backwards, into the ocean.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well That's the end folks! I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it...I gotta say I think my crush on Mr. Reso has gotten bigger ever since writing this story, and the story's fiction! LOL

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