I know, not ANOTHER story. So, I came up with this idea just before Breaking Dawn 'cause I was worried SM was going to kill of Rosalie. I came up with this to make it all okay. And dont worry, it'll get better...


She towered over me, a manic grin stretching her too small face. I almost smiled with her. She thought she had won. How wrong she was. Because, even after everything I'd been through, everything I'd gained, the things I'd lost still hung over me and I couldn't escape them. This was fate, it was going to happen sooner or later no matter how anyone tried to prevent it, why not just speed up the process and do everyone a favor.

Yes, that's what it was. No one in my family actually wanted me, no one except Emmett… No, but I wouldn't let myself think of those consequences, he would deal, he would get over me. As much as I knew that wasn't true, I still had to do this. I couldn't hold onto this scrap of existence any longer, I had to let it go.

I barely felt it as I was torn limb from limb and thrown into the fire burning near by. As I succumbed into nothingness, I could hear my family tear into the clearing. They were too late and they knew it. My last thought, though it amazed me that I was still thinking as I burned, was for my brother and surprisingly, not myself.

Keep him safe, Edward, keep him safe…


I punched the dark wall in anger. It was all dark, everything was dark. Esme and Alice had draped dark cloth over everything in mourning. I finally understood why people wore black when people died. It reflected their mood, all their grief, emptiness and darkness. But I doubted anyone had ever felt as dark as I did now. I was going to spend an eternity with her, I wanted to so badly, but now that future had been cruelly snuffed out.

Yes, everyone in my family was heartbroken, but none of them really knew the real Rosalie. The kind, compassionate, loving woman I knew. They all thought of her as a cold, hard bitch.

"We don't, Emmett…" Edward said softly. I cursed and hit the wall again. Get out of my head! I screamed in my mind. Edward stayed silent. I looked around at them all, dressed in black, curled up in couples, trying to comfort each other. I couldn't handle it! I would never again get to comfort my love; never again have her to comfort me.

"I can't..." I trailed off but I had already caught everyone's attention. It broke my heart to see Esme, her face shinning with love even through her sorrow, and Alice, subdued and heartbroken because she knew what I was going to do, or Bella, her innocent face shinning lovingly. I had been looking forward to spending eternity with my new sister. But now that would never happen. That couldn't happen because I knew what I had to do.

"I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry, I love you all, but I just…can't." I took one last, fleeting look at the family I loved so much before tearing out the front door and into the forest. I could hear Esme and Bella's dry sobs as what I had said fell on them. But I couldn't go back, they had each other, they'd get over it, I had no one.

Trying to take my thoughts of the inevitable, I caught the scent of nearby food and sprang off towards it, intent on only the feast I was about to have. I stopped short when I entered a clearing and saw what it was I had been chasing after. A grizzly. I took a step back, away from it and sank to the floor, my body heaving with the sobs I had fought so long to repress.

Rosalie was gone forever. I had been just a second too late, wanting to stay to finish my own battle completely before going to help her. It was my fault she was now merely ashes, scattered in the wind. The pain of it all smothered me and I doubted I would ever be able to rise from the deep pits of my personal hell. My angel was no longer there to save me.

I picked myself up from the soft forest floor after what seemed like hours of sorrow. I knew what I had to do, there was no other option. I ran hard and fast to reach my destination quickly, never once stopping to reconsider my actions. Soon I would be with my Rosie again or I would just be nothing. Either one was a welcome change to my otherwise ever lasting loneliness.

Soon, Emmett Cullen would be gone forever, just like his lost love.

Don't lose me now, I promise it'll get happier.