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He Is My Master, Chapter 43, Cont.: Worth A Chance

"Have…you ever done this before?" Sonic asked, forcing his tone not to betray his inner trepidation that was rapidly changing front row seats with his desire and euphoria. He was Sonic the Hedgehog, not some blushing virgin bride on her wedding night, dammit…

"Not with a male, no," Shadow replied, his voice sounding low and close to Sonic's ear in the darkness. Sonic swallowed. A female at least would have been biologically made for what Shadow was about to do to him…the black hedgehog was kneeling between Sonic's legs now, the blue hero still halfway leaning against the wall, halfway lying on the floor. His head was tucked into the crook in between Shadow's neck and shoulder, blue ears lightly flicking as Shadow's arms were encircling him, holding him, while his own hands were still suspended to his sides, bound in clinking chains. Sonic was already breathing heavily, Shadow's white chest fur tickling his collar bones, inhaling the musky scent of the other. With his arms spread out like this he felt uncomfortably exposed, unable to touch Shadow on his own...not that it mattered, when rough, dry tan lips came down to peck at his muzzle again, Shadow still learning to kiss, but learning fast.

Next, though, Sonic could already feel a hand tentatively running down across his belly, fingertips leaving tickling electricity in their wake. Oh gods, where were they going already...? Sonic suppressed a tiny mewl as his hips jerked involuntarily at the touch, but that only sent the questing fingers now brushing across the area in between his legs. The hero of Mobius drew a gasp at the sudden contact. He felt as if suddenly beginning to burn from below and Shadow's entire body pressing down upon him was nothing but adding fuel to fire wherever he touched him…and then Sonic couldn't help but blush fiercely, as suddenly, a single finger had gone beyond that now prominent bump under his blue fur and was now pushing into an even more private area.

The collared hero gave the tiniest insecure whimper.

But of course, just as it was no secret that Sonic loved few things more than driving Shadow up the wall, it had also already been established that apparently, the Ultimate Lifeform enjoyed putting his supposed slave through a bit of discomfort just a tad…be it keeping him collared, restraining him otherwise, or even mock-punishing him by forced tickling or yanking his ear…Sonic swallowed as he realized that he had just put himself into a prime position to be subject to Shadow's just slightly vengeful whims.

Now he could barely restrain himself as he tried hard to silence any embarrassing noises attempting to rise through his throat as he could feel that finger probing, brushing against that quivering ring of muscles with a bit more force, demanding entry…

"You've got to relax, Sonic. Otherwise this will hurt," Shadow murmured into his ear, the invading digit below not ceasing in its motions, making Sonic wish to squirm and escape but he kept himself still, enduring the torture with gritted teeth.

"Yeah…right…not like that would be difficult at all…" the blue hedgehog replied sarcastically, raising his hips just a little to make the angle less awkward – and was rewarded with the digit for the first time actually slipping inside.

Much later, the hero of Mobius still insisted he hadn't squeaked.

"Ghh…" Sonic felt tempted to buck to relieve himself of the invader, feeling stuffed and awkward, but it was made difficult by the fact that he was now actually starting to get aroused as well by the massaging motions around his entrance, the intimate touch letting pangs of pleasure race up and straight to his groin. Sonic shuddered.


"Liking this, then, I take it?" Shadow smirked at the flustered hedgehog below, the embarrassment coupled with the obvious arousal in his supposed slave's eyes turning him on more than he had expected. He wriggled a bit further inside, wanting to see just how far he could push that writhing body...

"Gah!" Sonic immediately tensed up and Shadow actually had to dodge a blue knee jerking up in reflex.

"Hey, watch it! I'm not Drago, am I?" the Ultimate Lifeform remarked, slightly annoyed. Green eyes opened again, returning the glare.

"No, because if you were, I would have aimed that kick at your head. Don't startle me like that, okay?" he asked, feeling more than embarrassed having to have this conversation while he was still hyper-aware of Shadow's digit embedded within him, moving in and out of him without stopping. It felt unnaturally hot inside Sonic and it was an ongoing struggle for him to at least keep himself semi-relaxed to accomodate the intruder, at once dreading and always expecting Shadow to go in deeper, creating a friction that was threatening to finally push him past the point of no return. Nevertheless, there was a vibe in the air that none of their mutual annoyance or snapped threats were actually real, but instead just a slightly more intense version of their usual banter as things were starting to heat up and it excited Sonic all the more...

Chaos. Angry sex, huh? Well, if at any point in time I should start demanding that Shadow call me dirty things, I sincerely hope he doesn't say 'your kitchen'...

"Alright then, faker, how about you tell me how you like it," Shadow interrupted Sonic's increasingly surrealist train of thought, having bent forward again, and was now all but purring in the blue hedgehog's face, one ungloved hand lovingly tracing the hero's jaw. Unfortunately for Sonic, though, Shadow's other hand remained where it was and made it increasingly difficult to answer.

"Well, you, ah...could...could..." Sonic's eyes glazed over a bit as he tried to stay focused, but the black hedgehog had just started to bend his index finger inside him, moving it in a 'come hither'-motion and Sonic could feel himself stretched, new spots suddenly touched that he hadn't expected as his legs turned to jelly, hip and thighs weakly twitching in an attempt to bear this invasion of his most private area.

"That...that isn't fair..." he panted, shuddering as his eyes were staring at the ceiling, certain that he could hear a low chuckle from the other and was both peeved, helpless and turned on against his will that he couldn't do a thing about it at the moment.

"To repeat my earlier words, Sonic," Shadow replied smoothly, his hand lowering itself from the blue hero's jaw and briefly rubbing along the tensed-up belly of his unwilling pet while he still worked his other finger mercilessly inside him, "Life isn't fair. Get used to it."

"" blue legs coiled in protest and shackled fists were bunched up, yanking uselessly at their chains, but for the moment, that was about all the collared hero could do to protest. Shadow was sure he would recover as soon as he had gotten used to the sensations, but by then he had hopefully moved on to something else that could unbalance the flustered hero even more.

"Shh...try to give in, Sonic..." he whispered, certain that that would rile up the squirming blue form further. The black hedgehog had to admit, this was actually going pretty well so far, considering he had little to no idea how to go about this. But still, the sight of Sonic already sweating, half-lying on the floor, only held up by the cuffs around his wrists, eyes closed and panting, subject to every one of Shadow's whims already excited him more than he had thought possible. The Ultimate Lifeform could feel his ears burning, the blood pumping in their tips, and slowly, a familiar sensation began to rise somewhere else...

