Author's Note: It is October 3, the day Ed and Al burned down their home to set off on their quest for the Philosopher's Stone. I like to commemorate this day each year by doing something special about FMA. This year, I decided to start posting this. I'm probably the only person crazy enough to do this, but bear with me. Royai and EdWin both get 100 themes, and I figure the Elric brothers deserve a 100 Themes even more! So, I'm taking the Royai 100 Themes and setting them to the Elric brothers. Crazy, right? XD But it's super fun anyway. None of these little pieces are really my best work, and I'm more proud of some than others, but I hope this fic will be a testament to just how much I love those brothers. One last thing: There will be ABSOLUTELY NO ELRICEST! I will try to update every two weeks.

This first one was written before I really knew what I was doing, but I think it starts the fic off well – sort of beating about the bush at first, then getting down to the point at the very end.

Timeline: Sometime after Ed joins the military

Theme 1: Military Personnel

For my own Nii-san - for whom I would give up arm, leg, and soul

Edward Elric was not cut out to be in the military. He was convinced of this by the first week after being accepted into the military as a State Alchemist. He hated sucking up to his superiors, for one thing, and always forgot to tack that annoying 'sir' onto the end of everything he said. He never quite got the hang of the whole saluting thing, and never bothered to do it around the superior he saw most often. He didn't like the thought that every one of those superiors was looking down on him – both figuratively and literally.

Basically, he hated being inferior to anyone.

What Edward loved, though, about being a State Alchemist was that he had automatically been given the rank of Major. Thus, he got to be the recipient of all those sucking-ups, those 'sir's, those salutes and bowings and scrapings. He enjoyed himself thoroughly when men twice as old as he was snapped to attention, crying, "Edward Elric, sir!"

But there were still many ranks above his head, many people he had to pay respect to, just because they had a few more lines and stars on their shoulders. Why? Why did he have to pay respect to them, when they hadn't experienced even half of what he had? Had they become a State Alchemist at the age of twelve? Had they been forced to watch their mother die, not once but twice? Had they retrieved their brother's soul from the Gate, attached it to a suit of armor, and nearly died of blood loss in the process?

No, of course they hadn't. And of course he was still required to respect them, salute them, and act as if they knew better than he when they didn't, didn't, didn't!

There were only a few people Edward would voluntarily salute: First Lieutenant Hawkeye, Major Armstrong, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, and Colonel Mustang – the latter only when he was in a very, very good mood. These were people who had experienced much, much more than he had, and they still remained loving, caring people, untouched by hatred or bitterness or some sadistic lust for power. For that, he respected them above all others in the military – and out, for that matter.

Yet even this singling out proved that Edward wasn't really fit for being a military personnel. A soldier couldn't have the leisure of choosing which officers to respect; he had to respect them all. Sometimes, Edward wondered why he had ever joined the military at all, if he was such rubbish at it.

And then he would look at Alphonse.