Chapter 5

The Seal and The Present

As there were more than thousands shadows rushed inside, and they have gathered together, and from thousands turned into one figure! And as soon Sodilora, Apaulor, Cresseila and Auralumi and the other Gods and Goddess were heading to the God Temple and when they entered in, their faces were shocked. The figure has fought with the innocent little Gods and Goddess, and now his hands were both holding Arceus, who was in exhausted level. Arceus's creations have run in too and attacked the dark figure and they took back their mother from his hands.

Sodilore yelled at that figure, "Victorokill!! What have you done to my children!!" as they glared at Victorokill.

"My, my, my. Is it the way you treat your brother?" he asked nasty at Sodilora.

"You are not my BROTHER!" yelled Sodilora.

"There now, calm down. It's just simple what I came. I came for your two daughters and two sons for my greatest plan." said evilly Victorokill.

Apaulor gave a disgust look to Victorokill, "You'll never have my children neither your evil plan!" Apaulor yelled as he took his Triton and charged on Victorokill.

The other Gods and Goddess helped Apaulor and some were taking the children to their parents. Cresseila and Auralumi were both holding tightly their children, the children were in hurt but Arceus was the worse as she has a huge wound on her right arm, the others were just having a scratch.

But then, her body was soon completely healed itself, maybe that is Victorokill wanted from her, to be invisible. Cresseila thought.

Victorokill was faster than the other and quickly passed them and charged on Auralumi, who was holding Arceus. Arceus quickly opened her eyes and spoke a spell and made herself, Victorokill and the other little Gods and Goddess disappeared!

On Earth year of 1992

They have appeared on the Earth, Arceus survived but the others were hurt badly than the first. Victorokill soon got up and it's up to Arceus, using her half of whole power to seal Victorokill! She sealed it inside an orb, and she sticker some spells paper on it and sent it to a cave and covered the cave with rocks and stones, Victorokill used to be a God, God of the Underworld, which it was unbeatable, but he had been abandoned by the Sodilora, Cresseila, Apaulor and Auralumi.

Arceus was exhausted after she lost her half of whole power, she still see that her friends, sisters and brothers were all survived but still in unconscious and weakly, so she has decided. As she held her right hand on them and cast out a spell on them even she didn't want to do it, but it's the only way to keep them survive longer, their bodies have soon changed into creatures and she opened time portal and sent them into different time and place.

When she finished it, she felt down and hope that she'll meet them again or….maybe not, a few moments later, her creations have found her and embraced her with full of tears, Arceus felt sorry by leaving them behind, she knew this would be happened, but this is her destiny. As Sodilora, Apaulor, Cresseila and Auralumi have found out, it was too late…

Arceus spoke out words to her children, "Be good to yourself, Mommy felt so sorry leaving you. And promise me, doing your duty well and I love you all." Then she felt, and the last thing she could heard was the cried of her children.

Then she felt something warm like there was a light guiding her to the way out of darkness, then she opened it and she knew she's alive. But the weird thing is, she couldn't remember of anything; her name, her memories, everything! Beside her was her children, they were now invisible and they have tried their very best to keep her alive and a woman showed up but seem that she and Arceus didn't saw them because of their invisible. The woman was looked like a nun and carried Arceus carefully and went to the place where orphans live.

9 years later...

The sun has rose up and it shines to a tree-house beside a house, and it shine on a teenage girl with blonde hair and a feather on top of her forehead who was sleeping on her bed, and that's Arceus. She was going to open her eyes but was slapped by someone, "WAKE UP SLEEPING BEAUTY!" yelled cheerful by a fairy Pokemon, Celebi.

"Oh come on, sis. I was going to get up, until you slapped Me. And by the way, good morning to you, sis." She glared at Celebi and she yawning.

"Opps, sorry. Liyu. And good morning to you too." Celebi apologized.

Arceus has re-named, name as Liyu Ketchum, and now she's 20. She was adopted by a woman named Rose Ketchum 9 years ago.

She gets off her bed and kissed another Pokemon's forehead that besides her lying on her bed, the Pokemon was a size of a human only a bigger and an appearance as Mew, and that's Mewtwo.

Liyu had completed her Pokemon Journey a few weeks ago and searched all the legendaries Pokemon, which I mean her family and friends, she found them and helped to memorize their past.

Every legendaries were in her room, she walked at the centre and breathe deeply, and release it, "WAKE UP! Rise and shine!" she shouted as everyone all fell down.

And that's part of her life, and yet the day is the day that her cousin came by a visit to her house during his journey, and he's her cousin and his name is Ash Ketchum.


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"No, we aren't in the Goldnere City! We're in……." he then whispered, "Purity Town."

"And I agree, too." This word came from Ash's back, he turned his head slowly and saw Brock with the book on his hand, and he roared to Ash, "ASH!! Why didn't you ever told me that you have the greatest Pokemon Rescuer, Pokemon Coordinator, Pokemon Breeder, Pokemon Professor, Pokemon trainers and Elite Four of all times in your family?"