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Edward Nygma stood inches away from the cold concrete wall of his cell at Arkham Asylum, softly humming some discordant little tune. He gripped a black sharpie in his right hand, scribbling away on the walls of the cell. He'd been doing this for days- he'd started writing on this wall, and when he was out of space he would go over to the next wall and start writing on that one, and so on until there was no space left. He would write about whatever was on his mind, usually one repeated sentence over and over again. His doctor had called it hypergraphia- but Edward called it 'wanting to re-decorate'.

He paused in the middle of writing and stopped to listen to the sounds of Arkham. He could hear the unholy screams, loud, painful moans and maniacal laughter of the other patients. He shivered. Edward wasn't sure wether he had even been crazy before he had come here, or wether the place itself had driven him to his current state of madness.

Just as he was about to stop listening and continue writing, he heard something else.

It was a voice that he recognised- one of the female doctors- not Chase, but the other one. She was an intern, with strawberry blonde hair and an absolutely unmistakable voice. And she was talking to someone.

A new patient? Edward's ears perked up.

"You'll only be staying here until you've finished your treatment, Mr. Dent. I personally think you won't be here long- seeing as you've come such a long way since you've been in the hospital."

"It can't be." Edward said to himself. "Here? Now? It isn't…"

"That's perfectly okay, Doctor. I'm just worried that this place might make me…y'know…even more crazy."

Edward bolted to the cell door and stole a quick glance through the bars at the two figures walking down the long corridor, past his cell.

"It is! I can't believe it!"

Edward's hand shot out from between two of the bars on the small window, trying desperately to grab at the person passing by his cell.

"Harvey!" Edward called out. "Hey, Harvey Two-Face!"

Harvey stopped abruptly and turned around, startled by the sound of someone calling and reaching out to him. Once he did, Edward's hand retracted back into the cell just as quickly as it had stuck out. What had happened to Harvey? He looked so different…

"Edward?" He said with disbelief. "Edward Nygma?"

His doctor grabbed his arm and motioned for him to keep walking, leaving both men completely stunned.

"Are you kidding?"

"No, I'm absolutely serious. That's Harvey Dent."

"You've GOT to be kidding. That is NOT Two Face."

"What happened to him? He looks so…so…"

"Yeah, I know, what's with that?"

Harvey sighed and looked at his feet, pretending to ignore all of the eyes currently turned in his direction. He crossed the floor of the Cafeteria, over to where Edward was sitting, waving to him like a complete idiot. He set down his tray and took a seat between him and the Joker.

"Hey Harvey!" Edward chirped, his usual disturbingly perky self. "It's good to see you again, you know I thought you were dead."

"So did I." Harvey laughed grimly. He took another sip of water, subconsciously putting his napkin up to his left cheek. It was weird, having to get used to the water not spilling out of the side of his face when he drank.

"You look…great!" Edward said with a somewhat forced-looking smile.

"People are still gawking at me, aren't they?" Harvey asked flatly, still keeping his eyes down.

"….Yes." Edward admitted.

Harvey chuckled. "You know, it's ironic- before I got these skin grafts, people would always avoid me and stare in horror at my burns. But now that they're gone, I'm getting the exact same reaction from this lot."

"Just like high school, huh?" The Joker commented through a mouthful of potato mash. "I remember getting that kind of reaction when I was 12 and I had to wear this hideous mouth plate thingy…Good times. Or rather, not so much." He swallowed and brushed a long green curl away from his chalk-white face. "Personally, I think you looked better with the scars. Normalcy is overrated. Oh, hey, you should find some more acid and re-melt your face." He laughed loudly, although the others were unsure what exactly was so funny.

"Why are you even here, anyway?" asked Selina Kyle, who was sitting across the table and had been listening in to their conversation. "I mean, like, talking to you now, you sound pretty sane."

"I know I do." Harvey said. "But that's just because I'm in control right now. I'll admit it's better than having to compete for space in your own brain, but my Two-face persona is still in here somewhere. All he'd need would be a way out and I could…snap."

He paused, and smiled slightly.

"And that could happen at any time."