Xander was not a stupid person. He considered himself the entire opposite, however even he wondered at his intelligence at dressing as an evil god of murder. He looked at Glory, who seemed to be even angrier than she was before the fight started a few days, or months ago. He was no longer sure how much time passed, dimensional time keeping was not one of his talents.

Why does it have to be me? Xander thought. And she's...he's...it's not changed form for a while now too.

'Come on Xander, you'll like this new shop,' Buffy called, pulling Xander into the store.

'I've already got my costume,' Xander complained, and was almost pulled off his feet by Buffy.

'Well, have another look,' Buffy said, before a dress caught her attention.

'Buffy,' Xander complained, before Willow appeared at her side.

'What's this?' Xander asked, spying a set of black leather pants, and a dark open jacket. A sword in a sheath hung from the some hanger the jacket was on, finally a pair of boots sat with the leather pants. A cough behind Xander surprised him. He turned around to see a man who reminded me of Giles in a few ways.

'Is there something I can help you with?' he asked.

'Who are you?' Xander asked, his own version of the Slayer sense tingling.

'I'm Ethan Rayne, the fine owner of this store, is there a costume I can help you with?' Ethan asked.

'I suppose so,' Xander replied slowly. 'This costume here, what is it?'

'Ah yes, that costume, one I've had for many years. Perhaps you are interested in hiring it?'

'I might be,' Xander replied honestly. 'I like the look of it.'

'Perhaps, fifteen dollars for the night?' Ethan asked.

'That sounds good,' Xander replied, reaching for his wallet. He paid Ethan and collected the items from the clothes rack. He had just the shirt to go with this.

As the sunset Xander finally arrived at the Summers home. He knocked on the door twice. Joyce looked at him, dressed like a medieval rogue or similar. The sword on his hip was a long sword, with a strange icon in the middle of the pommel ring. It was a skull surrounded by what looked to be drops of blood. She looked at the jacket, open, over a white shirt underneath it, plain, yet well made.

'I like the costume Xander,' Joyce said, letting Xander into the house. He stepped into the house, seeing Buffy walking down the stairs, in the dress she had got from the shop.

'You look good,' Buffy said.

'Thank you, so do you,' Xander replied. 'Shall we be off to escort such fine examples of today's children?'

'Yes, we better, the Troll...' Buffy started.

They quickly arrived at the school, Xander giving his own little pep talk to the children before they set off. He felt a cold wind suddenly appear, though the night was still quite warm. Something in his costume awoke and he knew no more.

Bhaal looked around, before sighing. He was sure he'd been killed, but it doesn't seem right. He smelled the air, far dirtier than what he was used to. He stretched his arms, wondering how such a feat was possible. Bhaal shut his eyes, looking around with his magical senses tingling. Something was in the air, and he liked the feeling. He found a large well of chaotic energy. He simply wished to be closer to it, and he appeared in front of a store, one marked costumes.

Bhaal snorted loudly. Mortals will never understand magic!

He pushed on the door a few times, seeing it was locked before he just pushed again, this time all of his strength behind it. The door shot into the store, the hinges ripping the wood of the frame. He walked straight forward, feeling the magic in the air. He pushed the curtain aside and looked in, seeing a man in almost cleric robes with a stone bust of a man with two faces. The man was chanting in Latin, his eyes shut for the moment. He looked at Bhaal for a second, then froze. He then started trying to speak, but only managed to stutter incoherently.

'Janus, I think we need a chat,' Bhaal said calmly. 'Your priest is starting to annoy me.'

The rear face of the stone bust starting to frown, before it looked at Bhaal. 'Bhaal... you died.'

'I know,' Bhaal replied. 'Though I'm happy to be alive again.'

'They won't be happy at this,' Janus countered, before the other face spoke. 'Stop gibbering you fool.'

Ethan Rayne became very quiet.

'I think I need to break the spell. I don't want them making life hard.'

'Oh yes, forget about me,' Bhaal said, before something called him away.

'Done,' Janus gloated, looking at a very confused Xander. 'You boy, leave.'

Xander walked out, something felt very wrong, and he needed to work out what it was. He didn't notice the fact that five vampires ran away from him, at full speed.

The Judge looked at the Scooby's. He pointed to Xander who was lounging against the counter. 'You are not human, nor demon.'

'I'm something else,' Xander drawled. He cracked his knuckles before pointing at the Judge. 'And you're ugly.'

'You dare insult me mortal?' The judge growled out, before sending a solid beam of lightning towards Xander. It struck him, then vanished.