But before we can even try that without me hurting him, we still have a while to go, the black hedgehog reminded himself. Sonic was also beginning to recover from his current assault, the pink in his cheeks remaining, but emerald eyes already able to focus on Shadow again. The twitching of the blue hero's hips and slight moans were still an indicator that the sensations of the intruder now moving in and out of him in a pumping motion were far from lost on the younger hedgehog...

"Getting comfortable?" Shadow asked with an intentional smirk that he knew usually ticked the other off, getting a half-serious glower for his efforts, even as the collared hero obviously had to try hard to control his voice when he tried to reply...

"You know, if I had my damn hands free-"

"Tough," Shadow cut him off without pity. "Hate to have to break it to you, but you are supposed to be helpless, here. And that means I can use my hands to go everywhere else..." he trailed off, his free hand intentionally sliding lower on Sonic's belly until it gave a rough rub in an area that made the other gasp again, but in a definitely more excited way. And who knew, the black hedgehog was already sure he could feel a growing bump similar to his own there...

"Don't...stop..." Sonic managed, giving a small buck with his hip against Shadow's hand but obviously reluctant to move too much as long as he was still mounted on that other digit. "More..." The insides of Sonic's thighs were pressing against Shadow's sides, the powerful limbs warm and wrapping around him as the blue hedgehog was worked deeper into.

"Everything comes at a price, Sonic," Shadow informed him casually. "Think you've got room for two in there?"

"Wha – wait!" Sonic's eyes had grown wide at this new information, but by then it was already too late, and he could feel a second finger pushed inside himself, and this time sensitive muscles felt torn into, being forced to expand much too quickly. The blue hedgehog's features immediately contorted, wincing.

"Ah! Shadow, stop!"

"Sonic?" The black hedgehog had indeed ceased any motion as soon as Sonic had called out, even dropping his teasing as he recognized for the first time some signals of pain in the other's voice.

"Are you alright?"

"Been...better..." the blue hero managed, still very aware of the painful stretching going on below. The first initial sting was over, but already he could tell this wasn't going to go well if Shadow tried to push deeper, or add a third finger, or...well...

"Pull out," Sonic said, "I just remembered something."

"What?" Shadow asked, already feeling rather disappointed if Sonic didn't want to continue this, but then, fortunately, the blue hedgehog just grinned at him.

"Silver gave me something that should make this easier. It's in my head quills somewhere, see if you can find it. With your other hand."

The black hedgehog nodded and did as he was told, even if seemingly consternated. Sonic sucked air through his teeth as he could feel the intruding digits leaving his body, suddenly feeling oddly empty and yearning to be filled again, even if the initial sensation had been painful...

Is that how Manic feels? He briefly wondered, but then could only inwardly shake his head. Shadow was once again being more than gentle (if teasing worse than Sonic) to him, and he could hardly imagine doing anything other than pleading and bucking in pain if this was Scourge taking him for the first time.

Now his own supposed Master was reaching around him, and Sonic could feel his quills being parted as an ungloved hand dug through the tangle of blue spines, fortunately used to the task by now, so no blood was spilled. Shadow frowned as he had to grope blindly, Sonic forced with his back against the wall, but it didn't take long for questing artificially engineered fingers to finally close around a small, solid object.

"Got it," Shadow announced, pulling it to the fore. "Now what...oh."

"Yeah, my reaction too," Sonic said, giving a sort of lop-sided grin. "Still, after having you inside there without that stuff, I think we should give it a go..."

"Your call," Shadow admitted, eyeing the gel-like substance inside the jar a bit suspiciously. "The only thing that worries me is what kind of dimension this has to be for them to invent something like this four centuries early."

"The sensible kind, obviously," Sonic replied curtly. "And now would you please get a move on? I mean, you know that, like, a dozen people have tried to jump me in under a week, so you'd think that the one guy that actually gets permission would be a bit more thrilled about the prospect," he said, poking his tongue out as Shadow's eyes snapped up, the black hedgehog once more well aware that he was being taunted.

You have to hand it to the faker, no matter what you do to him, he never stays under for long...

"Getting cocky again, are we?" the Ultimate Lifeform growled, briefly straddling the tied up hedgehog akin a feral lion, digging his fingers into the peach-furred chest instead as he beared down upon him. Emerald eyes held his gaze fast, their gleam telling Shadow that the collared hero knew his ego was possibly writing cheques his self-control wasn't able to cash at the moment, but also that the Sonic was by now aroused enough to be past caring.

"Just telling you that I generally prefer action to talking, if you catch my drift," the blue hedgehog provoked him with a taunting grin, even if Sonic himself was rather nervous again (but was damned if he let it show) as he could now see the other unscrewing the jar and dipping his fingers in the substance, the medieval jelly (chaos knew how they had produced that stuff) coating the black fingers liberally. Next, Shadow's other hand was already spreading his knees apart that Sonic had drawn up during their brief pause and the collared hero had to suppress a swallow as he knew that that once again let his more vulnerable parts be fully accessible to his supposed Master and couldn't help but wonder whether Shadow let him intentionally feel this way. But it let Sonic's heart beat faster and got the adrenaline flowing he loved so much...Shadow pressed him down again, his greater mass weighing the slender blue hedgehog down with just the force of his hand against Sonic's chest.

The Ultimate Lifeform leaned down close to Sonic's ear, "I can 'catch' you any time you want, Faker," Shadow's low voice purred, making goosebumps dance down Sonic's body underneath his fur,"or any way you want."

Sonic couldn't quite bite back the choked moan those words tore from his throat, some far removed part of his mind wondering where the hell the other had learned to talk dirty this way, even as he saw Shadow's eyes sparkle with mischief and something far more sultry.

And then he two fingers slid once more inside him without warning and this time, they were cold.


Tails frowned. "Did you also just hear Sonic yell 'Sweet mother of Chaos!'?" he asked, glancing nervously upwards at the guest room of his house where they had relocated the two hedgehogs to after their return from the police station.

Knuckles raised an eye ridge. "Me? No. But if he did - even if that actually would have sounded a lot more like him than all that grovelling he's been doing during the last week – I do not want to know what they're doing now."

Chapter 44: With Me

"Oooh...I'm gonna kill you..." Sonic was digging his hands into the cold stone they were chained to now, hips wriggling as he could feel that tight ring of muscles expanded, no friction keeping the invading digits at bay any more and they were going deeper...thrusting up suddenly and letting the blue hero jump. The blue head was turned to the side now and his eyes closed as the collared hedgehog was trying to take deep breaths, calming himself even if all of him wanted to squirm at the alien sensation. There was liquid all inside him...

"Time for that later. You will have to get in line behind Black Doom," Shadow replied, crimson eyes relishing each shudder the blue speedster was trying to suppress that went through the lithe blue form beneath his eyes. Privately, he was amazed and grateful at what Sonic was currently willing to take just for the the two of them having fun later.

