Chapter 32

Thorn looked into the dresser mirror, her eyes sweeping over the outfit she wore. She and Regulus had decided earlier in the week that they would spend Friday night together in the Room of Requirement, and now that it was Friday, Thorn had spent the last hour getting ready and trying to make herself look as good as she could. Smoothing her hands down the skirt she wore, Thorn wondered for a moment wether she should put some stockings on, but decided against that a moment later. Looking at herself in the mirror again, she took a step forward and picked up her mascara.

"Whoa… looking good…" Artemis commented, coming into the dorm and looking at Thorn with a smile. Thorn smiled back, turning to her friend.

"You think so?" she asked, smoothing her hands over her skirt again.

"Completely." Artemis replied. Thorn smiled again and looked back to the mirror. "So…" Artemis said slowly, "…I take it that this is all for… Regulus?" Thorn slanted a glance at her friend and then nodded.

"I'm going to … meet him in about fifteen minutes…" she told her.

"It must be some sort of special occasion…" Artemis said, moving forward to stand behind Thorn, looking at her in the mirror. "…You're very dressed up… and you've even pulled out the mascara… It has to be some special occasion…"

"I would say so…" Thorn agreed, looking up to meet her friend's eyes in the mirror. She watched as Artemis looked her up and down again and then her friend looked back up, her eyes widening. She knew then that Artemis understood.

"…Oooh…" her friend breathed, and Thorn just nodded slowly. "Wow."

"…Don't tell anyone." Thorn said softly, pinning her fringe back from her face with a bobby pin.

"I won't." Artemis promised. "…Of course." Thorn bit her lip, and then turned from the mirror.

"I have to go." She said, hugging her friend for a moment and then stepping back. Artemis looked at her for a moment.

"I feel like I should say something…" her friend said, "Just… be careful, okay?" Thorn just smiled at her and nodded, before turning and heading for the door.

Hurrying down the stairs, Thorn was pleased to see the commonroom was empty as everybody was down at dinner. She hurried quickly across it and was just about to push the portrait hole open when it suddenly swung open before her. Looking up, Thorn came face to face with Sirius.
"Oh, Hey…" he said, smiling at her.


"You heading down to dinner?" he asked.

"Uhm, no, actually…" she replied, watching as Sirius looked her up and down, frowning, before his eyes widened as he obviously realised her intention. He stepped back from her, still staring at her. Thorn bit her lip, watching him, unable to decide if he looked as if he were choking or about to vomit.

"You're ... you're…" he apparently couldn't make himself say the words and raised a hand, pressing it to his mouth as he took another step back, still staring at her.

"…Sirius…" She began, but didn't know what else to say and just fell silent. He raised his hand for her to stop and just shook his head.

"I don't want to know." He said, not looking at her now, but staring at the ground.

"I'm sorry…" she breathed. Sirius just shook his head again.

"I'll see you later…" he muttered, walking past her and up the stairs to his dorm. Thorn watched him until he closed his door and she grimaced, turning back to the portrait hole and heading out into the hallway.

She walked slowly up to the Room of Requirement, running her hands through her hair. The instant Regulus saw her when she came through the door; he was on his feet and making his way toward her.

"Rose...?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her gently. She closed her eyes, just listening to his voice as he murmured softly to her.

"I'm fine..." she breathed, her arms going loosely around his waist.

"What happened...? Something did... it's all over your face..."

"Hmm...?" she looked up as Regulus delicately brushed her hair back from her face, smoothing it down. He kissed between her eyes.

"Tell me..."

"I just... I met Sirius on my way here..." she murmured, "And... he knew..."
"Ah." He replied, stroking her hair. She could hear in his voice that he knew what she'd meant.

"I never wanted to hurt him..."

"I know." He murmured, continuing to stroke her hair. "He knows, too."

"Kay..." she breathed, her eyes closing as she leaned into him.

Regulus' hands moved down her back, through her hair, and Thorn stood there, her head resting against his chest as he soothed her. After a while he let her go and she raised her head to look at him.

