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Summary: The world is in great danger, and it' up to an old prophecy between Pokemon and Magical World. Will Ash, his friends, family, the legendaries stop or fight this? LiyuXMewtwo, LucarioXMew, AshXMay, JirachiXCelebi, LugiaXLatias, MaxxOC.


Long time ago, when the earth had born, two original gods had their creations and worked it together, so they had created earth, sea, lands and sky. But there's something missing, they thought that if they had their own children and finally they did. One god had created two daughters, named Cresseila and Auralumi. And the other one had created two sons, named Apaulor and Sodilora. After the two original Gods had named their children as the Gods and Goddess: The Moon-Light Owner, Queen of the Land, King of the Ocean and King of the Sky. They had given their children everything after they had left. But they said that someday when two of their children had born, their spirit would live among with them.

But unfortunately, Apaulor and Sodilora didn't like each other since when they born, but they were not actually blood related brothers, and same as Cresseila and Auralumi. Apaulor had married Cresseila, and Sodilora had married Auralumi. In the several years, they both had childrens.Apaulor had nine sons and Sodilora had three sons and seven daughters.

They had forgotten their fathers the prophecy they had told them.

Four dark Lords came different paths and lands

Each to gain their powers to be united as one

Four shall raise and fight directly

Connected, they come, evils lane.

Friendship, Victory, Loyalty, Queen

With their friends help, they had succeed defeat the Darkness

"Three survived, one sacrificed"

Yet all who appear with them have their purpose...

All the fighters will be vital to the struggle

Together, they fight to save many worlds

Find the Thirty-six Guardians, gain their signs,

Rescue the Thirty-six Guardian Innocents,

Return them to home.

And they don't know that their children will be fulfilling of its destiny, their story is about to begin...


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'It was Arceus, thank goodness' Light thought.

After the introducing of theirselves, Light finally spoke," So, you said that you are the Prince of the Sea and Moon, right?" Lumiotto stammered replied, "Well…..yeah, why did you ask?"

"Could you take us to the beach?" she asked hesitantly.