"The hell I will let him get're mine," the blue hedgehog replied, one eye quirking open and mock-glaring at Shadow. The darker one smirked.

"Happy to hear that. And now, you better brace yourself..."

Sonic exhaled and bared his teeth as he could suddenly feel himself being expanded sharply when Shadow spread his fingers apart as if a pair of scissors, heat shooting into his cheeks as he wondered how wide open he was to Shadow now.

For one moment the thought flashed through his head why he had to be the one taken, and not the other. But then again, even without the chains rendering everything else at the moment harder than the alternative, it also had seemed nearly natural, both not even considering any alternative for their first try – and, when Sonic thought about it, wasn't this the exact dynamic they had unconsciously come to enjoy anyway, while they had been here?

The Ultimate Lifeform's strong fingers were stretching him with ease, still being careful not to tear, the slightly painful sting mixed with the unfamiliar waves of pleasure from the nerve endings a completely overwhelming sensation for the so far untouched hedgehog. And Shadow's fur on his ungloved hands itched and tickled...

Contrary to Sonic's love for speed, Shadow loved power, and, being able to dominate the usually so proud blue hero was obviously something he liked. Sonic could also guess that a part of the other enjoyed the collar forced around his neck, marking him to outsiders as a possession of the dark hedgehog who so far had owned so little...and it complemented the blue speedster perfectly, because he liked to tease, to rebel, to poke fun at anyone who thought they could control him, and he was thrilled to have found someone who could actually push back. Shadow had also needed someone to trust him, to see him as something more than a fearsome weapon of mass destruction, and Sonic, never having given up on him and now leaving himself open to anything from him like this was just what he had been waiting for so long. The blue speedster himself was simply enjoying it to be able to relax for while, not carrying the world on his shoulders, but, just for once, be able to give in and give himself up to someone, without the consequences being serious - except apparently for his backside, of course.

Sonic tried to focus on something, anything as he could feel his entrance rubbed and pushed against despite his twitching hips that he tried to keep still, despite his choked back mewls of protest he didn't want Shadow to hear. Unfortunately, in a vicious cycle, the sensations became more intense whenever he instinctively tried to tense up against the assault, and trying to keep himself relaxed to accommodate his supposed Master inside him was becoming a near-impossible task. And there was heat down there now, so much heat inside him as he was widened roughly and made slick with the gel from the jar, until the collared hero thought he could bear it no more.

"Shadow..." he finally breathed, his body already so wrecked from sensations he wasn't sure what he would do once his supposed Master finally decided to take him fully.

"Yeah? Everything okay with you?" the black hedgehog asked quietly, even if not ceasing in his task. Black fingers continued to roam the other's body, every once in a while brushing more and more forcefully in between those voluntarily spread blue legs, feeling the other getting more excited and speeding his pulse up in turn...Shadow could feel his temperature (and other things) slowly rising. He relished the rare sight, warm feel and musky smell of the exhausted hedgehog beneath him, blushing and breathing heavily, the Ultimate Lifeform wanting nothing more than to speed this up and finally climb atop him – except that he had sworn himself not to hurt Sonic with this.

"Yeah...keep...ooh, going," the blue hedgehog groaned, writhing once more underneath his supposed Master, and Shadow could feel the muscles around his spreading fingers quiver and relax again, those silken inside walls slowly growing more and more accustomed to being touched and claimed. Sonic's body was reacting to the lubricant even if the collared hedgehog himself hadn't seemed too fond of it at first.

"Alright," Shadow murmured, "Then here's the final step before we go all out," he said, at the same time slowly, but nonetheless demanding, pushing a third digit into the tight opening. The thought of actually invading that narrow, virgin entrance by himself was by now almost enough to send him over the edge all on its own...he needed to get a tighter grip on himself.

Well, figuratively.

"Ggh," Sonic offered, already prepared for being stretched wider, but still having to stifle his own exclamation at the awkward feeling mixed with the unfamiliar pleasure he was receiving from the other's touch. Also, he could feel himself rising now, and was sure his cheeks had to have lit up with another wave of embarrassment as he was now doubly exposed to Shadow, his legs still spread by the black hedgehog and having nowhere to hide. Then again, technically, this wasn't anything Sonic had to be ashamed of...

The blue speedster could feel his own heart skip a beat as he looked up and saw that Shadow was obviously excited by this as well, yet also couldn't suppress a gulp as he invariably couldn't wonder how that was ever going to fit inside him.

"Hmm...think you're ready now?" a husky voice of the other interrupted his thoughts and suddenly, Shadow had stopped moving inside him and was again leaning into his face again. Sonic could see every single muscle of the other, also panting by now, carved out beneath damp fur, the other's blood-red eyes glowing in the darkness of the dungeon, Shadow visibly just as stirred up and perhaps slightly nervous as he was, which only served to let his heart skip another beat.

The hero of Mobius summoned his courage and forced his lips to stretch into a grin.

"What are you, all talk? You should know the fastest thing alive is always gonna be one step ahead, faker."

"Well, if you say so," Shadow answered with an equally self-assured small smirk as he played over his own butterflies, leaning in once more to caress Sonic's chin and nuzzle the side of his face. The blue hero for one moment lost himself entirely in that sensation, feeling the breath of the other on his cheek, just a bit irregular. Sonic briefly figured that this would probably be helpful if Shadow could keep it up when he went in, as he would need every sensation possible to distract himself from what was to follow. It had been hard to put up with just the fingers inside himself. The collared hero swallowed as he could feel the digits being withdrawn from his entrance, knuckles making him shudder as they left him, even if he couldn't see what was going on with Shadow still leaning over him.

Now Sonic could faintly hear the scraping of jet skates on stone as Shadow moved, the warm breath of his partner, his temporary master, as it brushed across his quills, sending shivers up his spine. An ungloved, strong hand then suddenly gripped his hip, and it was only through an effort of will that Sonic avoided tensing up as he knew what was about to happen next. The blue hedgehog was trapped now, as his supposed owner pulled him into a position to be taken, further on his back and just a bit more...helpless. Sonic's heavy breathing caught in his throat as something much larger, smoother and most of all hotter than fingers parted his cheeks, and pushed ever so slowly against his by now flushed and quivering entrance...

"Uh. One moment," he said quickly, just before the other had been able to enter him, gel still leaking from inside, the blue hero unable to hold it in while he was trying to stay relaxed.

"What?" Shadow halted, now mainly supported by one hand planted next to the slender speedster's sides. Sonic actually had to give him credit for that – he himself was already aching for release as he knew the black hedgehog had to be, yet if their roles had been reversed in this scenario, Sonic was pretty sure the Ultimate Lifeform would at this moment have had to fend him off with a stick if he had changed his mind right now. The collared hedgehog swallowed. He simply had to ask this...