"Are you okay?" he asked, raising a hand to her cheek gently. She nodded and he drew her forward. Thorn moved, her eyes on his as he led her across the room. She hadn't noticed at all where they were going until he'd set her on a large, soft bed. She looked at the bed silently.

"Still okay?" he asked. She nodded, chewing her lower lip. "Rose... if you're not, you have to say so."

"I'm okay."


"Yes..." she breathed, nodding. She looked at him, watching him trying to read her. She smiled. "Reggie... I'm fine..."

"Are you su-" Thorn cut him off by leaning forward and kissing him, balancing herself with one hand on his knee. She felt him smile, and then one of his hands moved down her side and around her waist, pulling her even closer. She brought her other hand down to his other knee, holding her weight. She then just allowed him to pull her into his lap.

Thorn wrapped her arms around him, adjusting herself on him more comfortably. She watched his silvery eyes following her every movement carefully.
"Reggie..." she breathed, "Don't analyse everything I do... You'll make me nervous." His eyes met hers a moment later.

"Sorry..." he replied softly. "I just wanted..."

"I know what you wanted." She smiled softly, brushing her lips lightly against his cheek. "And this is what I want." She held his gaze firmly until he nodded, accepting what she was saying. She kissed him again, tightening her arms around him as he lifted her and moved them both into the centre of the large bed. She cast her eyes around the room for a second, taking in everything. "What were you thinking about when you summoned the room...?" she asked softly.

"Use your imagination..." he smirked, kissing her shoulder. Thorn felt herself blush. He smiled, looking at her, then kissed her cheek. She raised a hand, pushing it into his hair. He kissed her nose.

She watched him, then moved her free hand to begin loosening his robes.

Within moments he'd realised her intention and moved to help her. Moments later, Regulus was sitting before her, naked to the waist. She smiled, looking at him.

"Not disappointed?" he asked.

"Absolutely not." She replied, moving closer to kiss him again. She felt him get to his knees and then he'd moved closer to her, pulling her up with him. She ran a hand down his chest softly, her eyes on his face as she watched him looking her over. She saw the moment the doubt and hesitation left him when he'd decided that she was as sure as she'd claimed to be. She smiled, scratching her nails lightly over him, drawing his attention back to the present situation.

"Alright..." he said, his voice low. "If we're doing this, we'll do it right. Hop under the covers..." He reached around her to pull the sheets back and Thorn kicked her shoes off and scooted back to do as he said. She watched him slip in beside her and she shifted slightly closer. She smiled at him when he looked at her and then he was kissing her once more.

Somehow, Thorn ended up in Regulus' lap again, with his hands moving slowly over her. She kissed him deeply, her hand moving through his hair when she felt one of his hands begin to move under her skirt, up her thigh and then slowly up between her legs. Her hand came to rest on the back of Regulus' neck and she lowered her head to rest on his shoulder, her eyes closing as his hand explored her gently.

"Okay...?" he murmured

"Mhmm." She breathed, not looking up. She bit her lip as his hand continued to move and then she began to undo her own shirt. After a few moments, Regulus began to help her and before she'd realised he'd managed to rid her of the thing completely, he'd manoeuvred them around until he had her lying on her back with himself hovering over her. She blinked, both surprised and impressed. He grinned at her, kissing her as she felt him pulling her skirt down her legs. Then, seconds later, he'd pulled it out from under the blankets and let it fall to the floor beside the bed.

She smiled at him and he kissed her hand lightly.

"Oh crap..." he suddenly jumped up and hurried over to his bag by the couch on the other side of the room.

"Reggie...?" she sat up, concerned.

"It's nothing, don't worry." He replied, coming back holding a small stoppered bottle with a dark blue liquid inside. She watched as he unstoppered it and swallowed the contents quickly. As he set the bottle on the bedside table, she quickly pulled off her remaining clothing and pulled the sheet up higher.

"What was that?" she asked as he climbed back into the bed.

"Contraceptive brew." He replied, looking at her.

"Oh right..." she nodded "I didn't think of that..."

He tossed the rest of his own clothing to the floor and nodded. "Vulcan gave it to me."

"I suppose he has a ton of that stuff..."


She inspected her fingernails silently.

"Rose?" he asked, "Have you changed your mind?"