'That tickled,' Xander said, smirking evilly. 'You had your turn.' Xander looked bored for a moment, before a black spectral sword appeared in front of the Judge.

'No weapon forged can kill me,' the Judge gloated briefly, before the sword bisected him, his two halves dissolving into nothing.

'Not forged, was it?' Xander asked metaphorically.

Xander stormed into the Library, almost shaking with rage. His eyes were like trapped cyclones, desperately lashing out at anything that they could destroy. He was the embodied of the wrath of angry god, literally and metaphorically.

'What happened to Kendra?' Xander asked angrily. Willow paled slightly, while Giles blinked a few times.

'We don't know, she must have gone after a nest of demons,' Giles said, now shaking slightly.

'Where?' Xander growled out. He felt some muscles twitching. Ones he was sure no human should have.

'We guess around here,' Giles said, now as white as Willow, pointing to the map on the table.

Xander nodded, before he disappeared, appearing in front of the tunnel, the overpowering smell of human blood clogging his nostrils. He stormed forward, changing shape as he entered the tunnel, the creatures within first laughing at what appeared to be a human, then their shrieks of laughter turned into terror, as the true form of the Slayer was unleashed.

Paul was a reasonably new vampire in Sunnydale, and he heard the rumours about the man who wasn't a mortal. He'd decided to follow the Slayer smell he picked up a few streets ago, before he saw the one he was told to avoid entering the tunnel. He would have stopped, and turned around, but the thought of even trying a drop of Slayer blood banished whatever intelligence he had into the deepest corners of his mind. The closer he got to the tunnel, the more of the screams he heard, and he guessed it was the one he was told about being killed. He finally reached the mouth of the tunnel and stopped, now smelling a lot more blood. He licked his lips in anticipation, his fangs emerging. He looked up into a single pair of bright demonic eyes, before a clawed hand pierced his chest, the last thing he heard the roar of a predator in mourning.

'Is this the place you're staying?' Xander asked Faith, the new slayer going by his magical senses.

'Yeah, there a problem with that?' Faith bit back.

'You're not staying here,' Xander replied.

'Why not? You think you can stop me doing what I want?'

'No. The whole place is one giant vamp nest. Yes, I know, you'll dust them all, by yourself, it's just...' Xander started.

'What is it?' Faith asked. She looked at Xander for a moment, just at his body, if she was honest with herself. She was pretty impressed with what she saw too. He had a nice figure, yet still had plenty of definition in his physique. There was also something about his eyes, they drew her in and she didn't admit it, not even to herself, she liked the feeling of being overwhelmed they left her with.

'I actually like you, you're better than the others are, got a bit of kick,' Xander said, turning the car around, then driving back towards the middle of Sunnydale. 'How'd you like to share with me?'

'Thanks, I guess,' Faith said, now feeling a little lost. She knew alot about men, and slept with her share of them, none of them ever said that about her.

The more time she spent in Sunnydale, the more she was confused. She trained with Xander for a while, before she started on the Council approved program set by her exceedingly useless Watcher, Wesley. She also kept up with what Xander had taught her, and martial arts schools were the second easiest thing to find in Sunnydale, funeral homes being the easiest. She couldn't believe Xander was not entirely human, like what Buffy and Giles seemed to think. The way he was described was like some kind of evil god, one who seemed to thrive on murder and death. She looked at the house she shared with Xander, wondering just what drove his parents away. She used her key, a concept which still seemed a little odd, to enter the house, before grabbing a beer from the fridge. She saw Xander just sitting on the ottoman, deep in meditation. He looked at her and smiled, the same presence in his eyes overwhelming her.

Halloween finally rolled around, and she found herself pulled into a Costume party with Xander. She wondered why he seemed to be so against the idea of a costume party, but she remembered the stories told of the Halloween a few years back, and how some people become their costumes. She shook her head, glad she had found her costume quickly, the man who ran the store was a little odd to her senses. When the time to get changed finally rolled around, she showered, and dressed in the costume, a white robe with a long slit up one side, with an ornate bodice she could barely fit in. She liked the look, white on white, with snow crystals sown into the gown. She was about to leave her room when something entered her mind, and she saw nothing. A second later, her consciousness was so suppressed no trace of her even existed within her body.

Xander groaned, the same thing had happened this Halloween as the one that gave him the powers of Bhaal. He pushed the hair in his eyes out of the way, the normally dark locks Faith had now were tipped with a platinum white. He looked around, seeing they were in his room, and more importantly, their clothes were on the floor by the bed. For a moment he saw someone apart from Faith, and wondered if he'd somehow gained more knowledge that Bhaal had.