"Okay...Chaos, this is hard to say," he managed, his breathing still rasping, tan-furred chest heaving under white tufts. "This – this is kind of big for me, Shadow."

"Rouge said something similar about it, but I'm still flattered."

"Okay, you're about one step away from getting a knee where it hurts," Sonic informed the smugly smirking hedgehog above him in a dead-pan. "That's not what I meant and you – ah! - know it," he said, briefly tensing up as there had been a little push down there he hadn't been prepared for.

"Perhaps," Shadow replied, but his face had returned to a more serious expression. "What is it, Sonic?" he asked, his tone once again non-jocular. The blue hedgehog turned his head to the side, avoiding eye clanged against the stone slightly. Unfortunately for him, Shadow still held him in place and that black hip was still moving ever so little, creating the worst tease imaginable against his entrance and he needed to get his thoughts together if this was to come out the way he intended...

"You're the first one I've ever wanted to do this with," Sonic finally said, his voice still even against the accumulated odds, "And I know this is silly, because after this entire week here with you this really shouldn't be an issue any more, but..." he stopped himself, and then finally looked up into his supposed Master's crimson eyes above him. "If this hurts too much, you're still gonna stop, right?" he asked, green eyes reflecting trust, but also that faintest hint of apprehension.

"Of course. Sonic, we don't have to do this if you don't want to," Shadow said, his own gaze searching the blue hedgehog's expression for any traces of last minute doubts or even fear, toned peach chest underneath him rising and sinking with Sonic's breathing. But the other didn't look scared...

"No, I do want to," Sonic replied, his tone once again firm, "It's just -" the blue hedgehog's lips briefly pressed into a thin line as his supposed slave seemingly tried to force his addled brain to ignore his body painfully aching to be filled again and searched for the right words. "Shadow...this is more than just a one-time-thing, right?"

"What?" The question came entirely out of nowhere, and therefore, the Ultimate Lifeform's first reaction was to be taken aback. Sonic turned his head away again, looking a curious mixture of embarrassed and annoyed.

"Look, I'm not meaning to go all girl on you here, but ..." he trailed off. "It's stupid. It's just, y'know, with me having had to wear that collar all the time, and people trying to bang me, and being sold, and tied up, and generally treated like a pet or something to be owned..." his eyes locked with Shadow again. "Is it so weird if after all that you want a bit of reassurance that you're a bit more than just a, well, sex toy? Or even a fling?" he asked, emerald gaze now fully serious like it seldom was. "I know I don't really talk about that feely stuff all that much, or am really good at it, but – Shadow, I like you. I really like you. And the physical stuff is great 'n all, but I...kinda want more than that. From you," he said, again a faint pink tinge on his cheeks that he had given up fighting against by now. "That this is something bigger for us than just getting off – not that getting off at this point wouldn't be really nice, by the way," he added, licking over his lips and just slightly bucking his hips for emphasis, brushing against the black hedgehog's stomach as his entire hormone-swamped body was currently insisting that it did NOT care for character development right at this moment.

"So...what am I to you, Shadow?" the collared hedgehog finally asked, keeping himself still again, tensed muscles slightly trembling as he waited for an answer of his supposed Master half atop him. When the Ultimate Lifeform did not reply for a moment, a blue forehead creased up in a frown. "Hey, it's my literal ass on the line here, okay? And this phrase has never had more truth to it," the blue speedster prodded and finally earned himself a rare snort from the other, the black hedgehog hanging his head briefly and lightly shaking it.

One blue eye ridge was cocked in wary anticipation when the next thing that happened was Shadow looking up again, shifting to his knees, and then both hands were reaching for Sonic's face and peach lips were claimed in a kiss that was somehow more prolonged and gentle than all the previous ones. The black hedgehog even seemed to remember Sonic's less than enthusiastic reaction to saliva exchange, and when tan lips parted, Sonic could feel the tip of the other's tongue just slide over his own bottom lip but not demanding entrance, the light touch making him shiver and stars explode in his vision even when his supposed owner withdrew again and green eyes blinked open to stare into entirely serious crimson ones.

"I haven't said this to anyone in a long time..." Shadow began, kneeling atop Sonic, his voice sounding curiously hesitant and slightly unsure as the black hedgehog looked a bit as if he was trying to remember something that had been over a lifetime ago. "I only ever said it to Maria, and she was basically my sister, in all but blood. Up until last week I wasn't even sure whether Professor Gerald had even created me as capable of any...romance," he admitted, tone low. "But what I felt for you during this week..." a small, one of those genuine Shadow because-not-quite-there-smiles slipped onto his face, eyes gleaming with that familiar dark shine Sonic loved so much, "I have no basis to compare it to, but other than that..." he paused, looking a bit like he had trouble forming those next words, finally leaning in ever so close, closing that gap between them, as if his speech was too fragile, and he had to treat each word ever so careful, lest they might break if spoken aloud.

"Sonic..." he whispered, his voice barely a breath in those blue ears. "'re the most precious thing in the world to me. I think I love you."

"Wow," the collared hedgehog exhaled quietly, feeling his throat run dry and entire body warm up even more, if a slightly different kind of warmth than the still pulsating heat of arousal. "Thank you, Shadow. That means a lot to me." His voice was slow, but sincere as their gazes connected. "And even if you had just said that to get into my fur, I'm thinking that such awesome acting would deserve a reward anyway," he said, familiar grin thankfully disguising how much he really had been touched by what Shadow had admitted. Now he didn't even care any more (that much, anyway) whether what came next would hurt, if he could be certain that the other actually wanted him, and wanted all of him. Sonic's legs lifted the blue hero slightly, sending him grinding against his black-furred partner and judging by how the Ultimate Lifeform sucked in the air sharply at that, Sonic was succeeding in getting them back on track. Shadow leaned in some more, and Sonic could feel the other slipping neatly against him again, prodding that already slightly abused opening in preparation for what would follow shortly...

"I promise I meant every word of that, Sonic," Shadow replied as he nuzzled into blue fur, hardly able to believe that this statement was actually true. Sonic had become the most important person in the world to him and that in only one short week. He wasn't even sure how he could simultaneously completely rely on, want to protect, and now recently ache to bang the hell out of one and the same hedgehog. Especially as Sonic still managed to confuse or throw him for a loop six times a day at the least, and yet there was a part of Shadow that already did not want to let go of his supposed pet ever again.

And now he would be able to claim him in one of the most wonderful ways possible...

"Ready?" Shadow asked again, tan lips brushing against a blue triangular ear, the feel of Sonic's tight entrance against his tip a temptation almost impossible to resist.

