ANNOUNCEMENT!! I am willing to bet that only about 10 people will read this A/N but I have to post it and say this...


Maybe out there somewhere there are a couple of people reading this who are starting to feel a little sad but It has to be done. This fic has been running for almost a year already and I only have 12 chapters. It's not fair that you should all have to wait so long for chapters and I feel really bad about it.

The worst thing is I have so much time to think about the story but not enough time to sit and write it. All my thinking has allowed me to develop my ideas and I know exactly how the story is going to go and I know what I have to change (in the story so far). So I will be reworking the whole story and when it's finished I will be able to return and post updates more regularly.

I will be leaving the chapters up until the end of the month then I will be taking them down and just leaving this A/N. I KNOW that am a much better author than I may seem, so if you would like to stick around and read the reworked and much better story then please set up a story alert so you will be notified when it is back up.

Thank you!