It was another typical day in the Arkham Asylum recreational room. The doctors had specifically requested that Edward spend more time outside of his cell with the other patients, to discourage him from writing on the walls again. He seemed to have calmed down, so to speak, since his last run in with the Batman, and was now sitting at a table with this morning's newspaper, stuck into the puzzle section.

He looked up from the paper and looked over to where Harvey was sitting, leaning back on the old couch watching TV. Edward motioned for him to come over.

Harvey stood up, pulled up a chair and sat at the table next to Edward.

"What is it?" He asked casually.

"I wanted to talk to you." Edward said. "It's been a long time since we talked."

"Weren't we just talking to each other at lunch?"

"No, I mean like…" Edward paused. "Just you and me talking. One on one, y'know?"

"Yeah, I get it." Harvey replied. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"I wanted to know…" Edward paused and looked at the floor sheepishly. "This is going to sound really stupid, but I wanted to know if what you said about your other side was true."

"What, that I'm in control?" Harvey said, sounding a little bit confused. "Well isn't it obvious? I got my face back, I can make a decision without having to flip for it, and I'm definitely not referring to myself in the first person plural anymore."

"Yeah, I know that," Edward said, still sounding a bit embarrassed for reasons Harvey couldn't guess. "But is your other side…I mean, is he really gone? Forever?"

Harvey fell silent. He wasn't sure what he would say to Edward. He wasn't gone, oh no. He was still alive and well within the deepest reaches of Harvey's consciousness, pushing and fighting for a way out. Not dead, merely trapped. And he was getting stronger all the time- especially when Edward was around…the more Harvey thought about Edward, the more powerful his Two-Face persona became….

"More or Less." Harvey said, shrugging. It was the best way to sum it up, even though it may not have been entirely true.

Edward raised an eyebrow. "Tell me the truth, Harvey."

Harvey sighed. Of course, no one could lie to Edward- he was the Riddler, the master of clues and questions. Nobody was more adept at detecting the subtle nuances of a person's actions and deciphering the real meaning behind everything.

"Alright, you caught me." Harvey admitted. "The Two-Face side of me is still in here. Why would I still be in Arkham if he wasn't?"

Edward gave Harvey a small 'I was right' smirk.

"It's like I said earlier, we could snap at any second." Harvey continued-then quickly corrected himself "I meant 'I', I could snap at any second."

"I think you just did." Edward said. His tone was a subtle combination of shock and delight. Harvey quickly re-asserted his position in his mind.

"I'm getting better at regaining control." He said. Edward looked slightly annoyed by that statement. It was almost like nobody liked him now that 'Harvey Two-Face' was just plain, boring Harvey Dent.

God, even his name sounded boring.

"Well, I hope you recover." Edward said with a certain passive-aggressive sarcasm in his voice. He adjusted his glasses and returned to his puzzle.

This was typical Edward behaviour- Harvey knew not to take him too seriously. But it wasn't so much as the reaction of the other inmates, but the feeling within his own mind that made him regret getting that skin treatment. Sure, there was the practical side- if he had put the treatment off much longer, his left eye probably would've dried up and fallen out- but he missed the chaos, the fear, the smell of gun smoke and the freedom to rely on the unpredictability of chance to decide everything for him.



It seemed he wasn't as in control as he had thought. The more he thought about the 'good old days', the more he could feel his dark side growing stronger within him. If he let Two-Face back out, that would only mean a longer stay in Arkham.

With Edward.

Harvey had feelings for Edward, yes. He was a close friend and a valuable ally. A good person to have around. But Two-Face's feelings were something more than that. While Harvey was in the hospital, recovering from his multiple injuries and undergoing the treatment for his scars, Two-Face had been there too, filling his thoughts with memories of Edward constantly. Every day it was all he could do not to think about his friend, what had happened to him, where he was and how he was doing….

And that was all it took for him to snap.

Harvey lost control and Two-Face took over. He reached over to where Edward was preoccupied with the newspaper sudoku, grabbed him by the head, leaned in….and kissed him.

Edward was taken by surprise, but in some weird subconscious way, he had seen it coming. The kiss was hot, passionate, a little bit angry, and more tongue than anything- probably what one would expect from someone who was probably used to having a good portion of his lips burnt off. At first Edward didn't know how to respond- if he should push Harvey away or just continue kissing him. He found the latter to be the more appealing option, and just went with it, kissing Harvey back and trying to relay back to him the same amount of passion.

Edward pulled back abruptly, feeling a strong pain in his tongue. He yelped and put his hands over his mouth. Several of the other inmates

"Harvey did you just bite me?" Edward stuck out his tongue and touched it gingerly. He could feel exactly where Harvey's teeth had chomped down on it.

Harvey felt his face flush with embarrassment as another inmate ran over to where Edward was standing. It was Selina- who seemed to be popping up quite a bit lately.

"Oh my God, Edward what happened?" She put a hand on Edward's shoulder like an older sister. She looked at Edward, who was hanging his head and holding on to his tongue with both hands, looking somewhat confused. "Did you bite your tongue or something?"

Edward shook his head. "I didn't…" he slurred. "But Harvey did."

Selina looked over to Harvey, with a look that said 'what the hell?'

"You bit him?" She asked, horrified. "You bit him? On the tongue? How did you manage that?"

"What can I say?" Harvey shrugged, his face going a deep shade of blood red. "I…uh… snapped."

Selina continued to eye him sceptically. "You didn't."

"Didn't what?"

"Were you two…making out?" Selina said, with a slight tone of disgust.

"What? No…no…of course not…" Harvey's face was now the exact colour of a ripened tomato. "What makes you think that?"

"It's the only situation I can think of where it would be possible to bite someone else's tongue."

Harvey tried to think of a decent comeback, but was unsuccessful. He waited for Selina to leave to talk to Edward again.

"Are you okay, Edward?" Harvey asked, face still heated with embarrassment.

"Sure…" Edward said with a laugh, letting go of his tongue and giving it a stretch. "You know, there's no denying you're a good kisser. And there's no denying you've got some damn strong teeth."