"Yeah," Sonic breathed. Shadow moved, already breaching-

"That is, wait."

"What now?"

"Relax, Shads, only teasing," Sonic grinned at the slightly exasperated Ultimate Lifeform, perhaps enjoying the power he could still wield before he knew he would be at a serious disadvantage in their continuing battle for dominance. The blue speedster cocked his head.

"We have Silver's gel, but nothing else. I can't...catch anything from you, can I?" he asked, one eye narrowed curiously as he stared at Shadow. The black hedgehog gave a snort and a weary twitching of the lips.

"Faker, I am the Ultimate Lifeform, genetically engineered by the most brilliant mind of his time, and was destined to be the final cure for his deathly ill granddaughter. Whatever disease you care to name, I would be a hundred times more likely to heal it than to give it to you,"

"Wow. Remind me to play 'Doctor games' with you whenever I'm sick, then," Sonic replied with a slightly lop-sided grin. When Shadow's only reaction was another shake of the head, he finally nodded, bunched his shackled hands into fists and laid his head back as if bracing himself.

"Okay," he said, breathing out again to relax, arching his back a little to make the angle as easy as possible for his supposed Master. "Let's do it. I'm ready."

Shadow nodded again, and then moved forward. The blue hedgehog's entrance was still well-coated in the gel, and could offer little to no resistance as he slid in, even as the black hedgehog knew his tip had to be considerably larger than his three fingers. But he himself couldn't help but shudder at the sensation of that flexing ring of muscles was forced to stretch over one of his most sensitive assets, reluctantly taking him in...

Sonic squeezed his eyes shut as he was breached for the first time by Shadow himself, his first reaction that the other was simply too large, when he was slowly, awkwardly widened. Slight tears of pain emerged that he hadn't quite managed to suppress at the entry. Sonic by no means teared up easily, had been able to suffer and ignore worse wounds in battles quite well, but this was such a vulnerable area he was offering to the other, so sensitive to touch that every movement made him gasp, that the sensation of truly being invaded for the first time had simply been too overwhelming. Ears and quills flattened themselves, an automatic, instinctive gesture of submissiveness of his body that he could so nothing about. It was a rare sight of the blue hero, too, Sonic's spikes most of the time always half-raised since he had been living with the constant threat of attack for too long. The only time Shadow previously had seen him lower them unconsciously had been at night in bed, the fact that both of them would naturally relax their quills when asleep the only reason why they could share a bed at all.


"Sonic…." Shadow breathed, careful not to move himself any further even as he was almost overwhelmed with the heat engulfing his head. He bent forward slowly until he was nearly touching Sonic's face with his own. He swallowed. "I'm sorry..." he murmured…and then, on impulse, let his tongue dart out briefly to lick the tear away. Sonic opened his eyes surprised, but then leaned into the gentle touch, the pain somehow bearable if it was accompanied by something else to focus on, like he had previously thought. He almost blushed at the caress, remembering Shadow's words from before…

"Stay there…"Sonic turned his head, claiming Shadow in a kiss that instantly became rougher as the black hedgehog moved again inside him, small hedgehog teeth trapping Shadow's lower lip in a careful love bite, but at least no more tears coming forth as the first wave of pain at the sudden stretch was past and Sonic could begin to adjust himself to what currently resided inside of him. His tongue was actually invading Shadow's mouth now, a surprise to the black hedgehog but not an unwanted one, the blue-furred speedster perhaps trying to retaliate for what was being done to him somewhere else. Sonic's teeth were slightly nibbling at his sensitive bottom lip, a shower of electricity crawling across the black hedgehog's back as Sonic's tongue tickled the inside of his mouth, suckling at the warm, moist flesh. Shadow didn't mind as he slowly pushed himself further inside...

For Sonic, this was new terrain, too, for the first time totally defenceless and at the mercy of someone else – someone else that wasn't intentionally out to hurt him, that is, and he had offered himself up willingly…

"Hhh!" Sonic's back arched in pain at the next thrust, again surprising the Ultimate Lifeform, but in a cruel twist, that only meant the blue hedgehog managed to impale himself even further. The collared hedgehog whimpered quietly as he sank against the dungeon wall again, head turned to the side as he tried to steady his laboured breathing, now quite literally trapped between a rock and a hard place.

"Sonic…" Shadow began, concerned, but was interrupted.

"Don't start. I'm…still fine…" Sonic pressed through gritted teeth, hands balling into fists in their shackles. Shadow watched as the blue hedgehog again strained to spread himself for the penetration, to relax and submit so the pain he was forcing on him wouldn't be so bad...

Shadow felt big…Sonic was blushing fiercely at the sensation pushed into him, could feel himself brushing up against Shadow's abdomen now, would have liked to buck to increase the friction but couldn't move his hips without being stretched even further, quite literally fixated in place. Shadow's length inside him felt hard, and pulsating and rigid as his supposed Master was claiming him, the blue hedgehog reduced to trying to take this without squirming too much. Muscles seized up around the intrusion automatically but couldn't do anything but heighten an unfortunate Sonic's sensations around the invader even more, impossible heat letting the blue hips try to remove themselves instinctively, but Shadow was already swollen inside him and Sonic couldn't move an inch. The scent of midnight and crimson fur so close was still intoxicating, though, the blue speedster's gloved fingers yearning to roam through it but were restrained. If only he could distract himself a bit better until he had adjusted…if only he could get Shadow to pay some more attention to another area that had been poking the black stomach for a while by now.

"Shads? How about...a little help here...?" Sonic panted, indicating with his eyes what he couldn't reach with his hands.

"What, there?" Shadow asked, supporting himself with one hand and reaching out with the other to briefly wrap his fingers around Sonic, letting his supposed pet nearly cry out. "I'm sorry, Sonic, but if I do that, the fun would be over too quickly," he informed the other pleasantly, going back to teasing as soon as the other had assured him that he was still okay. Green eyes managed to level a somewhat blushing glare at him, even if half-clouded by desire.

"You...fucking bastard..."

"What an apt description," Shadow smirked, moving his hand away again, but at least rubbing his abdomen a bit against his lover so as not to be totally heartless. Sonic merely turned his head away again.

"Phhht. See what I'll do to you once we're out of here and can repeat this thing without the shackles," he informed his lover, trying hard to let neither hurt nor pleasure break up his voice. Damn that faker...

