I don't own Mac and Stella they belong to the Csi ny producers I do own Ava Amele and Cady Taylor


Mac walks in to his house after a long shift to find the house silent he gently closes the front door and makes his way to bed room when he opens the door we is greeted by the most gorgeous sight.

There lying in bed is his wife of 3 years and lying next to her are 3 little girls who are just as gorgeous as there mom with her complexion and long dark hair they are visions of pure beauty.

He quietly walks over to Stella and kisses her forehead she smiles and whispers hello my love as she opens her eyes Mac sits on the side of the bed and smiles at her hey baby he whispers shall we get these 3 to their own beds . As Stella turns to face the children they are all cuddled together let's leave them here she replies ok Mac smiles as he begins to undress, Stella moves across to let him in beside her and wraps a loving arm round her as they turn to face the girls they feel happy they are the best friends who have always loved each other and when the triplets Ava-Kate, Amele-Rose and Cady-leah now 18 month arrived there little family was completed.

Slowly Mac and Stella drift off to sleep knowing that nothing can take away the love and happiness that they have….

The end.

Not the best fanfic but its my first I am working of a few longer ones involving Smaked and when I figure out where to take them ill post them,……. RnR if you wish……..