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A handsome witch in her late twenties was seated in the middle of a room filled with dozens of people. Her long hair was raven black and it floated freely around her beautiful face. Piercing green eyes very focused on the book in front of her. It wasn't the first book lying there. To be honest, she had no idea how many books had already been put on the desk she was sitting at that day. Slowly, she was getting tired of having to face one book after another. In general, she didn't mind having books around her. She had always loved books and that's why she had taught herself how to read when she'd been about three years old. But she wasn't used to seeing the same kind of book and not reading it. In her opinion, books were made to be read, not to be signed. But she had been signing books for many hours now because she wasn't the only one being able to read: many people had followed the sign that was positioned in front of the building she'd been spending her whole day in: "Transfiguration. Now And Then. By Minerva K. McGonagall".