But then again, there was that tiny part of him that actually liked the pain, too. Sonic was far from being a masochist, couldn't understand people cutting themselves, either, but…

If it meant adventure. If it was the sharp shock of a piece of shrapnel shooting past and cutting your arm as you ran from the explosion, if it was a daredevil snowboard stunt that let you end up with skinned knees, if it was that graze of an opponent's punch that you just didn't quite twist quickly enough to avoid. Sonic didn't like bad pain, pain that meant something was wrong, stemmed from broken bones, internal injuries or trauma to his head, pain that actually lasted. No. The sort the blue-furred hero found twistedly attractive was the kind that only added spice and adrenaline, the kind which had been acquired doing something new and exciting and dangerous – in sort, doing something he really, really shouldn't have done, but chose to do anyway.

Like, for example, letting myself get screwed by my former rival in a medieval dungeon while execution is scheduled at dawn.

He almost had to laugh.

Then Shadow drove into him again and Sonic gave a strangled, hoarse cry as he felt the burning sensation rocketing skywards sharply.


The black hedgehog paused, looking down at his supposed slave, emerald eyes squeezed shut as he was still straining to get used to what was filling his backside now, teeth bared and panting hard once more.

"Sonic…we can stop this. If it hurts you," Shadow insisted, trying to keep his voice steady against the pleasure engulfing him. Despite his teasing when the other had taunted him, he wasn't going to be able to truly enjoy this if Sonic didn't.

"S..stop?" To Shadow's surprise, the voice of the other actually sounded a lot less miserable than he had expected. "No…fucking…way."

"Oh?" The black hedgehog raised an eye ridge as the collared hero beneath him then actually opened eyes that were still burning with spirit, a defiant grin tugging at the edge of fawn lips even if he was still being spread uncomfortably by his supposed Master.

"I can take whatever you can dish out, thought ya knew that by now." Sonic smirked at him, his cheeks flushed at his position and slender chest heaving, but looking in no way unwilling or afraid. "Just try some more and I'm sure we can make this work….don't think I've tolerated your fingers for nothing, faker," he managed, his tone once again a challenge and more than temptation. Yes, the pain was bad and made harder to ignore by the fact that this was such a novel area for him to receive it in, but Sonic at the same time knew he'd gladly endure it even if it was two times worse, because he was together with Shadow...

"Hnn," the black hedgehog replied, apparently not quite convinced whether this show of bravado was genuine, but the sweating body beneath him, every single movement of his tight insides and silky walls sending waves of ecstasy through his nervous system despite him not even having entered fully yet was making it hard to think clearly.

"Fine," the Ultimate Lifeform finally acquiesced, "But if it hurts too much you tell me. Understood?"

"Yeah, whatever," Sonic waved him off, shackles rattling slightly. "I'm not made of glass, okay?"

"If you say so…" Shadow breathed in deeply, then at the same time pushing in deeper without warning, letting his supposed slave again tense, gasp and suppress a strangled whimper as he was ravaged, but showing no signs of calling a stop any time soon. If only this could be made any easier…

Shadow's body was already alight with desire, his rasping breath and shaking frame only illustrating his chaotic inner state. Sonic beneath him, taking him, felt far too good to bear and he had to restrain himself heavily not to simply drive into the now defenceless hedgehog as hard as he could, still not wanting to harm his supposed slave. The tightness let the black hedgehog tremble and sweat, control beginning to slip from his as his brain was slowly slipping into a pleasure-induced haze. Pangs of faintly familiar guilt made themselves known to him whenever Sonic winced or tried to stifle a whimper when he was driven into again, but at the same time, the sheer heat engulfing, compressing, massaging Shadow made it impossible to stop. Their sweat was mingling where their bodies touched and Sonic pressed into him from below. The black hedgehog could feel the other's chest rise as the slender runner's form under him tried to offer himself one more time, bringing his hip up to meet his supposed Master's, both to improve the angle and maybe gain some more friction against the other's belly fur…and in response the black hedgehog moved himself once more, this time nearly penetrating his partner all the way.

And Sonic jerked as if he had just been set on fire.


"Sonic?" Shadow asked with a touch of alarm, wondering whether he had finally managed to hurt the other seriously, the narrow, hot cavity suddenly constricting and flexing wildly, almost shutting Shadow up again. "Are you-?"

"Do…do that again, will you?" Sonic asked, eyes all at once wide and filled with excitement. "That…actually felt good..." he looked up at him, his cheeks flushed even more and a slightly surprised grin on his face as their gazes met. Shadow could feel his heart finally skip a bit as Sonic for the first time actually seemed to be enjoying this again and his own eyes lit up in return.

"Right…" he grunted, tentatively pushing forward again, abusing that tight ring of muscles even more, but gaining yet another positive reaction as Sonic now actually yelped after the initial pain was over, straining against his bound wrists and bucking against the other pinning him down. The sensation of first being violated painfully, then exploding with pleasure from within was almost too much to bear for the hero, especially if he had no control over it at all. And the crushing, swivelling hips of the other were about to drive him crazy...

"Damn…Shadow…" he panted, trembling in his trapped position, fighting to stay focused. The black hedgehog leaned forward, breaking the eye contact by forcing Sonic to close his as he kissed the other again. Shadow moved out slightly just to let the other squirm, then rolled his pelvis forward unannounced once more and smothered Sonic's instant gasp with his lips. He himself had trouble not to cry out and alert the guards at this point…

"Hhhh…" the blue hedgehog cringed, eyes squeezed shut again as his insides contorted at the new, impossible wave of pleasure, even stronger than the first. He was completely at the mercy of the other, couldn't move or escape and it was starting to drive him insane when Shadow did this to him…

"Sonic…" Shadow was breathing heavily as well, warm, strong blue thighs pressing against the sides of him, his muscles trembling from the exertion and the novel and intense sensation. Sonic felt like an all-consuming fire, igniting every part of his body, starting below…the Chaos energy inside him was prickling all over, stirred like never before.

Back then, Rouge had told him he apparently had 'excellent endurance' and he also vaguely recalled Professor Gerald mentioning once that he had designed Shadow with the aim of giving him greater control over his body in the face of stimulants, yet so far he had always connected that with being able to ignore pain from injuries in a fight instead of being able to hold back like this.

Sonic at this point gave the tiniest whine at Shadow having stopped for a moment and leaving him spread like this and the lips of the Ultimate Lifeform then actually twitched into the subtlest smirk.

He suddenly wondered again how far he could push this…

Once more leaning over Sonic, the black hedgehog began to enter his supposed slave again, Sonic only bucking occasionally but actually taking him a lot more easily now – and now Shadow went purposefully slowly and gently, not quite as deep as previously, leaving the collared hero beneath him to pant and groan, but unable to do anything else but to be slowly let himself reduced to a writhing mess...

"Stop…friggin teasing me, you bastard…" Sonic rasped at this point, still that determined glint in his eye as he managed to focus his emerald gaze on Shadow. "Either you take me or you don't, but this just isn't fair…" he panted, teeth bared in a slightly strained but still demanding tone, knowing what the other was doing to him precisely, cheeks lit up as he hated and loved it at the same time.

