Elemental Choice

Elemental Choice

Josef adjusted his tie and gazed out at the night city. It had been a brutal few hours of international calls, but he was pleased with the results. Some things it was impossible to leave in the hands of minions, no matter how capable. Dealing with supplies of rare earths, given several different international situations right now...it was a problem. A series of problems, and one that had kept him tied to his labors far longer than he'd anticipated. Still, it was done. He dusted his hands together, dismissing business for the remainder of the night. Time for a drink, he thought. His resident freshies were all asleep—he could sense the rhythms of their bodies, their breath and the slow coursing of the blood through their veins.

He knew that any of the three would gladly rouse from her slumbers for him, for the chance to be with him. The only real question was which to choose. He walked to the bar to pour himself a scotch, and tossed it back quickly, grimacing. Plain scotch tasted flat to him these days; he'd become accustomed to that lovely accent of fresh blood the girls had been adding to his drinks lately. It enhanced the bouquet and the taste immeasurably.

And thinking of it turned his mind back to the pleasant problem of choice. He ruffled a hand through his short, reddish brown hair, considering each of his favored, cherished freshies in turn, savoring the thoughts. Decisions, decisions.

There was the little brunette, dynamite in a tiny package. Fiery. Always unexpected, always unpredictable, but never crossing the line into capriciousness. Qualities he treasured more than he thought she quite realized. The bright flame of her personality was a beacon to him, a light that brought him back from the borders of his darkness, and into the haven of her warmth.

And then there was the gentle, fair one, the one who hid the strength of her character behind a façade of shy self-deprecation. The word for her, he thought, was ethereal. The sense of her devotion surrounded him always, he breathed it always, felt it forever against his skin. She was as sweet as a night breeze blowing down from the mountains, and when needed, as strong and inexorable as a gale force wind. A kind spirit, as necessary to his peace now as air to a human, and as unassuming, unaware of her value as the kiss of the wind in the trees.

Or the third of his treasures. The elegant, passionate one, who poured her calming, cooling influence over him and quenched his roiling spirits with grace and wisdom. The touch of her hands sent the sense of her loyal devotion flowing into him, soothing and refreshing him. With all of that, too, there were depths, there was much below the surface, waiting for him to explore.

Josef thought a moment more about each of them, trying to decide which would be best to share these coming moments, to ease his hunger for their presence, to lift his earth-bound soul back to an appreciation of the glories of the night. He smiled in anticipation, the many elements of his nature coming into balance, his choice made at last.