"No..." she replied softly, feeling her cheeks darken slightly. "I just ... I don't exactly know what to do..."

She looked at him when he took her hand gently. "Don't over think it." He smiled, moving closer. She nodded, meeting his eyes before he'd kissed her again.

When he'd stopped, and she could think once more, she discovered that he'd moved back over her and was now gently stroking her hair back from her face. She smiled as she felt his other hand move down her hip, then her leg to catch behind one of her knees and lift it slightly. She smiled at him and quickly wrapped it around his waist. That seemed to dispel any last hesitation Regulus was feeling as he kissed her again, instantly deepening it as she brought her other leg up to wrap around him as well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Regulus' eyes closed as Thorn's fingernails traced across his back lightly. He bit his lower lip as her legs tightened around his waist and he realised that he needed to follow his own advice to her and not over think it. He'd wanted to make absolutely certain that she was sure about this. He didn't want her to regret it. She'd said that she was and he'd taken her at her word, so why was he still hesitant? Was it the fact that she still flinched when he touched her? He knew that meant nothing. She trusted him. Wholly and completely. He knew that. He could see it.

Here she was, lying naked beneath him, ready to do this, and he couldn't so much as touch her. He'd been so caught up that he'd almost forgotten the contraceptive brew, and now he was tangled in his own thoughts.

"Reggie..." she murmured softly, and he looked up, meeting her dark eyes. "Are you okay? Do you not want to...?"

Merlin's beard, how he wanted to...

"I'm fine..." he smiled, "I'm the one over thinking everything now..." he watched her smile slowly. "I do want to..." he kissed her gently. "Very much..." his eyes closed when one of her hands made its way into his hair. "I love you..." he breathed.

"I love you, too..." she replied softly, "More than life itself." He looked at her to see her smiling at him.

He stroked her hair back, kissing her gently. "Okay..." he murmured, slowly moving his other hand down her side, watching as a light blush spread across her cheeks as his hand moved between her legs again. A moment later her eyes closed and she drew a soft gasp of air. He smiled, not stopping until that blush had darkened and spread right across her face and she arched slightly, gasping again. He brushed his lips across her exposed throat, sucking gently on the skin.

"Ohh..." she breathed.

He kissed her again as his hands moved to her hips, adjusting her beneath him into a better position. He moved over her as her hands moved over his back, seemingly unable to settle. The soft sound of her small breaths had his pulse quickening within seconds and he pressed himself gently against her. He moved his lips to her throat once more, kissing his way down to her collarbone as he prepared himself, then began moving back up again. Her hand found its way back into his hair, pulling him back up, and he kissed her deeply as he pushed himself gently into her. He felt her body go taut beneath him, and he ran his hands over her soothingly as he kissed her again.

"It's alright, Rose." He whispered in her ear, his hands moving softly down her body. After a moment, she nodded wordlessly. He kissed her cheek, relieved when she smiled at him. "I didn't hurt you...?"

"No. I'm fine." She breathed, her hand moving to the back of his neck, "It's okay."

He nodded, beginning to move slowly, pushing into her again, his lips hovering over hers as if to drink in any small sound she made.

Her hand moved back up into his hair while the other squeezed his shoulder gently. He met her eyes, holding her gaze as he continued to move, listening to her shaky breathing. Pushing her hair back from her face, he kissed her cheek, tracing his lips down to her throat again. Smiling as he heard the soft sound she made, he trailed a hand back down to her hip, stroking her skin gently. She arched into him slightly and he bit his lower lip, trying to maintain control. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt or scare her. Feeling her hand moving continuously over his back, he reached around and caught it, then pinned it to the pillow by her head, lacing his fingers with hers.

Checking her face quickly for any signs of distress, he smiled and kissed her again when she tightened her legs around his waist, moving to meet him. Her free hand moved back to his hair and his eyes closed as she tugged gently on it. His pulse raced in his ears as he listened to the soft sounds coming from her now. Every thrust he gave drew a new sound from her and he quickened his pace, moving his hand from her hip to her cheek, opening his eyes to watch her face as he did so. Her eyes closed then and she bit her lower lip, as if she were trying to bite back the sounds that were escaping her. He pushed harder, wanting to hear them.