"In that case…your wish is my demand," Shadow replied – and then thrust into the collared hedgehog harder than before, for the first time making the blue hero actually cry out loudly, wordlessly and hoarse, bucking up on the floor as he threw his spiked head back in involuntary reaction. Shadow immediately pressed his lips together, wondering whether he had finally managed to be careless enough to seriously hurt Sonic when he had entrusted himself to him, had let his own pleasure drive him too far. But the other was so tight and the more difficult this made it for him the more shamefully blissful it became for Shadow…

"Sonic…" the black hedgehog whispered, reaching out for the blue face with those brilliant emerald eyes once again tightly shut, the other's expression relaxing only slowly as if he had been suffering…

But before he could make contact, Sonic's stare was already locked with his again, the blue speedster's gaze actually sparkling wickedly.

"Heh…knew you could do it."

Sonic was panting, still wriggling a bit to try and accustom himself to this new, rough treatment, but already he didn't mind that much any more, desire flooding his body in waves now, letting his insides contort in pleasure that Shadow had hit that special spot inside him hard enough to let him see stars on the dungeon ceiling.

Wow…never knew it could feel like this.

Shadow for a moment bent over Sonic again, supporting himself with both his hands braced against the floor on Sonic's sides and gazing down into his captive's face, his own lips slowly stretching into a smirk as he tried to keep his strained voice level.

"I see…is the pet trying to control the Master, again?" he asked, raising an amused eye ridge while at the same time once more rolling his hips into his unsuspecting supposed slave, just slightly harsher and more forceful than actually necessary and had the brief satisfaction of Sonic once again barely stopping himself from crying out as he was ungently claimed. "I think you're hardly in a….position…to try and play games, Sonic," Shadow purred, bringing their noses together and regarding the trembling hedgehog beneath him with his trademark superiority.

Then, to his surprise, he was suddenly abruptly brought closer as strong blue legs wrapped themselves around him and pulled him in, drawing a surprised gasp from the Ultimate Lifeform as he was involuntarily moved forward and driven in deeper, the increased pressure whipping through his system like an electric current.

"Hgaa-!" he called out, crimson eyes widening and when he looked down again, Sonic was smirking up at him just as smugly as the black hedgehog previously had felt.

"Oh yeah? Stop underestimating me, Shads," Sonic's breathing was ragged, the hedgehog's fur damp from sweat and exhaustion, but his eyes were gleaming as fiercely as ever. "Don'tcha think you're running this thing alone just 'cause I got my hands tied."

Shadow gave a small chuckle.

"Fine, then."

Their gazes locked, both alight with desire as much as with challenge.

"If you want to play it that way…" Shadow's tone was all but predatory, "…I'm going to make you scream for your pleasure, Sonic."

The hedgehog beneath him only gave a shining grin in the darkness.

"You're on, faker…"


Sonic currently felt as if his entire world contained nothing more than hands touching him, lips exploring his body, breath washing over his fur and himself being filled until he couldn't take it any more. Shadow had promised he would be able to draw a scream from him, and right now the blue speedster once again couldn't help but think that he would soon make good on that, whether he liked it or not. Even though the collared hero didn't like to admit it, his bound wrists did put him at a severe disadvantage as Shadow's gloveless fingers were able to roam freely all over him, caressing his neck, his behind, squeezing the insides of his thighs, or even more sensitive body parts...

Sonic gasped as hardness and heat was forced even deeper inside him, but also had to admit by now he liked being grasped roughly by Shadow and being claimed again and again. The hero of Mobius had not only always been a fan of brawling for fun or playing rough, but now was also revelling in allowing his body to be ravaged liked that and just to go with the flow of those powerful muscles pounding into him; it nearly turned him perversely on to be effectively rendered helpless in his receiving position, abandoning any resistance as he floated on this isle of bliss, knowing that he was allowed temporary submission just this once without having to fear what would happen to him afterwards and oh chaos it feels so good.

The blue speedster knew that the next time he would likely have to try and raise himself into the thrusts, let his own muscles contribute something to their horizontal tango, but right now he was simply reduced to weak, quick occasional bucking under Shadow as he was moved from above, powerful spread blue legs twitching uselessly and restlessly against the stone. Of course, the collared hero also knew that, apart from when black hedgehog drove his body crazy, he was far from being as pliant and obedient as this - and most of the time, play-fighting, brawling or arguing over either plans and strategies, or simply everyday things with the black hedgehog was just as fun with their explosive personas, both in and out of battle.

As if to prove his point, Sonic retaliated with his tongue when he could, occasionally managing to lift his upper body high enough to crush those fawn lips with a rough kiss, his own breath spilling down a black-spined back as he was pounded into, his supposed owner's hips rolling into him again and again like the unstoppable and incessant motion of waves at a ravaged shore. Sonic tried to adjust himself, control the angle at which he was invaded so he could keep up with Shadow's rhythm, but the other wasn't making this so easy for him, varying his force and sometimes even missing that sweet spot inside Sonic on purpose, or at least that was how it seemed to the collared hero; he huffed and panted in frustration, so close to the edge, yet not allowed to release yet, it was maddening. And then Shadow drove into him again, even more forcefully than the blue speedster had expected and he was forced to bite into the other's shoulder to stifle the cry he didn't want to give yet.

Sonic liked being able to make Shadow happy, felt turned on (and rather cocky) by the fact that the black hedgehog was giving it up just for him. The Ultimate Lifeform's eyes in turn were shining with honest happiness that Sonic trusted him so much to give Shadow the opportunity to drive him to ecstasy beneath him, blue features scrunched up in a grimace of pain and pleasure, blue body writhing in a rapture that let the black hedgehog feel proud.

Next, though, Shadow already gave a hoarse yelp as his insubordinate slave's teeth sunk into his fur and skin, not having expected that, but not disappointed with the reaction he was getting either. Sonic soon was forced to let himself sink back onto his back with his head against the stones again his body already not his to control anymore, and that meant Shadow could just continue his game. The Ultimate Lifeform's own erratic pacing was more due to the fact that he himself had trouble controlling any of his movements right now, any thought processes going haywire in the mad ecstasy he had been plunged into. Sonic was incredibly tight and flexible around him, the first one to let him feel like this and this made it all the more precious to Shadow, who loved letting that blue body yield to him under his touch, feeling it quiver and flinch under his fingers, begging for more. The now utterly defenceless hedgehog was like a writhing puppet beneath him, moving at Shadow's will; muscles tensing and relaxing to whatever buttons the black hedgehog decided to try and push next, helpless to his curious exploration.