'Bhaal?' Faith groaned.

'Auril,' Xander replied automatically, before he smacked his forehead. 'Ao is not going to be happy.'

'He's not the only one,' Faith said, then paused. 'You called me Auril?'

'Yes I did, and you called me Bhaal,' Xander replied. He explained what he thought had happened, which of course, made no sense to Faith, while the knowledge that Auril had certainly passed on to her started to seep in. Before Xander knew it, Faith was completing his sentences, talking about the god of chaos of this plane, Janus.

The Mayor stood on the stage, then started the transformation, then stopped as his arms and legs were about to enter his body. He saw that two people looked bored, very bored. He roared at them, continuing the transformation. He saw none of the vampires he recruited for his ascension in the room, a tiny doubt entering his mind. The man seemed to yawn before the vampires entered the hall, all of them following his orders. He looked at the woman, and the first time in his long existence, knew fear. The woman had tips of a pure white in her hair, and suddenly as the last student was dragged from the hall, the temperature dropped. At first it was only a few degrees a second, then it accelerated. Pools of liquid oxygen appeared, the Mayor struggled, but his body moved slowly, and soon enough, the temperature could only be measured on the Kelvin scale.

Xander looked bored at the now serpentine form of the Mayor before he looked at his partner. 'Did you have to really freeze him like that?'

'Yes,' Faith answered coldly. 'You told me to see how far I could take it.'

'Yes, I did,' Xander muttered, before he looked around, seeing the pools of now frozen oxygen and other gases. 'At least we can deal with him now.'

'What do you have in mind?'

'Tanar'ri or Baatezu?'

'Leave him for Asmodeus, or Demogoron, apparently they've been quite bored,' Faith replied calmly, then polished her nails on her form fitting shirt, white of course.

'If that's what you think,' Xander said, opening a gate to ninth level of Hell in another plane. He pushed the frozen body of the Mayor through the portal, with a note attached to an icicle.

'When do you think you will win mortal?' Glory growled at Xander.

'When do you think I would win? About now, hit her,' Xander said, looking past Glory and straight at Faith who grinned evilly. A great pillar of ice shot up from beneath Glory, trapping her with in it, then the world around them shifted, taking them to the coldest section of the Abyss they could think of. Demons scattered in fear as the two deities and one deity in ice arrived.

'We don't like it when you try to take it out on our Key to the Multiverse,' Faith said, her stance emphasizing her bust. 'Xander, I have some needs that could do with being fulfilled now.'

'I live to serve,' Xander said, as the world again shifted, time, it was the master bedroom of the house they shared.

The First Evil looked at the two beings in front of it, and backed away slowly. It tried to look passive, but it was hard, considering what it was.

'Here's the deal, you leave, disappear, and don't even think about coming back, and we won't hurt you... too much,' Xander said, the same sword he got with the costume in his hand.

'Why do you even bother?' Faith asked, in her hands a staff made of pure ice. She looked at it for a moment, before it changed shape, now a large pole axe in her hands.

The First Evil looked at the portal which had appeared behind it and jumped in. It shuddered in fear, finally meeting things that were far more powerful than it was, and perhaps, more evil.

Angel looked at both Faith and Xander glaring at each other. He was sure a fly flew between the pair, but it didn't reach the other side. It probably made it about half way through, then just fell towards the ground, surrounded in a layer of ice. He heard it hit the floor, before he saw the vast number of demons around him and the others. He could see Wesley and Cordelia, who just got up after Xander told her to wake up in a language only Wesley could understand. They were standing back to back, their swords out in front of them. Gunn and Fred were in a similar position, though Gunn had taken an axe, while Fred was holding a khopesh. He finally looked back at Faith and Xander, their glares shifting to the demon horde that faced them. He could feel something in the air, something that said there was normally going to be a big fight, maybe even the end of the world, but for some reason it might not be today.

'Why didn't you tell me?' Faith growled out.

'I didn't know till just then,' Xander bit back.

'You could feel this much death coming? You're losing your touch!'

'I can't even feel your magic!'

One demon stepped forward, ready to attack. 'Who said we were talking about you?' Faith and Xander yelled simultaneously, the demon dropping dead, and covered in ice. Gunn shuddered, seeing the icicles that had appeared on the inside of the ice coffin, all of them tearing through vital areas.

As one, the demon horde looked at the pair, deciding three gods against them might be a bit more than could handle. In fact, if they were honest, it was they who were outnumbered, about a thousand to one if not more, and most noticeably, it was not in their favour.