The small cry that he was rewarded with urged him on. He clenched a handful of the sheet as her nails dragged across his back, his breath coming in short gasps. The soft way she started breathing his name had him doubling his efforts until she was gasping beneath him. His own breathing became more difficult and his thrusts became orectic as her hands clutched at his back, her cries becoming louder. He felt her tightening around him moments before she gave a shriek, one hand tangled in his hair, the other scratching at the sheet as her orgasm shook her. The sight of her pushed him over his own edge and he gave a loud cry of his own as he came.

Collapsing down over Thorn, he was careful not to crush her. He instead settled himself beside her, resting on one arm so he could observe her. He smiled at the pretty pink blush that coloured her cheeks. It really did suit her very well. Raising a hand slowly, he gently tucked a wayward lock of hair back behind her ear. Her eyes opened slowly and she turned her head to look back at him.

"Rose..." he whispered.

"Reggie..." she smiled, one of her own hands coming up to push his fringe back from where it was sticking to his forehead.

"Are you alright?"

"Perfect." She yawned, then stretching slightly. "Could use a drink, though..."

"Oh..." he sat up, "I brought some food and drink..." he got up and pulled his pants on.

"You're well prepared..." she said, sitting up to watch him.

Regulus just smiled and headed over to a small table on the other side of the room where he'd set the bags he'd brought. He'd asked the House Elves for some food and they'd given him a ton. He began setting it up on the table. Cold meats, some pastries, fruit, pies... and then there was the pumpkin juice, tea and even butter beer.

"You'd think we were staying a month..." Thorn said from right beside him. He jumped.

"You could have stayed in bed... I was going to bring some to you..."

"It's fine..." she replied, smiling at him when he looked her over, grinning at the fact that she was only wearing the bed sheet. "I'd rather sit on the chairs by the fire..."

"Okay." He kissed her cheek and moved some food and drink to the small table by the couch. She followed him and curled up on one end. He sat beside her and handed her a glass of Pumpkin Juice.

"Thank you." She smiled at him and he watched her drink deeply.

When she was done, she put the glass on the table and looked at him. He held his breath, not sure of how she was going to act now. Would she pull away from him? Would she run away, thinking that he would pressure her now into sleeping with him all the time? Did she just not like it and would try to avoid him? He blinked, realising that he was over thinking things again and being ridiculous on top of it. He watched her smile at him, and then she crawled over to him, moving over him and laying down, settling herself against his chest. He stroked her hair, watching as she listened intently to his heartbeat.

"Still fast like mine..." she murmured gently. "... They match." Her dark eyes looked up at him.
"Are you surprised, love?" he smiled softly, stroking her cheek with his finger. "We'll always match..."

She stretched up to kiss him and he moved his fingers through her hair, kissing her softly. She smiled and settled back down against his chest. He watched her, keeping his arms around her, looking at the way her dark hair curled over her pale skin, contrasting beautifully. He watched the way her chest rose and fell as she breathed slowly, and the way the bones in her hand moved as she scratched at the velvet of the couch they were laying on, before she sought his hand and laced their fingers together. He watched her let out a soft breath as she relaxed more comfortably into him and went still. He watched her all the while he stroked her dark hair with his hand until he noticed that she was asleep. He smiled, then, kissing the top of her head gently. Closing his own eyes, he kept stroking her hair as he thought back on the evening, a smile forming on his lips.

. . . . . . .

Author's Note:

It's been nearly three years since I last updated this. I am sorry to anybody reading this that I took so long. A dear friend of mine, Destanee, who was a fellow Regulus lover and a huge supporter of this fic (she always bullied me into writing quickly) was killed back in 2010. The last time we talked she begged me for an update... It was a long time before I could even think about this story without wanting to cry after she died.

I hope that people are still interested in the story. We're only about halfway done. :)

This chapter is for Destanee. I hope you would have been pleased with it.

Also, for Etoile Black, whose messages have kept me encouraged even though there were months between my replies. (Because I'm super lame.) I hope you're not disappointed.

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