Sonic could feel himself actually building up ever more, every time Shadow connected with that pulsing nerve bundle inside of him he wanted to cry out, yet refused to give the other that satisfaction...yet. It wasn't until strong black hands finally surprised him by grasping both his twitching thighs and pressing them onto his chest, just as the black hedgehog thrust forward one last time, green eyes going wide as the hero of Mobius finally found himself suddenly completely flat on his back, folded double, while Shadow had just invaded him as deeply as possible, that Sonic finally gave up and screamed.


This time, Knuckles had been the one who thought he had just heard Sonic scream something, but mainly because of what that scream had sounded like, he chose to not share this information with Tails working beside him– the echidna privately thought the kid was traumatized enough as it was.

Chapter 45: It Has Come To This

Well...this is somewhat messy...

Shadow could have guessed that this thought probably didn't make for very good pillow talk, but at the same time it fortunately was also entirely unimportant. Sonic had just spilled onto his chest and stomach, shouting the black hedgehog's name as his face had screwed up in what had seemed something like a crisscross between unbearable torture and incredible bliss. Shadow had thought he outcry of his lover's voice had been the most wonderful noise he had ever heard, but in combination with the sudden, simultaneous complete spasming of those tight inner walls engulfing him, it was nearly enough to send him over the edge as well.

His name...Sonic had called out his name like there was nothing more important than Shadow on Earth...

The Ultimate Lifeform sped up as he could feel himself racing to his own climax now. The mixed feelings of triumph that he had been able to make Sonic feel like this, as well as his amazement and gratitude stemming from the fact that the blue hedgehog had willingly given himself to him, were enough to override any concerns of his body to conserve any energy and he was using up his last reserves.

"Sha...dow..." Sonic panted after he had already screamed the name of his partner after he had climaxed, the collared hedgehog now in a complete daze, only vaguely aware that things had just gotten a lot stickier between them. He could still feel his entrance being roughly abused and backside filled with harder and more merciless thrusts as Shadow was apparently building up for a finale himself. The sight of the black hedgehog exerting himself above him was nearly enough for Sonic to become aroused again, had he not been completely exhausted by now. Even if the treatment he was currently receiving was slightly harsher than it had been at the beginning, the collared hedgehog grew increasingly aware that there was probably no way he would be able to get out of this now in his helpless position in Shadow's grip while his muscles had seemingly all turned to blueberry jelly. So he would just have to endure it...

"Shadow...thanks," he managed, even when he was cut short by his own yelp as he was just thrust into especially forcefully, the other's pacing now really erratic as he was no doubt about to climax as well. The pain coupled with the feeling of the afterglow that still wrecked him with waves of pleasure when Shadow would not stop stimulating him was almost impossible to bear. In a last, desperate attempt to let this end, Sonic managed to lift himself upwards one last time, disregarding what this meant for the angle at which he was penetrated and managed to seal Shadow's surprised lips with a kiss – and before the collared speedster could even think about whether the other could have been planning to move out of him beforehand or not, it had already happened. With a gasp and another involuntary spasm, Sonic could feel himself for the first time being filled by his supposed Master, warmth shooting into him and letting heat rush into his cheeks once more as the feeling spread through his body. It was almost similar to when he had let Shadow put the new collar on him, but unbearably more intense...

He looked into those red eyes belonging to the black hedgehog who was supposed to own him and couldn't help but smile as he could see that similar thoughts just as loving were mirrored in them, the Ultimate Lifeform now likewise visibly overwhelmed.

"Sonic..." Shadow whispered. He had not yelled his partner's name as he had come inside him, yet the softness with which he for once uttered it therefore made it all the more precious to the hero of Mobius (not least because so far, usually it had been said in mostly much more exasperated tones...)

"Yeah?" Sonic replied quietly with a tired, but contented smile, still a bit disbelieving what the other had just put him through and how he himself had initiated it. A small voice was also busy being excited about the fact that he now, at seventeen, was not a virgin anymore, another voice was questioning whether this, in fact counted as the 'real deal' though, and a third, thankfully louder voice told both of them to shut it, because the owner of all three voices knew he was in love with Shadow, and that was the important part. Now the blue hero could feel himself being gently lowered down against the wall again, legs sliding off the other and he was made aware that his supposed Master also was finally moving out of him, more liquid spilling out onto his lower body as Sonic was unable to hold it back. For a moment he couldn't help but imagine being filled like that again and again, getting claimed and taking it gladly, and the blue speedster's smile grew into an slightly larger weary grin.

"That was good..." Shadow managed to finally reply, still atop him as he bedded the limp and yielding blue form of his unresisting supposed pet on the stone floor again, coming to rest above him with one arm holding him up, their noses nearly touching again.

He had seen stars, just like decades ago in space...that red-hot feeling surging through him, drowning out everything else just like turning Super...

"Understatement of the century," Sonic responded quietly, gazing up into his lover's eyes, spreading his legs underneath Shadow and angling one of them a bit to rub the inside against the side of the other's thigh and hip, caressing the only way he could while his hands were still disabled. "Y'know, for a first time it sure felt like ya knew what you were doing..." he purred, nuzzling the other gently. For the first time after their act, a tired version of a smirk crept back upon the the Ultimate Lifeform's lips, even if Sonic could read correctly in the satisfied glow of his eyes that his compliment had hit home.

"Well, whoever said you were the only god of improvisation around here, blue hedgehog...?" Shadow asked, finally coming to rest half on his side on the floor, half on his belly on Sonic, one black hand already idly running through peach chest fur, the other keeping his head up. Green eyes shot him a faintly mocking look.

"Just you wait 'till next time when I've got my hands free, Shadow..." he retorted, although he could already feel his eyes closing and his utterly exhausted body finally giving in to sleep, every nerve and his brain by now coated in complete warm and fuzzy fluff that was so much more comfortable than the cold, hard dungeon floor. But Shadow on top of him was heavy and warm...the collared hero on impulse couldn't help but nuzzle into the other's soft white patch of fur, already half-way curled up and as comfortable with the other's scent enveloping him as he could be.

"Sonic?" Shadow's voice came, letting the chest the blue hedgehog had his head nestled into vibrate a little, his supposed owner sounding halfway between faintly amused and genuinely soft.

"Yeah...?" Sonic asked back, eyes closed now and barely awake at this point.

"I'll love you as long as you want me to..."

It was the last thing Shadow whispered into a barely raised blue ear before finally sliding off into much-needed sleep, and together with the black and red-streaked arms softly wrapping themselves around the blue hedgehog's torso it ensured that the fastest thing alive soon followed, feeling safe in the other's embrace now, no matter what the world could throw at them.

To be continued... the main story of "He Is My Master" on my profile! Here we continue with an additonal Sonadow scene from later on in the story!